''Rise of the Robots'' was an infamous FightingGame released in 1994 for the IBM PC, {{Amiga}}, GameGear, SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem, SegaGenesis, UsefulNotes/ThreeDOInteractiveMultiplayer and PhilipsCDi.

The game's premise was dead simple. [[{{AI Is A Crapshoot}} The Supervisor]], a [[{{Terminator}} T-1000]] {{Expy}}, is the central robot in charge of a large robotics plant. All is going well, until a computer virus suddenly gives her sentience. She transmits the virus to the rest of the plant's robot workers, causing them to kill all the humans inside and try to find a way to connect to the outside mainframe. The only way to prevent The Supervisor from uploading the virus to the rest of the city is to kill her. Enter Coton, a cloned {{Cyborg}} programmed to fight his way to the Supervisor's lair and kick her ass.

A sequel, ''Rise 2: Resurrection'', was released on the PC, Playstation, and Sega Saturn in 1996. This one featured a [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters new cast of characters, on top of the returning robots]], and numerous gameplay improvements that were overshadowed by the overall design of the game, that is [[FollowTheLeader try to be like]] [[StreetFighter two certain other]] [[MortalKombat fighting games]] but betray the mechanics from both in certain ways. Never the less, it is more balanced and playable than the first.
!!This series contains examples of:
* AllThereInTheManual - [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Bf4E3jSSc Here's a reading of the plot behind Rise 2 Resurrection.]]
** [[WallOfText Too long, didn't read?]] Let me summarize by saying [[spoiler: [[ExcusePlot that is WAY too much story to explain how]] [[BodySnatcher you can select different characters.]] ]] It rivals VideoGame/{{Microcosm}} in unnecessary lengths.
* [[spoiler: TheBadGuyWins - In the story for Rise 2: Resurrection, the Supervisor manages to defeat and absorb the Cyborg, destroying his body and copying his brain patterns to the rest of her robots.]]
** [[spoiler: Inverted if you play through Rise 2.]]
* BigBad - The Supervisor.
* BlatantLies - Music by Brian May was promised for the game. Most console versions that advertised this lacked all the music by him (with the exception of the intro music).
** The second game has a track on the PS1 disc, but never actually plays in game. [[WhatAnIdiot This too was advertised inexplicably.]]
* BodySnatcher - Coton in ''Rise 2'' simply possesses whatever robot you chose to play as.
* {{Combos}} - Appeared in Rise 2, and referred to as ''Chaos''.
* DigitizedSprites - The graphics used pre-rendered 3D backgrounds and sprites, with incredibly fluid animations for each character.
* ExcusePlot - The second game for the most part.
* FailsafeFailure - Subverted. The Supervisor's programmers actually thought ahead, and didn't give her access to any network outside the factory in case something like this happened. Doubly Subverted when [[spoiler: she absorbs the Cyborg's mind, letting her transmit the virus over a larger area.]]
* FinishingMove - Rise 2 allowed you to perform E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N-S on your defeated foes at the end of a match.
* FullMotionVideo - The first game had plenty of this in almost all versions of the game.
* AGodAmI - The Supervisor's view on things, post-virus.
* HaveANiceDeath - RotR shows a FMV depicting the Cyborg being defeated if you lose a match. Likewise, all the other robots are given the same treatment.
* HomeVersionSoundtrackReplacement - The game was heavily advertised as featuring music by Brian May. However, they got into rights issues with EMI. Rather then delaying the game to resolve them, the developers completely replaced May's music with techno music by Fuzzy and Clownlogic.
** The Brian May soundtrack was included on the 3DO and [=CDi=] versions, letting the player choose between it or the techno soundtrack.
** Here's an interesting note: Console versions included a video game rendition of his song: Cyborg. Rise 2 claims to have him return, though he never actually contributed any music, aside from a few chords in the intro theme, while the one full track he did contribute was discovered on a PS1 disc. [[WhatAnIdiot Why not include that as part of the main game is beyond any of us.]]
* LightningBruiser - In Rise 1, while each enemy gets progressively difficult, the Sentry Droid is big, bulky, and does the most damage yet, with size not hindering him at all. Just hope Player 2 decides not to use him.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters - In between games, Rise 1 went from ''seven'' characters to over '''twenty''' in Rise 2! You have to fight most (if not all) of them too.
* MissingEpisode - Bell-Fruit's arcade version of Rise 1, which sported the same improvements that would find their way into Rise 2, supposedly making it the only vaguely good version of the game. Though it was fully functional it never made it past location tests, and all cabs are thought to have been lost or destroyed.
* ObviousBeta - While Rise 1 is somewhat playable, and Rise 2 being more so, there seems to be some unfinished elements of Rise 2, such as certain characters not having certain animations, nor having said animations match up with their actions. The Necroborg is a blatant example of this.
* ShoutOut - The Supervisor seems to work much like the [[TheTerminator T-1000p from Terminator 2.]] She starts out showing off her hand blades, and being melted to the ground when defeated.
* SpamAttack - In Rise 1, it's very possible to go through the whole game on easy and normal by walking up to your opponent and kick them to death.
* TotallyRadical - [[spoiler: The ending for Rise 2: Resurrection tries to play on this. [[OverlyLongGag It went on for nearly a minute, and it's just the game really emphasizing how much butt you kicked.]] ]]
* AWinnerIsYou - Beating the first game does not give you much of an ending. Beating Rise 2 gives you [[spoiler: a generic "You kicked the Supervisor's butt" ending, with the lines repeating in different variations.]]