''Pipe Mania'' / ''Pipe Dream'' is a classic computer game in which the player lays down sections of pipe onto a grid, while/before a slow-flowing liquid flows through the pipe. Don't let it spill out!

Pipe pieces are typically dispensed to you one at a time, and it's your duty to make the best use of them as you lay them down - you're usually penalised for unused pipe pieces, and for removing laid pipes.

This game has spawned a number of imitations, and the exact rules vary between them. Sometimes, the goal is to just send the fluid through a certain number of segments, or, alternatively, connect two fixed segments with an unbroken pipe. Sometimes the liquid flows while you're laying down pipe, and sometimes it starts flowing after you run out of time to lay segments.



* EndlessGame - if you manage to complete level 36, you are forced to repeat it over and over again until you eventually fail.
* PuzzleGame
* PipeMaze - creating something like this is the point of the game.
* SchmuckBait - The last two levels have only two empty spaces between the start and end pieces via a screen wraparound. The minimum distance is well over 20 though, so directly joining the terminators is a guaranteed Game Over.
* ScoringPoints
* TimedMission - Not a direct example, but you have to race against the fluid flowing through the pipes as you lay them.
* WrapAround - Some levels have holes in the side of the arena that transfer the fluid flow to the opposite side of the screen.