[[caption-width-right:350:Wherever that car is going, [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential it's not going to end well.]]]]
It's 500 years in the future, and the world is ruled by [=SovKhan=], whose base of operations is in the vast city complex known as Megacity S1-9. Out to stop his tyrannical rule is a group of resistance warriors descended from an ancient group of warriors called the Guardians. This fight seems rather one-sided, since [=SovKhan=]'s forces are bolstered heavily by the use of 60-foot tall biomechanical [[HumongousMecha Humongous Mechas]] known as [[{{Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion}} Evangeli-]] sorry, [[AMechByAnyOtherName "Slaves"]], grown from cybernetic embryos and a piece of AppliedPhlebotinum known as [=NTR95879=], or "dark matter". However, hope arrives to the guardians by way of a captured Slave unit called "Slave Zero", who is not only the original Slave that all the other slaves have been cloned from, but has also had a resistance member's mind permanently uploaded into its brain.

What follows is an urban rampage through various assorted cyberpunk cityscapes, with a nice assortment of gun combat, shoulder-mounted missiles, and plenty of terrain destruction.

Such is the story of ''Slave Zero'', a MechaGame heavily influenced by the style of shows such as ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''. Released originally in 1999 by Infogrames, with development helmed by Creator/{{Accolade}}, the game was originally marketed on the technology behind Accolade's "Ecstasy" engine, but was a commercial flop in the wake of the game's initially lukewarm reception, and ended up being the only game made with the engine.

The PC version of the game has since been released on [[{{Website/GOGDotCom}} GoG]] by Tommo, Inc., and on Steam by Night Dive Studios.
!!''Slave Zero'' contains examples of:
* AbsurdlySharpClaws: Slave Zero itself, although more for decoration than as a weapon.
* AMechByAnyOtherName: "Slaves".
* AwesomeButImpractical: Throwing cars as a means of attack, especially considering Slave Zero already has a missile launcher.
** The first person perspective, since it's obvious the game was designed with a third person in mind, and the first-person perspective merely comes across as an attempt to ape ''VideoGame/ShogoMobileArmorDivision''.
* CyberPunk: Darkened cityscapes, neon billboards and all.
* DegradedBoss: The Piranha Sentinel is treated as a boss in the first level, complete with boss healthbar and introductory cutscenes, but it becomes a generic enemy as early as the third level.
* EverythingBreaks: Certain buildings can be destroyed to reveal pickups.
* GameBreakingBug: Like several other games in this era, the initial release was hard-coded to assume that D: was the optical drive used to install the game, and would give a "no disc" error if the drive had any other letter. Fortunately, this was corrected in a patch, and it's naturally a non-issue with the [=GoG=] version.
* GangstaStyle: How Slave Zero wields the one-handed guns.
* GunsAkimbo: Slave Zero is depicted wielding two of the initial machine guns, though you can't do this in-game.
* MookMaker: The Slave unit lifts, which can be destroyed to stop spawning in enemies.
* ObviousBeta: [[PortingDisaster The Dreamcast port.]] All of the in-game music is removed with only the intro and ending themes remaining, the menus in languages other than English are glitched and not fully translated, the framerate is far lower than the PC version and dips inexplicably during the cutscenes and the game is filled with all manner of bizarre bugs, such as falling infinitely off a bottomless pit or getting killed by the checkpoint transition and becoming invincible as a result. The existence of other far superior PC-to-Dreamcast ports showed that Infogrames plainly didn't care and rushed the Dreamcast port to get a quick buck.
* OrganicTechnology: The Slave units are this trope, given the fact that they're said to be "grown" rather than simply "manufactured".
* PowerupLetDown: The fourth-tier Energy Weapon fires a continuous laser beam that eats through your entire ammo store in seconds and does far less than its predecessor, a powerful sniper rifle that can two-shot a [[GiantMook Titan-class Sentinal]] while using hardly any ammo at all. Similarly, the third-tier Machine Gun does heavy damage, but rapidly chews through your ammo. And its ''fourth'' tier is a single-shot cannon that, while doing descent damage, fires in an arc, making incredibly difficult to hit distant targets.
* RewardingVandalism: Ammo and health can be found by destroying small buildings.
* UnwinnablebyMistake: Unless one pick up the Valhalla rocket launcher[[note]]which most players are likely not to, as the game defaults to "only pick up upgrades" for weapon selection and the Valhalla is superceded by the homing Zulu rocket launcher.[[/note]], the FinalBoss is unbeatable on hard mode as he has more health than there is ammo available.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Aside from the two main weapons and rocket launcher, another means of attack is the ability to pick up cars and pedestrians and throw them.