'''Quake IV''' is the fourth entry in the ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' series, launched in 2005.
The game was developed by Raven Software, using the Id Tech 4 engine (''Doom 3'' engine) and it's set in the Strogg arc, as a sequel of ''VideoGame/QuakeII''.

After the events of ''VideoGame/QuakeII'', the EDF starts the invasion to the Strogg planet in order to terminate the Strogg menace once and for all. The player controls Matthew Kane, a corporal of the Rhino Squad, and he must assist his comrades in the given objectives.

The game has a [[Characters/QuakeIV character sheet]], currently under development.

!!This game provide examples of[[labelnote:*]]Bear in mind that a lot of tropes from ''VideoGame/QuakeII'' also apply here. Also, the Character tropes go to the Characters page.[[/labelnote]]:

* AirVentPassageway: There's an escape using one in the level after [[spoiler:Kane's Stroggification]], just before Kane's first encounter with a Teleport Dropper.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The Strogg race.
* AndTheAdventureContinues:
--> [[spoiler:''"Kane, you have new orders."'']]
* AnimalMotifs: The squad names: Badger, Bison, Cobra, Eagle, Kodiak, Scorpion, Viper, Warthog, Wolf, and, of course, the Rhino Squad. There's also the [[AuthorAvatar Raven]] squad, composed by members with the same names as the developers of the game.
* BackFromTheBrink
* BadassDriver: Whoever is driving the truck in the early Nexus mission in ''Quake 4'' has got to be crazy.
* BaldWomen: The Iron Maidens.
* BeamSpam: The Lightning Gun.
* {{BFG}}: The Dark Matter Gun.
* BigDamnHeroes: When [[spoiler:the Rhino Squad]] saves [[spoiler:Kane]] from the final part of the Stroggification process. Too bad the same can't be said for the many other poor souls before you that already completed the process, which you can see in the [[PeopleJars body jars]] moving around the facility.
* BioPunk: The Strogg use biological/robotic hybrid machines for ''everything''.
* BlueOrangeContrast: A variant. The Marines are, rather than blue, olive green, while the Strogg are orange. This is reflected in their respective [=UIs=] as well as in their uniforms. It also makes [[spoiler:Matthew Kane]] stand out even more, post-Stroggification, when standing amongst the rest of Rhino Squad.
* BoringButPractical: The Machinegun in single-player, especially because it's one of two weapons with a flashlight, the other being the Blaster.
* BossInMookClothing: Gladiators and Heavy Hovertanks in the vehicle-based levels, where wiping Stroggos is pretty easy.
** FakeUltimateMook: Light Tanks, provided you've got enough room to keep backing away from them.
* BossRush: Just before the final battle, Kane comes from [[SuspiciousVideoGameGenerosity a goodie-filled hallway]] and is locked in a small-medium sized room and forced to fight 3 consecutive groups of the BossInMookClothing enemies: 3 Light Tanks, 3 Heavy Hovertanks, and 3 Stream Protectors.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: The German version removes the blood and gore and censor some scenes (such as [[spoiler:Anderson's death]]). However, the dub wasn't changed to accommodate the censorship and so quite a few lines turn into [[DubInducedPlotHole non-sequiturs]].
* ChainsawGood: The Gauntlet, available only in multiplayer mode.
* ContinuityNod: At the beginning of the game, your superior informs you that [[VideoGame/QuakeII the Makron was destroyed and the planet's intergalactic defense forces are down]].
* CypherLanguage: The Strogg languange.
* DegradedBoss: The Harvester first appear as a {{miniboss}}-type encounter, then as a regular GiantMook later.
* DramaticSpaceDrifting: In the intro. Seems that is's just a marine contemplating the emptiness, then he turns to reveal a disfigured face and then half a body missing.
* EmbeddedPrecursor: In some editions, the original ''VideoGame/QuakeII'' was brought with the game.
* EnemySummoner:
** The Teleport Dropper, that Strogg which looked like a bulldog, and could disperse several teleporters which summoned several Mooks. These can also appear at the Strogg teleporters on the game.
** [[spoiler:Strogg!Voss]] can call mooks while regenerating his shields to protect him.
** [[spoiler:The Makron]] does this in the final fight after the player defeats his first form.
* EvilSoundsDeep: The Strogg voices heard throughout the game, including [[spoiler:the Makron]]'s voice.
