In a feudal Japan there bloomed many Sakura trees and in one lived Princess Cherry Blossom. The people lived happily until one day... A demon captured the princess and the Sakura trees stopped blooming, and the princess eventually forgotten, except by a lonely {{Kappa}} who still grieves over the lost princess waiting for a samurai to come and save the princess. Enter the player, a young samurai who has heard the call from the kappa and with your sword imbued with sakura energy set forth to reclaim the princess from the monster!

''Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword'' is a downloadable game published by {{Creator/Nintendo}} for the UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS, and quite a good one at that.

!!This game provides examples of:

* [[SeanConneryIsAboutToShootYou The Boss Is About To Stab You]]: Every boss cinematic ends with them pointing their weapon directly at the camera. Probably to take advantage of the 3d feature.
* BreakableWeapons: Your sword does not break, but it does dull without maintenance.
* CherryBlossom: ''All'' over the place. It's called '''''Sakura''' Samurai'' for a reason.
* CopyAndPasteEnvironments: Understandably, it IS a downloadable game.
* CounterAttack: The game revolves around this. You have to stick and move according to the way the enemy telegraphs. Sounds easy? They get faster, and later on, [[NintendoHard they mix things up.]] Hacking and slashing willy nilly is a quick way to get your ass handed to you.
* CrackingUp: Quite a few of the Kappa's {{Idle Animation}}s.
* HyperactiveMetabolism: Rice cakes, yum!
* IaijutsuPractitioner: You.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Much, much better.
* NewGamePlus: Expert mode is unlocked after beating the final boss.
%% * TraumaInn
* VariableMix: Quite a bit. Landing hits in battle will make the battle music more intense for a moment, and [[MundaneMadeAwesome moving around on the world map]] gives the music an upbeeat synth layer.
%%* {{Youkai}}:
%%** {{Kappa}}: [[DarkIsNotEvil Actually rather friendly]].