''One Piece Mansion'' is a UsefulNotes/PlayStation StrategyGame developed and published by Creator/{{Capcom}} in 2001.

[[TheProtagonist Polpo]] is a successful landlord that runs a mansion called One Piece. His sister gets abducted by [[BigBad Chocola]], the leader of an evil organization called 'Syndicate 5'. Polpo must complete all of Chocola's trials to free his sister.

Each tenant of your complex either relieves 'stress' or gives off stress, indicated by red or green arrows emanating from their room. You must organize rooms in a way that there is a balance of negative and positive stress. If a tenant gets too stressed out, their room [[StuffBlowingUp explodes]]. Members of Syndicate 5 will also force themselves in, and you must direct enough stress at them that they leave. The Syndicate 5 members may roam the complex, stealing things or setting things on fire, which can create more stress or make rooms blow up prematurely.

Not related to [[Franchise/OnePiece that one manga/anime with the pirates]].

!!This video game provides examples of:
* BathingBeauty: Florzon: "A sexy and alluring lady who loves taking long baths."
* CrazyCatLady: Osuzu: "A sweet but annoying cat loving older woman".
* LivingToys: Hinokio.
* MadDoctor: Ope.
* {{Ninja}}: Tobimaru: "A ninja master who needs to learn the fine art of stress management".
* PyroManiac: Durian.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Raspberry: "The only female in Syndicate 5".
* StoutStrength: Garuchanko, the sumo wrestler who trains in his room. He is constantly shown either training, eating, or patting his stomach.
* StuffBlowingUp: If a tenant gets too stressed out, their room explodes.