''Saturn Bomberman'' is a 1996 installment in the VideoGame/{{Bomberman}} franchise for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn. It was the first ''Bomberman'' game with support for online multiplayer (which required a modem), as well as the first ''Bomberman'' game released to the general public to allow as many as 10 players to battle.

While on a routine patrol, Bomberman discovers the Crystal Tower, in which is supposed to be the evil monster Crator. However Crator, and the crystals used to keep Crator imprisoned, have gone missing. Bomberman then receives a radio message from Dr. Ein that the evil [[BigBad Mr. Meanie]][[note]]"Mujoe" in Japan; they would stick with Mujoe in later American releases[[/note]] has unleashed Crator, and it is now up to him to find the crystals and crush Mr. Meanie.

''Saturn Bomberman'' follows the classic Bomberman formula: levels are laid out in a grid with enemies and destructible blocks. Destroying all of the glowing red orbs on the top (which are known as Zarfs) opens the exit, allowing the player to progress to the next stage. It was one of the first Bomberman games to incorporate online play, [[OfferVoidInNebraska except in Europe]]. The game was also the first appearance of recurring characters Dr. Ein, Mujoe, and Dr. Mechadoc.

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!!This game provides examples of:
* AmusementParkOfDoom: The Meanie Land Amusement Park is the first stage and the "secret" base of the Meanie Gang.
* BaitAndSwitchBoss: The first boss first appears to be three EliteMooks, before a piece of the castle lifts off and smashes onto the arena, blasting the mooks away and starting the battle.
* [[{{BFG}} BFB]]: ''Saturn Bomberman''[='s=] intro sequence is notable for including some truly GIGANTIC bombs being thrown at Bomberman that are several times his size. This doesn't stop him from grabbing and flinging one back to his assailants, but overshooting and having it fall into a volcano. Cue MassOhCrap over the next few seconds as the camera zooms out, the planet starts bulging, and then ''turns into a planet-sized CartoonBomb'' before [[EarthShatteringKaboom exploding]].
* CollisionDamage: Enemies kill you on contact.
* DamnYouMuscleMemory: Double-tapping the bomb button in ''Bomberman 64'' or ''The Second Attack!'' does a stationary Bomb Kick. The very same action in ''Saturn Bomberman'' will Line Bomb instead, unless the player changes the control configuration.
* DragonTheirFeet: The last boss of the story mode isn't Mr. Meanie, but his minion [[MadScientist Dr. Mechado]].
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs:
** They're [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter adorable]] and [[PowerupMount give you a ride]], along with a charging or jumping ability.
** The fourth world is called the Dino World, though only ''two'' of the enemies you fight are actually dinosaurs (the others are frogs, walking plants, a MiniBoss giant tree, and the boss is a giant bird).
* GiantFlyer: The boss of Dino World.
* HumongousMecha: Mr. Meanie jumps in a giant robot before his boss fight.
* LongRunner: The online mode in North America is powered by [=NetLink=], which enables players to dial each other directly. Because of this, the online mode is still available to this day, long after games such as ''VideoGame/BombermanOnline'' have shut down their servers.
* MindControlDevice: The Monster Controller used on Crator.
* MiniBoss: The evil tree of stage 4-3.
* OfferVoidInNebraska: Online play was available in Japan through SEGASATURN NETWORKS and in North America through [=NetLink=]. No Saturn modems were released in Europe.
* OhCrap:
** Even if they don't audibly cry out in despair, characters in multiplayer have special OhCrap animations.
** Dr Ein:
--> "What?" It... It's Crator! Why is he in this era? If his magic power isn't sealed, it could be infinite! Run away Bomberman!"
** Everybody's reaction (save the Dino) to the giant bomb going into the volcano in the intro cinematic.
* PlotCoupon: The four magic crystals that sealed Crator.
* PoisonMushroom: The skull in Battle Mode will inflict a random disease, either dropping your bomb power to 1, making you super slow, or have your controls inverted. The devil does this to ''everybody''.
* PowerUpMount: The dinosaurs. They come in five colors, each of them with a different ability:
** Blue: Kicks bombs above blocks.
** Yellow: Roars, stunning the enemies for a few seconds.
** Green: SuperSpeed.
** Pink: Jumps above blocks.
** Purple: Emits sound waves that make bombs explode, and reveals if blocks have items inside or not.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter:
** The dinos.
** The rabbit-like fluff creature that hangs around Dr. Ein and sits on Bomberman's ship.
* RushmoreRefacement:
** In the background of the Rodeon battle, you can see Mount Rushmore with the faces of Mr. Meanie and his gang go by.
** During the game's ending, it's back to normal... except that Bomberman's face is also up there.
** In battle mode, there is a Mount Rushmore pastiche with several Bomberman faces.
* SealedEvilInACan: Crator.
* SuperTitle64Advance: Also the only Sega Saturn game to implement the console's complete name in its title rather with an "S".
* UpToEleven: ''Saturn'''s multiplayer allowed up to ten players at once, the most in a ''Bomberman'' game up to that point.
* WeOnlyHaveOneChance: "Look! The crystals are weakening his power! This is your only chance to defeat him!"
* {{Wutai}}: The second stage, Samurai World.