''C.P.U. Bach'' is an obscure "game", created by SidMeier, for the ill-fated 3DO. Less of a game and more of an "interactive toy" for cultured gamers, ''C.P.U. Bach'' enables users to generate musical pieces, in various forms, in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. The end result is sometimes unsettlingly close to the works of Bach himself, though all of them have a strange quality to them that belies their computer-generated nature.

The name of the game is actually based on the name of one of J.S. Bach's sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel (C.P.E.) Bach and references the game's electronic nature. Because of its extremely niche appeal and the failure of the 3DO, ''C.P.U. Bach'' remains the most obscure game for the system. Sadly, it can only be fully experienced on original hardware, as the game does not appear to emulate well.

The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbGO0a5P0M8 single video]] of this game on Youtube shows that the game is indeed able to approximate Bach's composition style.