The second game of the ''Franchise/RatchetAndClank'' series on the [[UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable PSP]], and then ported to the UsefulNotes/PlayStation2. It is the sequel to ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankSizeMatters''.

Ratchet is framed for a museum robbery, and Clank must assume his Film/JamesBond-esque alter-ego to find the real culprit. The culprit turns out to be none other than Klunk, the robot created by Dr. Nefarious in ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal Up Your Arsenal]]'' to take the place of Clank and eventually take out Ratchet.

!!Provides Examples Of:

* AffectionateParody: Of the spy genre.
* BondOneLiner: So many, usually when the player kills an enemy, and occasionally in cutscenes.
* {{Brainwashed}}: [[spoiler: How Ratchet is being framed. He has a mind control device stuck on his head.]]
* CanonDiscontinuity: [[http://www.insomniacgames.com/community/showthread.php?56339-Did-Insomniac-Ever-Outright-Confirm-SM-and-SAC-Were-Non-Canon&p=1421220&viewfull=1#post1421220 Insomniac Games confirmed]] that this game and ''Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters'' are non-canon to the main games. ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankIntoTheNexus Into the Nexus]]'' likewise ignores mentioning both games in the Insomniac Museum.
-->"We have always treated them as non-canon while making our games. However, he have done joke nods to them."
* CensorBox: When Ratchet is in the shower fighting enemies and someone loses a [[ModestyTowel towel]], including Ratchet.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: [[spoiler:Klunk gets converted into a vaccuum cleaner after his defeat.]]
-->'''Clank:''' Looks like it sucks to be him.
* EvilTwin: [[spoiler: The true culprit turns out to be none other than Klunk, the evil clone of Clank created by Dr. Nefarious, still maintaining the goals of replacing Clank, defeating Ratchet, and subjugating the squishies. This makes the final battle something of a MirrorMatch]]
* {{Expy}}: The Kingpin is the Ratchet and Clank equivalent of [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} The Donbot.]]
* FunWithAcronyms: Qwark's nickname for the biographer robot following him is "Barney", which is a shortned version of its offcial name: Biography Analysis Robot Neo Eight Yellow.
* GaidenGame
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose: In the end [[spoiler: Klunk smashes the controls to the laser, so if Clank beats him the laser will destroy the galaxy]].
* JailBake: How Clank smuggles weapons into prison for Ratchet.
* LaymansTerms: Combined with BuffySpeak to make absolutely certain that Qwark understands what's being said.
-->'''Clank:''' You must [[spoiler: remove the Eye of Infinity]] or we are all dead!
-->'''Qwark:''' Duh, whose-- uh? Whatsit?
-->'''Clank:''' The big... shiny thing! [[spoiler: Take it out of the laser!]]
* PublicDomainSoundtrack: The opera Qwark takes part in late in the game is set to music from the 1875 opera [[Theatre/{{Carmen}} "Carmen"]] by Bizet.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "I am telling you. That. Is not. [[spoiler: Ratchet!]]"
* RhythmGame: During some segments. If only they actually went along to the beat of the music.
* ShoePhone: Clank's entire inventory is comprised of weapons and gadgets that look like mundane items:
** The Tie[[DeadlyDisc -a-]][[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang Rang]] a bow tie which unfolds a saw blade when thrown.
** The Blackout Pen, a pen that shoots blots of ink that can obscure cameras and deactivate lasers.
** The [[GemstoneAssault Cuff Link Bomb]], a crystal cuff link which can be launched from clank's wrist and either explodes on impact or creates a sticky mine that explodes when other enemies are near.
** The Tanglevine Carnation, a carnation that, when thrown, turns into a ManEatingPlant.
** The [[FullBodyDisguise Holo-]][[HighClassGlass Monocle]], a monocle which allows clank to copy an enemy's appearance and create a holographic disguise.
** The [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Hypno-Watch]], a wristwatch that, when thrown, flashes and attracts weak enemies.
** The [[ShockAndAwe Thunderstorm]] [[UmbrellasAreLightningRods Umbrella]], an umbrella that creates lightning.
** The [[BriefcaseBlaster Blowtorch Briefcase]], a flamethrower disguised as a briefcase.
** The [[PowerFist Holo-Knuckles]], a pair of knuckle dusters which create hard-light projections to hit enemies with.
** [[spoiler: The Therm-Optic Shades, a pair of glasses obtained in challenge mode that allow the player to see alien codes in first-person view.]]
* ThirdLineSomeWaiting: There is the main story following Clank, a couple of side missions where Ratchet fights off other prisoners, and a third storyline that folllows Qwark as he recounts his life story to a biographer. The first and third connect at the end.
* UmbrellasAreLightningRods: Inverted and weaponized with the Thunderstorm Umbrella, a ShockAndAwe weapon in the shape of an umbrella that fires lightning bolts at enemies.
* UnexpectedGenreChange: The game is a StealthBasedGame, as opposed to the series usual action-shooting gameplay. It still has weapons that can level up if used, but Clank also gets health bonuses for sneaking past enemies.
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: In-universe, Clank really does work for a spy agency, it's not just a television show.
* WealthsInAName: Wealthy countess Ivana Lottabolts, with bolts being the local currency.