''Robowarrior'', known in Japan as ''Bomber King'', is an English language [[ActionGame action]]/[[PuzzleGame puzzle]] video game developed by Aicom and published by Creator/HudsonSoft in Japan and Creator/{{Jaleco}} in the U.S. and Europe.

War, overpopulation and pollution have plagued Earth, so humanity decides to construct an artificial planet known as Altile and move there. Unfortunately, Altile gets invaded by the evil Xantho Empire, who deactivate the planet's WeatherControlMachine and turn it into a barren wasteland. The people of Altile seek help from Earth and call upon the Z-Type Earth Defense cyborg (ZED) in order to save their planet from destruction.

ZED starts out with two weapons to use against the Xantho Empire, a weak, standard ray gun and extremely powerful exploding bombs. He can get more power-ups as he destroys enemies and blocks, as well as finding hidden areas to obtain some of the rarer powerups. Even with a large assortment of weapons, this game is still notorious for its hard difficulty.

A sequel, ''Bomber King: Scenario 2'', was developed by Creator/{{Sunsoft}} for the UsefulNotes/GameBoy, but was released in Europe as ''VideoGame/BlasterMaster Jr.'' and in North America as ''Blaster Master Boy''.
!! '''This game exhibits the following tropes:'''

* AirborneMook: The flying enemies in the game are a huge pain in the rear as they shoot aimed shots (that pass through walls!), and some travel in a waving pattern, making it easy for them to collide into you.
* AlienInvasion: The plot of the story.
* BlackoutBasement: The dungeon areas, as well as some normal stages. You'll be able to see only the enemies, and in order to see around you, you have to use a candle (lights up a small area for a short time) or a lamp (lights up the whole screen indefinitely).
* BlobMonster: Globula, the first boss.
* {{Cephalothorax}}: Xur, the BigBad is a giant floating cyborg head.
* CriticalAnnoyance[=/=]SongsInTheKeyOfPanic: When you're down to one battery of energy left, the background music changes into an ominous-sounding warning tone.
* DolledUpInstallment: The sequel is titled ''VideoGame/BlasterMaster Boy'' outside of Japan.
* EmergencyEnergyTank: These refill you back to maximum health. The fact that you pick up lots of them shows you the game's difficulty...
* ExplosiveStupidity: Getting caught in your own bomb blast is enough to drain two batteries of your energy.
* FourElementEnsemble: The last four bosses before the FinalBoss are based off Water (Aquarian, a piranha-spawning machine), Wind (Lian, a two-headed winged lion), Fire (Pyrodyne, a firebird-spawning machine) and Earth (Gholem, a golem) respectively.
* GaidenGame: To ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}''. Made by the same company, and it's Japanese name is actually called "Bomber King".
* {{Golem}}: Gholem, the second-to-last boss. He throws rocks at you.
* GratuitousEnglish: The Japanese version features a unlockable karaoke sing-along for the main level theme. The lyrics are written in Japanese, excpet for "Go for break out \ Go for break out".
* GuideDangIt: Want to find out where all the hidden stone lion rooms or fountains are? Good luck without a guide! Heck, there are some sections of the game that seem like dead ends, and you have to bomb a certain block three times in order to get out!
* HopeSproutsEternal: The ending of the game shows the climate changing back to normal, and the barren land turns back to green in a matter of seconds.
* MultipleHeadCase: The two headed chimera-dragon boss Viripedes is like this.
* '''[[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Nintendo Hard ]]
''': Dear God. Due to loads of annoying enemies and ease of getting a game over, this game makes ''VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' look like ''VideoGame/YouHaveToBurnTheRope''!
** The sequel is much easier, however.
* OneHitPolykill[=/=]ArmorPiercingAttack: Missiles destroy all enemies and blocks in a straight line.
* RecurringBossTemplate: ''Three'' of the bosses have the ''exact same strategy''- they float around the place, throw globs around, and those globs turn into Mooks should they hit the floor.
** And yes, the FinalBoss is one of them.
* RegeneratingHealth: Inverted. Your character is a robot who needs to constantly fuel himself, and as such ''loses'' health constantly. As if the DemonicSpiders and GoddamnedBats weren't enough...
* SegmentedSerpent: The second boss Viripedes is a dragon that comes out from a well. Attack its head to defeat it.
* SmartBomb: Two kinds. The flash destroys all weak enemies on the screen, while the much rarer Megaton Bomb does the same, except it does huge damage to bosses, as well as destroying all destructible blocks on the screen.
* SpiritualSequel: To ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}''. The Japanese name for the game is even titled "Bomber King".
* SprintShoes: The shoes power-up, which lets you walk faster for a period of time if used.
* SuperDrowningSkills: Stay in the water for two or more seconds and you sink. Instant GameOver if it happens. To solve this, use a life ring before going onto the water. Oh, and enemies have no such problem on the water.
* ThrowDownTheBomblet: One of your attacks, capable of destroying enemies easily.
* WeatherControlMachine: Deactivated by the evil aliens, causing Altile to plunge into chaos.