[[caption-width-right:320:Mega Man and Rush, with Duo in the back.]]

''VideoGame/MegaMan8'' is a PlayStation and SegaSaturn video game, released in 1997. [[MilestoneCelebration It was made to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the series]], as well as give the [[PowerCopying old school]] formula a new coat of 32-bit paint.

The plot begins when a duo of fighting alien robots crash-land into Dr. Wily's island base. Mega Man promptly arrives in time to save one of them, while Wily steals a strange source of energy from the wreckage of the other robot. After mowing down four of Wily's latest Robot Masters, Dr. Light finishes repairing the alien robot, named Duo, who soon after escapes, leading Mega Man in chase, only for him to nearly be killed by one of Wily's mecha, although Duo saves him in time. Duo reveals that Wily has been using "Evil Energy," a corrupting source of energy that he acquired from the robot Duo was fighting earlier, and that it must be destroyed lest it corrupt the earth in its entirety.

Robot Masters:
* DWN-057: Tengu Man, weak to Ice Wave, gives [[TornadoMove Tornado Hold]]
* DWN-058: Astro Man, weak to Homing Sniper, gives [[ColonyDrop Astro Crush]]
* DWN-059: Sword Man, weak to Water Balloon, gives [[FlamingSword Flame Sword]]
* DWN-060: Clown Man, weak to Tornado Hold, gives [[ShockAndAwe Thunder]] [[GrapplingHookPistol Claw]]
* DWN-061: Search Man, weak to Flame Sword, gives [[HomingProjectile Homing]] [[MacrossMissileMassacre Sniper]]
* DWN-062: Frost Man, weak to Flash Bomb, gives [[AnIcePerson Ice Wave]]
* DWN-063: Grenade Man, weak to Thunder Claw, gives the [[ChainReactionDestruction Flash Bomb]]
* DWN-064: Aqua Man, weak to Astro Crush, gives the [[MakingASplash Water Balloon]]

All in all, the game was a modest hit in both critical and commercial success, although it didn't get the same attention as the hit ''VideoGame/MegaManX4''. Regardless, it would be many, many years before a true Classic Mega Man continuation, ''VideoGame/MegaMan9'', would pop up.

It would later receive a [[SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem SNES]] spin-off called ''VideoGame/MegaManAndBass'' in 1998.

A fan-made 8-bit remake of this game also exists, and can be found online.

Not to be confused with ''VideoGame/MegaMan8BitDeathmatch''.

