-->''"The part I feel most proud of is that we succeeded in affecting people without using words."''
-->--'''Yuji Naka'''

-->''"If there's one game I regret never creating, it was "[=NiGHTS=]".''

From the [[Creator/SonicTeam creators]] of ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' comes this series of thus far two video games[[note]]Plus a holiday-themed demo that has several special features.[[/note]] about a dream demon flying through a surreal DreamLand while fighting nightmares and helping children learn [[AnAesop Aesops]] by exploring their dreamscapes. NostalgiaFilter has turned the first one, released in 1996 on the SegaSaturn, into a legend in VideogameCulture, more or less. The second one, ''[=NiGHTS=]: Journey of Dreams'' for the {{Wii}} was released in 2007 after an 11-year gap, and suffers from a bit of UnexpectedGameplayChange.

On its sixteenth anniversary, July 5th, 2012, SEGA announced an HD remastered port of the original game (based off the [[NoExportForYou Japan-only]] PlayStation2 version) for XboxLiveArcade, [[PlayStationNetwork PlayStation Network]], and PC through {{Steam}}. You can watch the announcement trailer [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb_CJLofgPY here]]. The Christmas-themed ''Christmas [=NiGHTS=]'' was also added in remastered HD version as UnlockableContent for clearing the main game.

Features quite a bit of trippy and surreal (not to mention ''[[SceneryPorn beautiful]]'') art.

It also has a comic adaption in the late '90s, which can be found [[http://www.nightsintodreams.com/NiD/violet/comics/comics1.htm here]].

Wizeman and several Nightmarens appear in a PreOrderBonus level in ''VideoGame/SonicLostWorld'', where they team up with that game's [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Deadly Six]].

A [[Characters/NightsIntoDreams Character Sheet]] now exists.

