[[caption-width-right:274:[- [[SuperDeformed This version of Mega Man is utterly adorable.]]-] ]]

''VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp'' is a VideoGameRemake of [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 the first]] ''[[VideoGame/MegaManClassic Mega Man]]'' game, with everything made [[SuperDeformed ridiculously cute]], released for the {{PSP}}.

This game goes by the first game's story, a MadScientist known as Dr. Wily takes 8 robots (Go down the page for a better explanation) from the benevolent Dr. Light, and his Helper Robot, Mega, decides to become a battle robot to save his brothers.

The game is unique in it that you don't just get to play as Mega Man, and not just Proto Man, but ''[[PromotedToPlayable every Robot Master in the first game]]'', as well as Roll. The game also throws in many extras, including a "Classic Mode" (which recreates the original layouts of the stages in the games format, and even reuses the original music), a challenge mode, and even a level editor.

Robot Masters:
* DLN-003: Cut Man, weak to Super Arm, gives you [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang Rolling]] [[AbsurdlySharpBlade Cutter]]
* DLN-004: Guts Man, weak to Time Slow, gives you [[SuperStrength Super]] [[RocksFallEveryoneDies Arm]]
* DLN-005: Ice Man, weak to Hyper Bomb, gives you [[AnIcePerson Ice Slasher]]
* DLN-006: Bomb Man, weak to Rolling Cutter, gives you [[HavingABlast Hyper Bomb]]
* DLN-007: Fire Man, weak to Ice Slasher, gives you [[PlayingWithFire Fire Storm]]
* DLN-008: Elec Man, weak to Oil Slider, gives you [[ShockAndAwe Thunder Beam]]
* DLN-00A: Time Man, weak to Thunder Beam, gives you [[BulletTime Time Slow]]
* DLN-00B: Oil Man, weak to Fire Storm, gives you [[SlipperySkid Oil Slider]]

Suffice to say, the game received much acclaim when it was released, but due to a combination of the {{PSP}} getting off to a slow start, as well as fans being alienated by the chibi art style, the game flopped in sales, axing any plans to release further remakes of the {{NES}} Mega Man games.

Compare ''VideoGame/MegaManMaverickHunterX'', a remake of [[VideoGame/MegaManX1 the first game]] in the ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series, which is also for the {{PSP}}.

!!This game provides examples of:

* HundredPercentCompletion: To get this in your New Style Mode file, you'd have to clear ''every'' stage on ''every'' difficulty as ''every'' character! There are also Construction Packs to collect in order to expand the Construction Mode.
* AdaptationExpansion: But not by much, they added an intro stage, two new robot masters (Oil Man and Time Man), and another fortress boss.
* AIBreaker: Guts Man is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o1RosfnTIk pretty good at this.]]
* AnotherSideAnotherStory: Most of them work on the premise of Dr. Wily rejecting one of the bosses from reprogramming.
* AmbiguouslyGay: Elec Man seems to be. Although his interest in Roll implies that he's CampStraight.
* BadassBaritone: Proto Man is strangely voiced this way.
* BigBulkyBomb: Bomb Man's DesperationAttack takes this form.
* BossBanter
* BossRush: The Challenge Mode has these, though the only boss left out is the WarmUpBoss.
* BossWarningSiren: The game had this, despite not being present in the other games from the classic series.
* {{Bowdlerise}}: Oil Man's color scheme was changed when brought out of Japan.
* CastingGag[=/=]RoleReprisal: The voice actors from Creator/TheOceanGroup voice act for this game...and they voice acted for the [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan Ruby Spears TV show]] several years ago!
* CloningBlues: Done in everybody's story mode, and can also be done ''literally''.
** CameBackWrong: All of the Robot Masters you face in Castle Wily have off colour palettes, have different, noticeably glitched voice quotes during battle, have Wily's logo in their health bars instead of their mugshots, and there are no bits of dialogue before those fights. When creating one's own stages, if the player is playing as a Robot Master and ''that'' paticular Robot Master is also the boss set for the stage, then the boss will have the same off colour palette and Wily logo as the refight in Castle Wily.
* ClockKing: Time Man, in a sense.
* [[ColourCodedTimestop Colour Coded Time Slow]]: Everything turns a shade of purple when time slows down.
* ContinuityNod: Proto Man's (Clone) strategy is the same as in Mega Man 3, jump around, and when he reaches the ground, shoot three times, repeat.
* ContinuitySnarl: A few parts in this game seem to become this. Proto Man says he has an unstable Nuclear Core, but this is in the first game, so it's actually an unstable ''solar'' core.
** Than again, this was supposed to be the be a retelling of the ''VideoGame/MegaManClassic'' story per Keiji Inafune's design, so perhaps this was done on purpose.
** Time Man and Oil Man could also be seen as this.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: If you defeat the Robot Masters as Mega Man [[CherryTapping with]] ''[[CherryTapping just]]'' [[CherryTapping the Mega Buster]], Mega Man will bring the damaged, but still functional Master back home so Dr. Light can reprogram him. You can then play as them. Using any other weapon will destroy them.
* DigAttack: One of Guts Man's attacks is to dig into the ground, then jump out from under the player carrying a Guts Block. He only uses this attack in New Style Mode, and only if the difficulty isn't set to "Easy". In "Hard", he does this three times in a row, the first two times immediately throwing the Guts Block upon surfacing.
* DownloadableContent: From Roll to her costumes.
** Proto Man was also made this for anyone who couldn't beat Challenge Mode
* EasyModeMockery: You don't get to fight Wily Machine's second form in Easy Mode, nor do you get to see him beg for mercy. He simply flies away in his capsule, laughing out "[[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Maybe next time!]]", and the regular stage clear theme plays instead of the game clear theme. The rest of the ending is unchanged, however.
* ElementalRockPaperScissors: It's a Mega Man game, so this is a given, though switched around for the two new Robot Masters.
* TheEndOrIsIt: Played almost completely straight in the ending, saying that Dr. Wily is ready to work for a peaceful tomorrow, but the ending says, "Or so it seems...", and given that he's feigned mercy several times in the original games...
** Unfortunately, due to low sales of this title, [[WhatCouldHaveBeen no further installments in the series were made...]]
* EvilCounterpart: The Evil Clone from the first game returns, but it's the robot you play as that's copied, and, oddly, their personalities are completely different from the ones they've been created from, an example would be that Ice Man's doesn't have FunnySchizophrenia, Proto Man's seems more carefree and less self conscious, and Elec Man's counterpart has less IncestIsRelative moments, as well as not having the ridiculously conceited voice that the ''real'' one has.
** Some lines suggest that it's the same AI every time, and it's simply the body that's changing.
* EvilTwin: What "Mega Man?" seems to be.
* FinalExamBoss: Dr. Wily himself in the Normal and Hard difficulties. The Copy Robot's Mega Man form could count as well.
* ForGreatJustice[=/=]JusticeWillPrevail: This makes up about half of Fire Man's dialogue. The other half consists of fire puns.
* FreudianExcuse: The reason Time Man's such an arrogant prick is because of self-esteem issues involving his status as an unfinished robot.