* ExplodingBarrels: The red Stroyent barrels scattered across the levels can be shot.
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3clVvh5gbGE The Stroggification process]]. As if being conscious through all that mutilation isn't bad enough, until the higher brain functions atrophy, the victims are forced to watch as their body is used to kill their fellow men [[AndIMustScream without being able to do anything]].
--> ''"You call this Stroggification? More like a mutilation!"''
** AndIMustScream: A conversation overheard hints that the victims that are Stroggified are, for a time, aware of their actions but can not stop them. This is later shown to be true when [[spoiler:Voss]] [[TragicMonster becomes Stroggified]], who spends the boss battle pleading with Kane to run away - all the while being forced to attack him.
** BodyHorror: The subjects are put into heavy sedation and, as a result, are [[AndIMustScream 75% paralyzed]]. Through an assembly-line-like process, they ''rip open the stomach, saw off the legs, fuse new legs and armor to the skin, put a big helmet on them, insert a control chip into the victims brain, and then activate said chip so he/she can serve the Strogg.''
** IndustrializedEvil: The Strogg Medical Lab levels shows this in full body.
** StrappedToAnOperatingTable: The entire stroggification process, although the victims aren't strapped to the tables--they're just heavily sedated with steroids.
** UnwillingRoboticisation: Any Strogg with human parts has been subjected to this.
* FlunkyBoss: [[spoiler:Strogg!Voss]] and [[spoiler:the Makron]] can [[EnemySummoner summon]] mooks which help them in the fight. Your first encounter with a Light Tank also has several soldiers helping him.
* GiantMook: Stream Protectors, Light Tanks, Heavy Hovertanks, and Gladiators.
* GiantSpider:
** The Stream Protectors, minibosses armed with Hyperblaster-like cell shots.
** To some extent, the game's version of [[spoiler:the Makron]] also qualifies.
** SpiderTank: The Harvesters, found several times in the game. They're armed with two missile launchers in the back, a nailgun in the front, and being crushed under their legs, whether on a vehicle or on foot is a one way ticket to death, like it happened with [[spoiler:Bidwell]].
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe:
** This happens to an unfortunate Marine who [[spoiler:attempts to enter a Strogg teleporter]].
** Of sorts with [[spoiler:the Makron]]: it loses its second half after the first part of the final battle and then loses the upper part upon its final defeat.
* HarderThanHard: General difficulty. The weakest, basic enemy Mooks can kill you in just a handful of shots. All enemies have noticeably more health, so that even mid-level enemies like Berserkers and Gunners take more than a full clip of assault rifle fire to kill. Your teammates are no longer invincible powerhouses, making all levels with them into {{Escort Mission}}s. The game is already fairly stingy with Health and Armor on ''Normal'', so imagine what all this is like on HarderThanHard.
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose: Kane's first encounter with [[spoiler:the Makron]].
** HopelessBossFight: Although it's somewhat unique in that Kane ''does'' have to damage him significantly, otherwise he just straight out kills him (game over man, game over) instead of immobilizing him with his tractor beam.
** SuspiciousVideoGameGenerosity: Kane runs down a hallway lined with ammo to an obvious ambush. After taking out the two (relatively) easy Stream Protectors, [[spoiler:the Makron]] shows up.
* HomingProjectile: The Nailgun, after the last upgrade, allows the player to home the nails towards the enemies.
* HumanResources
* HyperDestructiveBouncingBall: The Hyperblaster, after being upgraded, launches cell balls which bounces on surfaces. Also, some bosses such as [[spoiler:the Makron]] have such ricocheting attacks.
* InterfaceSpoiler: Be careful checking out the game's multiplayer models. One of them is [[spoiler:Stroggified Kane]].
* ItsRainingMen: Drop pods, a way to deliver soldiers to their objectives very fast with a high mortality rate.
* KeystoneArmy: The Stroggos. Once [[spoiler:the Nexus]] is destroyed, every Strogg force perishes.
