''Motocross Madness'' is a motocross racing computer game that was developed by now-defunct Rainbow Studios and published by MicrosoftStudios. It was released on August 14, 1998. A sequel, ''Motocross Madness 2'', was released in 2000 while an Xbox 360 revival featuring the platform's Avatars was released in 2013.


* BorderPatrol: They came packing some [[{{BFG}} serious heat]]. Maps were usually cordoned off within Insurmountable Valleys...except, for a [[{{Determinator}} determined]] player, they ''were'' surmountable. If you managed to climb up and ride more than a few feet into the vast flat wastelands outside the valley, you would get [[BlownAcrossTheRoom blasted away]] by an invisible cannon, and then comically plummet back to the stage to a [[BombWhistle stock "bomb dropping" sound effect]]. Arguably an instance of highly aggressive [[InvisibleWall Invisible Walls]].
* CoolBike
* GravityBarrier: See above.
* LevelEditor: The original ''Motocross Madness'' contained a separate track editor program that allowed users to make their own supercross tracks for use in the game. It even allowed for their tracks to cross over, allowing riders to jump over straightaways that they've either passed through before or haven't passed yet. However, it did not allow for the creation of any canyon-style supercross tracks.
* PressXToDie: Despite the "Big Kahuna Dumpster" trick (space bar) looking similarly to another one, it always threw the player off the bike.
* RacingGame