There once was a fellow by the name of Clysm. While browsing the Internet in 2003, he discovered GameMaker--''the'' GameMaker, in particular--and decided to fool around with it. After about six months worth of work, he created ''Seiklus,'' a simple {{Metroidvania}} with an emphasis on exploration and discovery rather than simple combat. He threw in some chiptunes, called it a night, and posted it to the official GameMaker forums and asked if people liked it.

In short? [[SugarWiki/GushingAboutShowsYouLike Hell yes.]]

In somewhat longer, the game shot to popularity with both the indie and casual games crowds, and paved the way for other exploration-heavy {{Metroidvania}} games like ''VideoGame/{{Knytt}}'' and ''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory.'' With its simple but colorful graphics, [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic simple but retro soundtrack]], and simple yet engrossing gameplay, it gained a well-earned place in the indie-game hall of fame.

The story ([[ExcusePlot or what there is of one]]) is simple. A small white fellow has been separated from his girlfriend, thanks to an unfortunate meteor crash. Now, he must seek out a series of artifacts that will help him return to her. After exploring the world and finding the way up, he now must [[ExtendedGameplay find all the colored whisps scattered around the world]], find the final artifact, and uncover all the pieces of a moon-shaped amulet.

The game can be [[ downloaded from Clysm's website]] for free. (Well, it is freeware, after all...)

!!This game contains examples of:
* AlwaysCheckBehindTheChair: Though there's usually an eye-like marker along walls with hidden goodies, the haunted crypt notably ''doesn't'' for a couple places.
* BigBoosHaunt: The orange whisp area (the "castle"). The ghosts in it are, thankfully, harmless.
* BilingualBonus: “Seiklus” is Estonian for “adventure.”
* EnterSolutionHere: The two solutions to the piano puzzle.
* ExcusePlot
* ExtendedGameplay: Even after getting back to your girlfriend, there are still seven hidden amulet pieces to collect.
* GottaCatchEmAll: The colored whisps, the artifacts, and the moon amulet pieces.
* GreenHillZone: The opening area.
* InvisibleBlock: Present in overworld area. One artifact makes them barely visible.
* LethalLavaLand: Actually averted in the more traditional sense. There ''is'' a volcano, but there's no real "lava" to speak of. You ''do'' see a field of volcanic ash, though.
* MookBouncer: Stupid cave traps. Stupid, ''stupid'' cave traps...
* MoonLogicPuzzle: The piano. [[spoiler:Remember that rainbow-skeleton in the haunted crypt? Might want to write down the sequence of the colors. Oh, and those seemingly random numbers at the top-left corner of the glitch room? They're the order of the keys you have to hit for a chest to appear.]]
* {{Metroidvania}}
* RewardingVandalism: one or two jars inside the haunted crypt hold whisps.
* WarpWhistle: [[spoiler: The final artifact, necessary to access the ExtendedGameplay.]]
* WombLevel: The giant... ''thing'' living in the underground lake.