** Proto Man seems to have this as well. It's implied he ran away from home as Dr. Light activated him before fixing his power core. When he meets Time Man, he ain't happy Dr. Light pulled this again.
* FunSize: The art style of the robots.
* FunnySchizophrenia: Ice Man, when evil, seems to grapple with this. Normally he's a dutiful military bot. When evil, a ''[[IncrediblyLamePun Private]]'' part of him seems reluctant to fight you, but it's fought off by a more ''[[IncrediblyLamePun General]]'' refusal to deviate from the mission. [[GeneralRipper Which mostly involves shooting you.]]
** Not just when he's evil, either way, he still has the split personality. Oddly, his EvilCounterpart doesn't seem to have this quirk.
* GenreSavvy: When Fireman fights his EvilTwin, the double attempts to invoke a BreakingSpeech on him. It completely [[IncrediblyLamePun backfires]], much to its frustration, when Fireman realizes that someone has actually gone through the trouble to clone him, and that ''must'' mean he's a ''real hero'' now!
* HamToHamCombat: Fire Man VS Fire Man. FIRE! FIRE! REALLY COOKIN'! ON FIRE! FIRE!
* HotBlooded: Fire Man, obviously.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Roll, whose weapons include a broom, candy canes, fish, a bug-catching net, an umbrella and more.
* IncestIsRelative: Well, Roll seems to have feelings for Mega. The conversation with her and her EvilTwin seems to show this.
-->'''Copy Roll:''' How do you do, Original Roll? I bet you're worrying about your precious Mega. Ha ha ha...\\
'''Roll:''' What?! I...but t-that's not what I'm thinking at all!!\\
'''Copy Roll:''' You and I are one in the same. I know everything about you. It's OK, I'll tell him for you...or are you going to try and stop me...?
** And the JiveTurkey Oil Man gives us:
--->'''Oil Man:''' [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything What's up Roll? If you came for a refill, you came to the right place]]!\\
'''Roll:''' [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything I don't need]] ''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything THAT]]''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything ! And more importantly, your punishment for behaving like this is one week without oil!]]
** And then there's this line to Roll:
--->'''Elec Man:''' Those eyes...they're so mesmerizing...even more than a million volts of electricity...
*** Elec Man also uses the term "a million watts" in referral to Fire Man which has [[AmbiguouslyBi interesting implications.]]
--->'''Elec Man:''' That light of a million watts... To have to extinguish it... No, I must for your sake. I can't hesitate now!
** Lets not forget this wonderful line from Proto Man to Ice Man:
--->Ice Man...This might be a little painful, but hang in there...
*** It doesn't help (or helps greatly) that Ice Man's reaction to this is state that his commander will "have his hide" if he fails.
** When playing as Roll, Bomb Man also hits on her. I guess when you're the only girl...
* InconsistentDub: Mega Man's civilian name was changed to Mega in this game. This does makes sense from the standpoint of Rock -> Rockman therefore Mega -> Mega Man, but Mega Man's civilian name had always been Rock ever since the original game, and "Mega" doesn't fit with the MusicalThemeNaming with Roll.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Several of the Robot Masters sentences usually have 3 or more puns.
** Ice Man's personality is more or less an IncrediblyLamePun off of Bi-''polar'' Syndrome.
** Fire Man is already noted to be ''hot''-blooded.
** Oil Man could be described as ''slick''.
* JiveTurkey: Oil Man.
* LargeHam: Elec Man has traits of this.
** Fire Man's an even larger ham. "''JUSTICE WINS!''"
** And Dr. Wily is rather large ham too.
* {{Leitmotif}}: The Fortress Boss tune becomes Wily's, although it's much slower and quieter.
* LetsPlay: One is done by LetsPlay/AzureBlade49
* LevelEditor: This is the only official game outside of [[GameMod ROM hacks]] that lets you create your own levels.
* LighterAndSofter: The original ''VideoGame/MegaMan1'' was already fairly lighthearted, but ''Powered Up'' makes it seem even more so.
* LukeYouAreMyFather: In Proto Man's story, he subtly implies he was indeed created (or at least modified) by Dr. Wily.
* MirrorBoss: The Copy Robot.
* MythologyGag: There was also an Oil Man in the infamous ''[[CanonDiscontinuity Mega Man 3 (DOS)]]'' for the PC.
* TheNicknamer: The Copy Robot gives nicknames for everyone but Oil Man. It even calls Mega Man "Blue Bomber".
* NintendoHard: Unsurprisingly, because it's a remake, it's not as hard as the first game, but it ''is'' still hard.
* NostalgiaLevel: The game contains an Old Style Mode, which emulates the level design and gameplay with the Powered Up game engine as closely as possible, right down to the original NES soundtrack.
* OutsideTheBoxTactic: Using the surfboard function of the Oil Slider delivers massive damage to [=CWU-O1P=]'s bubble barrier.
* PromotedToPlayable: The other robots.
** You can also gain Mega Man's powers from later in the series, specifically unlocking Mega Man S(lide) and Mega Man C(harge). (Translation: Mega Man from 3) The Slide version is mostly useless except as a combat tactic, as there are no levels designed with it in mind, but the Charge version is devastatingly overpowered.
* PsychoElectro: Elec Man has shades of this.
-->'''Elec Man:''' Mmm...to watch my beautiful bolts fly to the top of your head...to hear your delightful shrieks...