!!This video game series provides examples of:
* AcidTripDimension: The boss fights from the first game take place in these.
* ActionGirl: Helen from ''Journey of Dreams'', especially when she [[spoiler:rescues Will]].
* AllEncompassingMantle: Jackle. Only it kind of... encompasses empty space. He also keeps his cards in there.
* AllJustADream: The entire premise of the series.
* AllThereInTheManual: The Japanese manuals give much more backstory than the US versions. There's also an official storybook that gives more information on the relationship between [=NiGHTS=] and Reala.
* AllWitchesHaveCats: Bomamba has a whole swarm of black cats. They're the source of her magic power.
* AndIMustScream: Before the Bellbridge level in Journey of Dreams, Owl warns the visitors that being tossed into the black sea that surrounds the HubLevel would most likely strip them of their Ideya, lock their consciousness in an eternal nightmare, and put them in a coma in the waking world. [[spoiler:When they are eventually forced into the sea by Wizeman, their will and their Red Ideya manage to spare them from this fate.]]
* AnimeHair: In the first game.
* AmbiguousGender: [=NiGHTS=], and fanfic writers take full advantage of this.
%%* [[spoiler:AndThenJohnWasAZombie: Averted]] in the second game.
* AsLongAsThereIsEvil: [[spoiler:Wizeman]] pulls this in the first ending of ''Journey of Dreams'', although [[spoiler:it's subverted in the true ending.]]
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: How [=NiGHTS=] is characterized in ''Journey of Dreams''.
* BadDreams: What the visitors in both games are trying to overcome.
* BraggingRightsReward: A Ranks.
* CatsAreMean: Clawz. Bomamba, to an extent, since the cats are her weapons [[spoiler:and her weakness]].
* CharacterTitle
* ChasingYourTail: Most of the bosses, and all of the flight stages.
* ChildPopstar:
** When you achieve the incomplete ending on Journey of Dreams, whoever you got it as sings the credit music.
** Helen herself employs the trope, being a skilled violinist.
* ChristmasEpisode / HolidayMode:
** ''Christmas [=NiGHTS=]'', a demo version of the game that would be affected by the Saturn's internal clock. Considered quite the collector's item nowadays, even though it was provided for free with certain magazines.
** The Steam version's title screen will go into "Christmas [=NiGHTS=]" or "Holiday [=NiGHTS=]" mode depending on the system calendar.
* ClockTower: This is the final "race" stage of ''Journey of Dreams'', and it precedes the final boss.
* ContinuityNod: Elliot and Claris can be unlocked for use in the HubLevel in the sequel.
* CrapsackWorld: Although never seen, Nightmare is implied to be this, being the inverse of Nightopia.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Claris (pink hair and eyes) and Elliot (blue hair and eyes).
* DarkReprise: The main theme from the games gets a makeover when the player gets a game over (a more melancholy song if the time runs out on a regular level, and a LastNoteNightmare when the player loses in a boss fight). The most well-known version of all is whenever the titular character fights Reala, with the refrain of these battles is an angry, fierce reprise of "Dreams Dreams". ''Another'' instance is the first few seconds of the final boss fight in the original game.
* [[spoiler:DisneyDeath: [=NiGHTS=]]] in ''Nights: Journey of Dreams''.
* DreamLand / {{Magicant}}: Nightopia, the game's main setting.
* EleventhHourSuperpower: The kids in both gain the ability to fly in the final stages. Dual NiGHTS during the final battle in both as well.
* EvilTwin / CainAndAbel: [=NiGHTS=] and Reala.
* {{Flight}}: An ability that [=NiGHTS=] possesses. As a matter of fact, a number of characters in the game are capable of flight.
* FoeYay: [[invoked]][=NiGHTS=] and Reala, with the latter seemingly making it a point of capturing the former every other level or so (and getting up close and personal about it).
* FriendlyEnemy: Sort of. [=NiGHTS=] expresses concern for Reala [[spoiler:when the other [[ISurrenderSuckers fakes an injury]] in ''Journey of Dreams'']], and the two apparently chat from time to time when they're not beating the crap out of each other.
* FusionDance: [=NiGHTS=] and the children work together by dualizing, granting NiGHTS certain benefits.
* GoKartingWithBowser: [=NiGHTS=] plays tennis with Reala in ''Sega Superstars Tennis'', and the two apparently have quite a bit of fun doing so.
* GoOutWithASmile: [[spoiler:[=NiGHTS=] in the true ending]].
* GreenHillZone: Splash Garden, Spring Garden, Aqua Garden, and Pure Valley.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:[=NiGHTS=] seemingly performs one of these to take out Wizeman for good during the true ending... only to be revealed as still alive in TheStinger.]]
* HubLevel: Dream Gate in ''Journey of Dreams''.
* KidHero: Claris, Elliot, Will, and Helen.
* TheLostWoods: Mystic Forest and Memory Forest.
* TheMaze: Crystal Castle.
* MonsterClown: Reala, Jackle, Donbalon, and possibly even [=NiGHTS=] itself qualify for this trope.
* MirrorBoss: Reala, especially during the first game.
* MorphicResonance: During the course of the two games, [=NiGHTS=] shapeshifts into a mermaid, a sleigh, a dolphin, a Chinese style dragon, a rocket, a boat, and a roller coaster. All of the forms keeps [=NiGHTS=]'s color scheme and, in a few cases, its ''face''.
%%* NinjaButterfly: Owl.
* NoBiologicalSex: [=NiGHTS=].
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Gillwing, a gigantic boss creature from the first game, with a ball-shaped body that's all mouth, evil eyes, and wings sprouting from his cheeks, and a long thin spike-ridged tail.
%%* TheOwlKnowingOne: Guess who.
* PassThroughTheRings: You do this to refill your dash gauge, with combos adding time on the clock -- and on top of that, it's the point of a few levels.
* PersonalSpaceInvader: The Awakers.
* PinballSpinoff: In ''VideoGame/SonicPinballParty'', of all places.
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: Claris (pink hair and eyes) and Elliot (blue hair and eyes).
* PlayingTennisWithTheBoss: The Reala battles in ''Journey of Dreams'' are more or less a game of dodgeball with explosions.
** Also, [=NiGHTS=] literally plays tennis with Reala in ''SegaSuperstars Tennis'', but that's more of an example of GoKartingWithBowser.
* PronounTrouble: [=NiGHTS=], whose androgyny causes a lot of people hiccups.
* PuzzleBoss: All of them, but ''especially'' [[ThatOneBoss Bomamba]].
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: [=NiGHTS=] and Reala are both implied to be this.
* RuleOfSymbolism: The games are made based on Jungian psychology, so they are full of archetypes and Personas as gameplay and story elements.
* RubberyWorld: Soft Museum.
* {{Sampling}}: The track "Gate of Your Dream", which plays during the character select screen, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg3AIvWCTcE&list=FLgz0A27NB8Jf0dJGF5GtDOA&index=625 samples clips from the film]] ''Film/HomeAlone''.
* SceneryPorn: Totally expected, considering [[Creator/SonicTeam who made the game]]. What especially makes this impressive is that the SegaSaturn had major trouble running most polygonal games, and it executes this game ''beautifully''.
* ShadowArchetype: NiGHTS is a rare positive example in fiction, embodying the positive traits of the protagonists that they've denied and suppressed due to their problems.
* ShiftingSandLand: Stick Canyon and Lost Park.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: Frozen Bell.
* SprintMeter: The Dash Meter.
* TimedMission: All of them.
* TricksterArchetype: [=NiGHTS=], of course.
* UpdatedRerelease: A remake with updated graphics came out in February 2008. [[NoExportForYou In Japan.]] An HD rerelease came out in October 2012. Globally.
* UpgradeArtifact: The Persona in ''Journey of Dreams''.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Invoked whenever anyone thinks [=NiGHTS=] has a gender at all.
* VillainousHarlequin: Reala, Jackle, Donbalon, and possibly [=NiGHTS=] at some point.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Reala is surprisingly absent from the ending of the second game, and the yellow Ideya is nowhere to be found.[[spoiler: Both are averted in the true ending.]]
* WidgetSeries