The [[ThirdIs3D unimaginatively titled]] ''Prince of Persia 3D'' is the third installment in the ''Franchise/PrinceOfPersia'' series, and marks the series' [[VideoGame3DLeap leap to 3D]]. It was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and released for the PC in 1999. A SegaDreamcast version, retitled ''Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights'', was released in 2000 by Creator/{{Mattel}} Interactive (who briefly held the rights to the series in the wake of Creator/BroderbundSoftware's collapse).
!!Tropes appearing in this game:
* HandInTheHole: A guard opens a door sticking his hand into a hole in the wall. If you try exactly the same immediately your arm is trapped and it's game over. [[spoiler: You need a bracelet for it to work.]]
* ItsAWonderfulFailure: If you take too long in the final battle, [[spoiler:you're treated to a cutscene wherein the princess is [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath crushed by]] [[CruelAndUnusualDeath clock tower cogs]], complete with crunching sounds and anguished scream, and the final boss wastes no time finishing off the horror-stricken Prince]]. ''Yeesh''.
* ThirdIs3D: The third PrinceOfPersia game forgoes a subtitle (PC version at least) just to remind you that the series has made the jump to 3D.