* LightningGun
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: When on the first to the Hannibal, you can hear this exchange when exiting for the field:
--> '''Marine''': Hannibal! I need a medic!\\
'''Medic''': Who are you? I not able to get a reading on your medchip.\\
'''Marine''': Corporal Thomas Alvarez. My medchip is damaged.\\
'''Medic''': But your medchip's implanted in your heart!\\
'''Marine''': I know... I'm looking at it right now.
* MisbegottenMultiplayerMode: The multiplayer mode can be resumed as ''VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena'' running in the [=IdTech4=], minus the "fun factor". And there's no Coop mode. The game shipped with 8 Deathmatch maps and 5 for the CTF mode, but later patches increased this amount and added the Deadzone gametype and an option to buy weapons. This was somewhat averted by the time the game was patched. Overall, Quake 4 plays like a even more faster version of Quake 3, with a new sliding mechanic allowing players to keep their speed around corners.
* MolotovCocktail[=/=]KillItWithFire: The multiplayer-only Napalm launcher, introduced after several patches.
* MoreDakka: Some vehicles.
* NailEm: The Nailgun. In the campaign mode, you can upgrade the weapon, so it can shot homing nails, by keeping the alternate fire button pressed.
* NitroExpress: One EscortMission has a demolitions expert carrying explosives that will "take out half the mountain" if set off.
* NoOSHACompliance: Any Strogg facility you could think.
* {{Nostalgia Level}}s: Multiplayer-wise, the remakes of "Claustrophobopolis", from ''VideoGame/{{Quake|I}}''; "The Edge" (plus a CTF version) from ''VideoGame/QuakeII''; and "The Longest Yard" and "The Very End Of You" (renamed as "Xaero's Gravity") from ''VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena''. Subsequent patches added also "The Camping Grounds" from ''III''.
* PlayerGuidedMissile: The Rocket Launcher, after being upgraded, allows the players to guide the rockets, in exchange for a slower speed of such projectiles.
* PointOfNoReturn: Seldom you will be able to return to any previous level, unlike in ''II''.
* RegeneratingHealth: The vehicle-based levels have this as a vehicle feature, may it be a Convoy, a Tank, a Walker or a Train.
** RegeneratingShieldStaticHealth: [[spoiler:Strogg!Voss, the Makron in the final fight and the Nexus heart]] have this. They can regenerate with energy from the overall Stroggos complex in certain areas, but their health will remain the same.
* ScenicTourLevel:
** Some of the first tours in the convoy, where you aren't in charge of firing a gun.
** The facility's ConveyorBeltOfDoom, where you cross through many areas after destroying the Stroyent generator. At the end, two grunts are waiting for you.
* SecondHourSuperpower: Kane gains [[spoiler:his Strogg form and abilities]] right when the first half of the game ends.
* ShaggyDogStory: The first half of the game has your forces trying to blow up an enormous router with an EMP bomb. The other teams fail, then your own EMP is destroyed, then an attempt to shut down the router in another way fails (with unfortunate consequences for you)... and then you return to base, and MissionControl says that there was too much shielding on that router for a dozen EMP bombs to handle.
* ShoutOut:
** The four ships transporting the EMP Bomb in Operation: Advantage are called [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse War, Pestilence, Famine and Death]].
** There's a multiplayer map called "Death Before Dishonor", named after the Bushido code of the {{Samurai}}.
** Like in ''II'', the only female enemy of the game is called "Music/IronMaiden".
* SmashingHallwayTrapsOfDoom
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: As with ''II'', the Iron Maiden is the only female Strogg in the game.
* SpaceMarine: Continuing the trend from ''II'', but this time the Marines are closer in appearance to [[{{VideoGame/Doom}} the Doomguy]].
* TranslatorMicrobes: When [[spoiler:Kane becomes Stroggified]], the chip implanted in his brain lets him read and hear the Strogg language as English.
* WhamEpisode: The Strogg Medical Facilities. [[spoiler:After being captured in the previous level, Kane gets Stroggified. [[BodyHorror Messily]].]]
* YouDontLookLikeYou: The entire Strogg race.
* ZombieApocalypse: The level before the second squad intermission is all about this.
** NotUsingTheZWord: The "zombies" are called "Slimy Transfer" and "Failed Transfer".
** ZombiePukeAttack: The "Slimy Transfer" zombies.