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''Phalanx'' is a ShootEmUp developed by Creator/{{Zoom}}, and was originally released for the Japan-only UsefulNotes/SharpX68000. It was later ported to the UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem; the English release of the SNES version is best known for having an old man playing a banjo on the cover (see CoversAlwaysLie).

Though no stand-alone sequel to the game was released, ''Phalanx'' did receive a soft-of sequel in the form of ''Tiny Phalanx'', an extensive minigame hidden in the fighting game ''VideoGame/ZeroDivide'', for the UsefulNotes/{{Playstation}} and ''Zero Divide: The Final Conflict'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn. It received a UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance port with a different, more traditional cover. A UsefulNotes/WiiWare port was announced for Japan, though no international release has been announced.

!!This game provides examples of:

* ActionBomb: Some enemies in the game are like these, they explode into lots of bullets.
* AttackDrone: Some of the weapon power-ups give your ship these.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: Most, if not all of the bosses are like this.
* BattleshipRaid: One level has you roaming around giant spaceships finding the core.
* BonusLevel: Every stage has a BonusLevel. They're inconspicuous and [[GuideDangIt incredibly hard to find]], though.
* BulletHell: On "Funny" difficulty.
* ChargedAttack: The "E" PowerUp allows for this when shooting.
* ChestMonster: A hidden stage accessible from the second stage is filled with power-up icons...that suddenly grow spikes and start shooting at you. You can tell them apart from real powerups if you notice that your shots don't pass through them.
* CombatTentacles: Many enemies and bosses use this on you.
* CombiningMecha: When you use your "R" SmartBomb, the {{Attack Drone}}s will merge together into a robot which proceeds to [[RammingAlwaysWorks move into the enemy]] for massive damage.
* TheComputerIsACheatingBastard: Enemies are exempt to DeadlyWalls, and their shots can pass through walls and floor. As for you... no such luck.
* CoversAlwaysLie: This one is the king of that trope, trying to invoke a SpaceWestern feel with the American box art. The developers admitted many years later that they chose such a bizarre image in order to make the game stand out amongst the glut of similar space shmups on the market at the time.
* DualBoss: The MiniBoss of the AsteroidThicket stage is an asteroid that splits into two organic halves, which you have to defeat separately.
* EasyModeMockery: If you beat the game on easy, the game mocks you to try Normal Difficulty instead of giving you the ending.
* ExcusePlot: There's aliens. Shoot them.
* ExplosiveBreeder: In the third stage, you have to fight a SegmentedSerpent. When defeated, its ''brain'' comes out, and that brain sure knows how to multiply quickly...
* [[ThreateningShark Everything Is Even Worse With Sharks]]: One of the {{Mini Boss}}es in the second stage is a shark-like machine.
* FlunkyBoss: The second-to-last boss sends out mini {{Spider Tank}}s that fire at the player. It gets very annoying.
* FrickinLaserBeams: The L weapon, which gives you {{Attack Drone}}s fires out piercing lasers. It can also fire behind the player character too!
* HarderThanHard: "[[IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels Funny]]" Difficulty.
* HighSpeedBattle: The cover art says "The Hyper-Speed Shoot-Out [[RecycledInSpace IN SPACE]]". Actually, that one ''does'' make sense in the seventh stage "Hyper Space", where you character is going through space really fast while shooting down multiple enemies.
* HomingProjectile: The "A" missile powerup, as well as the H weapon.
* IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels: The hardest difficulty is called "Funny"
* MercyInvincibility: Present in this game, thankfully. You also get a few seconds when you use some of the {{Smart Bomb}}s
* NintendoHard: Don't let the power bars fool you. This game is still comparably hard, even on Easy.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: The boss of the "Advertize Zone" could be a dragon of sorts.
* OutrunTheFireball: Once you beat the FinalBoss.
* RammingAlwaysWorks: One of your {{Smart Bomb}}s will merge your {{Attack Drone}}s into a robot that tries to touch the enemy. It's one the the strongest attacks you have, capable of downing a boss!
* SegmentedSerpent: The MiniBoss of the third stage, and one of the organic enemies in the final stage.
* SmartBomb: Depending on what weapon you have equipped, your SmartBomb will be different. You then lose the equipped weapon too, so plan wisely!
** [[ChargedAttack E]]: You unleash a devastating blast that hits the whole screen (like a typical SmartBomb)
** [[HomingProjectile H]]: You create a temporary orange shield around yourself. While gaining invincibility. It's best you ram your opponents when having this.
** [[FrickinLaserBeams L]]: Your {{Attack Drone}}s attach to you and spin around, firing shots in every direction. Unfortunately, it's quite weak.
** [[SpreadShot R]]: Your {{Attack Drone}}s [[CombiningMecha combine together]] into a small mech, which then tries to [[RammingAlwaysWorks constantly touch the enemy for massive damage]].
* SpreadShot: The "R" weapon, when fully powered up.
* TakingYouWithMe: On "[[HarderThanHard Funny]]" Difficulty, most regular Mooks will explode into no less than 3-4 suicide bullets!
* UnderwaterBossBattle: The second stage.
* WombLevel: The last level is implied to be this. It's not given an actual name, but it's entirely organic.