''Skunny: Back to the Forest'', is a 1993 DOS platform game created by Copysoft. It is the first of seven games to feature the Skunny Squirrel character, and the first of three Skunny platformers. It was released under the shareware license.

In ''Back to the Forest'', Skunny Hardnut must rescue all of his friends from the evil King Toad, who captures them while Skunny is on holiday in the Bahamas. In order to rescue his friends, Skunny must find "superhealth nuts" to obtain the power to defeat King Toad's henchmen.

!!This VideoGame contains examples of:
* BigBad: King Toad.
* LetsPlay: [=LoveMyGameWorlds=] has a set of clips for this game on YouTube.
* ShoutOut: The title is a clear reference to ''Back to the Future''.