'''Nintendo World Championships''' was a video game on the [[NintendoEntertainmentSystem NES]] named after the competition of the same name, which in turn was based on the one in ''Film/TheWizard''. The cartridge contained three [=NES=] games.

* ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1''
* ''VideoGame/RadRacer''
* ''VideoGame/{{Tetris}}''

The game is considered extremely valuable due to its rarity and relative prominence for a rare game. 90 gray cartridges were given to the participants in the Nintendo World Championships, and 26 gold cartridges were given to the winners of a Magazine/NintendoPower giveaway.

The Championship Mode in ''VideoGame/NESRemix'' is a composite of this game and ''Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991'', replacing the ''Rad Racer'' and ''Tetris'' challenges of the former with the latter's ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'' and ''VideoGame/DrMario'' challenges.

!!This game contains examples of:
* CompilationRerelease: This game contains three NES games- however, they're only playable as far as being able to complete the competition challenges.
* EndGameResultsScreen: The game ends by tallying your individual scores to give your final results. It's justified due to its original use in a competition.
* MacGuffin: The gold cartridges that were offered as prizes for the Nintendo Power promotion serve as real life examples. Not all of them are accounted for.
* NoPlotNoProblem: ''Tetris'' does not have a plot, but it doesn't need one.
* SaveThePrincess: ''Super Mario Bros.'' is famous for this trope.