''Overlord: Minions'' is a 2009 puzzle video game developed by [[Creator/ClimaxGroup Climax Studios]] and published by Creator/{{Codemasters}} for the UsefulNotes/NintendoDS. It features the minions from the 2007 ''VideoGame/{{Overlord}}'' video game tasked with the mission to solve puzzles and fight enemies, controlled by the DS stylus. The minions can be controlled directly by the player, unlike the original game where the player controlled them by controlling an eponymous Overlord-character.

!!Overlord: Minions contains examples of the following tropes:

* BigBad: Silver, otherwise known as [[spoiler:Silas Silvanus the Dragonkin]]. [[spoiler: Unusual in that he dies before the birth of his stupider but more physically formidable child Tiberius.]]
* DraconicHumanoid: Most of them are dead before the game begins but Dragonkin once existed.
** [[spoiler:And the last of them is trying to use alchemy to breed them anew.]]
** [[spoiler:By the way, an Overlord killed them all.]]
* {{Expy}}: Grub is a redux of Melvin from the first game.
* ElementalPowers: The Minions more or less have this. The bosses are very nature based, literally appearing to be made out of natural substances but follow no set pattern of Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth.
* EliteMooks - Yes, you get some of these, too.
* EnemyCivilWar: Ash believes he can pull one of these off. You more or less wipe him out before he has a chance.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Grub is one of these.
* FatBastard: Grub.
* FesteringFungus: The first enemies you fight are villiagers with purple mushrooms growing on them. Like codrycepts, it turns them into TechnicallyLivingZombies.
* IHateYouVampireDad: Ash's reaction to Silver's plot to [[spoiler:create a new race of Dragonkin]].
* LightIsNotGood: Lady Opal and her paladins are just another set of minions for Silver.
* MightyGlacier: Duggen.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: They're all dead before the game begins but Dragons once existed.
* PeoplePuppets - Pretty much your role in this is to direct the minions via telepathy.
* RespawnPoint: The Spawn Pits scattered throughout the levels serve as such.
* StealthBasedMission: Sometimes, you need to use the Green Minion this way.