** This applies even when he's the ''good'' guy. He sounds a bit ''too'' excited just before he fights Wily.
* PyroManiac: [[CaptainObvious Fire Man]]. Almost every single line he gives has "Fiiiiiire!" somewhere in it.
* {{Retraux}}: You can download scenery packs of the original NES stages for the Construction Packs, even NES versions of Time Man and Oil Man's stages! (Unfortunately, no NES renditions of the Time Man and Oil Man songs play in these stages.)
** Also, the bosses have a "Classic" difficulty setting for Challenge modes where their AI is made as similar as possible to their original NES counterparts. They also have the NES Boss music playing when fighting them, and the rooms between boss fights have the [[CallForward "Item Get" theme from Mega Man 2]] playing in them.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: This ''is'' still a Mega Man game, you know.
* RuleOfCool: With the Oil Slider, you can jump on oil you've just shot, and it turns into your own surf board.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: Proto Man again. Oil Man also has a scarf, and his dialogue with Proto Man has him bragging about both of them having scarves. An additional thing to note is that Oil Man's scarf is later used in the [[ComicBook/MegaMan Archie Comics]] adaptation to hide the UncleTomfoolery concepts.
* SequelHook: The aforementioned TheEndOrIsIt.
* ShoutOut: Plenty to [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan the old Ruby-Spears TV Show]], such as an evil Robot in a scarf trying to tempt the good guys into joining Dr. Wily.
** The manner in which the CWU-01P says "E-li-mi-nate" sounds like a NeverSayDie variant of the Daleks' "Ex-ter-mi-nate."
*** In Hard Mode, Time Man gains the ability to dodge most projectiles that don't directly hit his head (sans the Thunder Beam) while time is slowed down. [[TheMatrix Sound]] [[BulletTime familiar]]?
* ShownTheirWork: Elec Man respects how much energy Fire Man puts out in Watts. Anyone who has taken a basic science lesson knows that heat energy is measured in Joules. However, you CAN measure a flame's Heat Release Rate (HRR) in Watts since a Watt equals a release rate of one Joule a second.
* SmugSuper: Elec Man has traits of ''this'' too.
-->'''Elec Man:''' I win, naturally.
** Time Man too, due to his aforementioned FreudianExcuse.
--->'''Time Man:''' I am perfection.
* StealthPun: Ice Man has a bi''polar'' disorder...
** Elec Man's stage music includes an ''electric'' guitar solo.
** Time Man's stage is rife with time puns. For one, the whole stage is basically an obstacle course in ''timing.''
*** It also includes sections where you have to navigate past a series of ''time'' bombs.
** [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway Oil Man VS...anyone.]]
*** Oil Man's ''slick'' personality could count as one.
* TheStoic: If Guts Man is evil, he still retains a recognizable DumbMuscle personality. However, if he resists Wily's programming, he's arguably the most calm and level headed of the robots. Of course, that won't stop him from pounding the opposition into the pavement.
* SuddenlyFluentInGibberish: Ice Man apparently can understand the Yellow Devil.
-->'''Yellow Devil:''' Bumo... Bumomomo! Bumomo Bumomomomo Bumo!\\
'''Ice Man:''' Hmm, hmm, I see... But I also have my own mission... I can not allow you to derail me.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Fire Man gets these when about to face Ice Man (even when the player is playing as Fire Man himself) and Roll (who naturally gets scared at the sight of them).
* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: Mega Man let's it be known that he's "really angry" when facing Dr. Wily as the FinalBoss.
* ThisIsUnforgivable: Before the final battle, Mega Man tells Dr. Wily, "I won't forgive you for this!"
* TheUnintelligible: The Yellow Devil, who speaks in nothing but variations of "Bumomomomo!" Cut Man hilariously tries to speak to him in this way, only to get him angry, but since we never have any idea what was actually said, you might chalk this one up as a NoodleIncident variant. Plus, Yellow Devil says the same thing no matter what.
* [[ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman This Looks Like A Job For Oil Man]]: Every stage has been carefully redesigned so that all of the Robot Masters can pass them. There are even alternate paths created specifically for them to take in the eight main levels, most of them holding Construction Packs.
* TitleScream
* UncleTomfoolery: Again, Oil Man.
* WarmUpBoss: Incredulously, it's a KingMook version of the BossInMookClothing. Irony!
* WhatIf: What if Wily skipped over kidnapping one of the other Robot Masters?
* [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway What Kind of Lame Power is Shooting Oil, Anyway?]]: You can shoot oil with the Oil Slider weapon...but you can only shoot one shot at a time, making the ability useless, also amping the difficulty for Oil Man's story [[UpToEleven up by 11]].
* WorthyOpponent:
** Elec Man, while still being conceited, seems to respect Fire Man and isn't condescending to him like he is to other Robot Masters. He respects how much power he puts out in terms of Watts which a case of Fridge Brilliance and ShownTheirWork.
** Fire Man, in turn, respects Bomb Man for their shared pyromania (albeit in different forms).