->''"[[SpeakingSimlish Myshuno]]!"''
-->-- '''A random golfer'''

''Sid Meier's [=SimGolf=]'' is a SimulationGame made by Creator/SidMeier, Firaxis Games, and Maxis, released to Windows back in 2002 by Creator/ElectronicArts. You play as a professional golfer who owns a small patch of land that has been declared as a golf club. One part of your goal is to build a lucrative golf club, expanding your lands and designing golf holes while providing excellent services to your customers with buildings and refreshments. You earn simoleons from members of your golf club as they complete each hole, buy refreshments, or use any of your buildings. You then spend said cash to designing your holes, providing buildings and staff, and paying your employees.

The other part is, well, being a professional golfer. Challenge the players in your golf club and accept challenges from pros, with the holes you designed as the golf course. You earn money with each winning shot. Eventually, you'll be asked to host a tournament! Failure to make your guests happy causes them to eventually leave your club or cause tantrums (which then makes other golfers unhappy), whereas failing to win in a golf game makes you lose cash!

It is an [[JustOneMoreLevel addictive]] game that pretty much captures the player much like other Maxis sim games. And speaking of which, it takes cues from ''VideoGame/TheSims'', having a [[SpeakingSimlish similar language]], and even a mode where notable characters from said game acts as patrons of your club.

Not related to another game named ''[=SimGolf=]'' made by Maxis.

!!This game presents examples of the following tropes:
* AllDesertsHaveCacti: Justified in that the desert areas are in the Americas. The cacti replace the trees for obstacles in the desert.
* BizarreAndImprobableGolfGame: Generally averted - obstacles prevent any "magic" when a ball collides on them, and hitting a building automatically stops the ball.
** Of course, it can be invoked. See ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem below.
* CaptainErsatz: The celebrities that appear upon placing celebrity lots in your club will bear names like "Brittney Aguilera". They even have a short musical chord playing when a player is nearby, some of which are seemingly similar to the songs sang by the celebrities they are based from.
* CommandAndConquerEconomy: In fact, the buildings you pick just drop down from the sky to where you decided to place them! Justified that you are the owner of the club after all.
%%* [[ConstructionAndManagementGames Construction and Management Game]]
%%* [[AnInteriorDesignerIsYou An Exterior Designer Is You]]
%%* IsometricProjection
* RageQuit: Golfers who have had it with your terrible services or are constantly failing in a course will eventually go angry and quit his or her session. Better have a marshal or security nearby to make the golfer stop, otherwise the raging NPC will make other golfers unhappy.
* ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: Whenever you are in "golf playing mode", you are not restricted from terraforming your golf club. While this is understandable because golfers might need to be tended while you play, this allows the player to cheat. See your ball landing towards a rough or into a water? Replace it with a green or fairway tile before the ball lands! See your enemy winning? Replace the tile to where the ball of your opponent lands with an obstacle.
** Of course, doing this repeatedly will make your enemy angry, causing him or her to throw a fit on the absurd difficulty or even worse, leave.
* SimulationGame: Both a sports management and a construction simulator!
* SpaceManagementGame: Part of the battle in building holes is to be able to build on a given space. Also, you start with a small land which you can later expand by making sure a specific VIP enjoys your golf club.
* SpeakingSimlish: The game uses some of the voice clips in ''VideoGame/TheSims''. It's not surprising when you hear "Myshuno!" in both this game and that game.
* WalkOnWater: Your golfers can traverse through water hazards that even serve as lakes or sea without trouble. Of course, they'd prefer if you build a bridge path.