''[[http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/669/Power+Dolls.html Power Dolls]]'' or (''Power Dolls: [[FunWithAcronyms Detachment of Limited Line Service]]'') is a series of turn based tactical {{Video Game}}s, developed by Kogado Studio's Usagi San team.

The plot of the game begins in the year 2535, when planet Omni, originally a colony of Earth, fights for its independence after a catalytic land dispute. The all-female elite force of Omni helps defend their homeworld against the overwhelming Earth-borne expeditionary force, using a variety of mecha-based weapons. After defeating the Earth forces in the first game, Omni would continue to experience rebellions (supported by Earth forces troops stranded on Omni after the planet gained independence), succession of continents, and all the open warfares these events would entail.

The original game spawned several sequel games including:
* ''Power Dolls FX''
* ''Power Dolls 2''
* ''Power Dolls 2 Dash''
* ''Advanced Power Dolls 2''
* ''Power R Dolls 3''
* ''Power Dolls 4''
* ''Power Dolls 5''
* ''Power Dolls 5X''
* ''Power Dolls 6''

A two episode {{Anime}} {{OVA}} was also adapted from the games, produced by the joint efforts of [[Creator/{{AIC}} Artmic]] (first episode) [[Creator/OLMIncorporated Oriental Light and Magic]] (second episode), Kogado Studio, Shueisha and VAP, under the direction of Masayuki Hidaka. Released in 1996 in Japan and 2003 in North America. Detailing the actions of the 177th Squadron in their quest to defend Omni against the seemingly endless Earth forces invading the planet.

!!Tropes found in the games and {{OVA}}s include:

* AmazonBrigade: The titular 3rd Company, 177th Special Duty Battalion, known as "[=DoLLS=]".
* AnimationBump: Episode 2 of the OVA is much better animated than the first.
* AMechByAnyOtherName: Power Loader, also known by its acronym PLD.
* {{Fanservice}}: Victory in a battle gets you an image of one of the girls.
* FunWithAcronyms: '''D'''etachment '''o'''f '''L'''imited '''L'''ine '''S'''ervice; '''P'''ower '''L'''oa'''D'''er.
* [[ItsRainingMen It's Raining... Uh, Girls]]: Your troops/Power-Loaders are mostly transported to mission areas by aircraft or, on rare occasions, catapulted from a ballistic missile submarine. See also in the [[http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/power-dolls-1-promo-trailer/311176 trailer]]. In addition to the possibility of those Power Loaders sometimes ending up with their automotive system damaged by impact upon landing, in the first two games they must leave the battlefield on foot, requiring the mechas to self-destruct after their pilots are extracted by helicopters or by boat during missions where retreating via any land route is impossible. ''2 Dash'' introduces a large helicopter capable of deploying and recovering the [=PLDs=] though.
* LadyLand
* LadyOfWar: You are commanding an all-female special forces unit.
* MoreDakka: It helps, considering your forces are usually pitted against numerically-superior enemies.
* OneGenderRace - According to the English localization of the original game, all of the people on Omni are female, and it is said they reproduce asexually. Averted in the Japanese original, where the reason behind the [=DoLLS=] being all-female is its being deliberately advertised by the Omni military as an "idol" unit to further conceal its true role as a special operations unit and the Omni military's practice of segregation between males and females on company level in order to simplify personnel logistics and avoid gender politics.
* SpiderTank: [=TSR1=] reconnaissance Power Loader, one of Earth forces' earliest [=PLDs=]. Also shown at 1:16 in the [[http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/power-dolls-1-promo-trailer/311176 trailer]].
* WorldOfBadass: Beyond troops directly under your command, allied forces temporarily assigned to you tend to do a good job supporting you in the background (allied air superiority fighters, for example, are generally capable of keeping enemy fixed-wing air supports at bay for the entire duration of a mission). Enemy mooks, despite often being armed with inferior weapons since ''2'', are directed by a decent AI that would try to use their numbers to spread your firepower thin. And god helps you if you let them call in artillery strike or if you leave an enemy helicopter still flying at the end of a turn...