* AffablyEvil[=/=]NobleDemon: Sword Man. Right off the bat, he tells Mega Man that's there {{nothing personal}} between him and the Blue Bomber (he's simply following orders from Wily), that he's not going to hold anything back in battle, and that [[LetsFightLikeGentlemen he expects a fair fight]]. In battle, he even takes his time to ''[[CombatCompliment commend]]'' Mega Man. On top of this, he [[SwordPlant plants his blade into the ground]] and leans upon it as if it were a cane, and, if that weren't enough, the dub tries to reinforce this image by giving Sword Man [[IAmVeryBritish a polite and sophisticated]] UsefulNotes/{{British accent|s}}.
--> (''if Mega Man successfully dodges Fire Slash'') "Impressive."
--> (''upon defeat'') "Nice shot."
* TheAhnold: Frost Man evokes this one in the dub due to his accent.
* AlternativeForeignThemeSong: The game uses very different instrumental [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6YaUefm4bw opening]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sZijF0_W8E closing]] themes in the English version. Compare to the original Japanese themes, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVs0z-VNnFI "Electrical Communication"]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcRp7fEpN6A "Brand New Way."]]
* AssistCharacter: The Rush Jet levels, where power-ups can summon Eddie, Beat, and (for the first, and so far only, time he's ever went out into battle) Auto to your side.
* BeneathTheEarth: Where Wily's latest Skull Castle resides.
* {{BFS}}: The sword outfitted on Sword Man was stolen from an ancient museum in a heist by Wily. However, it was so heavy that Wily had to implement an anti-gravity device on Sword Man's upper half, allowing both parts of his body to function separately of one another. This is how he is able to perform [[SpinAttack Fire Slash]].
* BigDamnHeroes: Duo saves Mega Man ''twice'' from getting killed by Wily.
* BigWhat: Bass lets one of these out every time he takes damage in his battle against Mega Man in Wily Tower 3.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Sword Man.
* BonusBoss: [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 Cut Man]] and [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Wood Man]] both appear as mini-bosses in the SegaSaturn version of the game.
* BossBanter: Good Lord. Easily the chattiest bunch of Robot Masters around (then again, none of the other main titles in the Classic series had voice acting...), they're also good contenders for the noisiest ''Mega Man'' bosses in series' history.
* BossRush: Pops up in Wily Tower near its end, as per usual. The BGM for the stage is even a remix of the Robot Master pre-fight theme.
* BubblyClouds: Tengu Man's stage.
* CallingYourAttacks: The Robot Masters do so in this one. In a half-subversion, Mega Man will sometimes yell "Power Shot!" when firing off a Charge Shot. Other bosses like Duo and Bass, while not name dropping any of their attacks, will utter phrases to signify their next move.
* CampGay: Aqua Man, but you can call him "Handsome Guy!!" And this is after striking a pose and shooting a geyser of water out from his head that spells his name out with the resulting [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows rainbow]]. Subtlety was never this guy's strong suit.
** Clown Man, too. "See you in my dreams!"
* ColdSniper[=/=]FriendlySniper: Search Man. [[MultipleHeadCase It's a bit hard to tell.]]
* ColonyDrop: Astro Man's Astro Crush, which summons a swarm of meteors to annihilate everything on screen.
* ContinuityCameo: See ShoutOut below.
* ContinuityNod: Cut Man and Wood Man, who appear in the Saturn version as additional bosses, are believed to be the other Robot Masters stolen from the Robot Museum alongside Guts Man in ''VideoGame/MegaMan7''.
* CoolBike: For the first time, Rush is able to assume the form of one.
* TheCorruption: The "Evil Energy."
* CurbStompBattle: Mega Man is powerless against Wily's Gorilla mecha, but Duo effortlessly mows him down.
* CutsceneBoss: See above.
* DemotedToExtra: Bass. Mega Man fights him briefly during the opening cutscene, but he's not seen again until near the end of the game, showing up as a mini-boss of the third Wily level, after which he disappears from the game entirely. This gets stranger when you remember that [[spoiler:Bass used a container of Evil Energy--which Duo came to Earth to eradicate--to augment his Treble Boost]].
* DesperationAttack: Most, but not all of the Robot Masters have overdrive attacks they initiate when they're low on health.
* DeusExitMachina: Duo isn't really allowed to do much in the story despite being shown as one of the strongest robots to date in the Classic series. He spends the first half of the game out of commission, can't do much more than track down Evil Energy in the second due to barriers around Wily's fortress that Mega Man must disable, and only appears at the finale to save Mega Man's life twice.
* DisneyDeath: Rush.
* DownTheDrain: In an optional sidepath in the intro stage. You'll find two bolts hidden here if you bother to traverse it.
* DubNameChange: Tengu Man's "Yama Arashi" move (or "Kamaitachi", see GratuitousJapanese below) is actually named "Kamikaze" ("godly/divine wind").
* DumbMuscle: Frost Man makes ''Guts Man'' look intelligent.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Contrary to popular belief, Duo did not debut in this game, [[MarthDebutedInSmashBros but first popped up in the arcade game]] ''Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters'', which pulled a RememberTheNewGuy to generate buzz for his chronological debut here.
* ElectricTorture: Wily's Gorilla mecha uses this to try and kill Mega Man.
* ElmuhFuddSyndwome: Dr. Light suffers from this in the English dub.
* EternalEngine: Grenade Man's stage.
* EvilCounterpart: The unnamed robot from which the Evil Energy originated mirrors Duo's original body in appearance, right down to sporting TheRightHandOfDoom as opposed to Duo's [[TheSouthpaw giant left arm]].
* EvilIsNotAToy: [[spoiler:The Evil Energy possessing Mega Man in the finale wasn't a part of Wily's schemes; in fact, you could argue that he was genuinely surprised when it happened.]]
* {{Fanfare}}: The classic "Boss Selected" music pops up again, as does the victory jingle.
* FightingClown: Clown Man is a literal example.
* FireIceLightning: Sword Man, Frost Man, Clown Man; respectively.
* FlamingSword: The [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Flame Sword]].
* GrapplingHookPistol: Aside of attacking/stunning enemies and reflecting Grenade Man's Flash Bombs back at him, Thunder Claw allows Mega Man to swing across chasms using designated grapple points.
* GratuitousJapanese: One of Tengu Man's attacks, the Kamaitachi (a ball of {{razor wind}}), is called out in Japanese. This might sound like gibberish at first, but it's actually a BilingualBonus: the kamaitachi is a weasel-like yokai from Japanese folkore (much like the tengu) capable of producing winds that were strong enough to cut.
* GuideDangIt: You can actually kick the Mega Ball at a higher angle if you hold up while kicking it. The game never tells you this, and it makes fighting the first Wily boss a whole lot easier (if he shows up on one of the inner two parts, standing in the middle and kicking it upwards will hit him every time, as opposed to trying to get it to ricochet the right way).
* HomingProjectile: Homing Sniper. It is one of the few Special Weapons in the original series that can be {{charged|Attack}}, although this simply allows Mega Man to lock-on to more targets.
* HumongousMecha: Wily's Gorilla mecha midway through the game.
* HypocriticalHumor: Sword Man's CD file in ''Mega Man & Bass'' states that he hates faulty swords. Sword Man's sword has no edges.
* ImAHumanitarian: Robot example in Frost Man. Upon facing Mega Man, he claims that he's going to turn the Blue Bomber into a popsicle ([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakig%C5%8Dri kakigori]] in the Japanese version).
* JungleJapes: Search Man's stage.
* LovableCoward[=/=]LoverNotAFighter[=/=]ShrinkingViolet: While he was modified for combat, the easily-flustered Astro Man is still not the most reliable of units. He spends his battle suffering from an anxiety attack, whining as you whittle away his health, and, finally, exasperatedly proclaims "Good grief!" upon his demise.
* MadBomber: Grenade Man, full stop. He [[PutTheLaughterInSlaughter cackles like a loon]] throughout the fight, he blows up the floor at one point, and he actually seems to ''[[CombatSadomasochist enjoy]]'' being hit by his own bombs! Never mind him belting out "THAT FELT GOOD!" as he explodes.
* MadeOfEvil: The Evil Energy.
* MilestoneCelebration
* MultipleHeadCase: [[TalkingToThemself Search Man.]]
* OhCrap: Astro Man's reaction when you lock on to him with the Homing Sniper.
* OddballInTheSeries: For many gameplay reasons, and for being the only core original series game not to debut on a Nintendo system.
* PowerGlows: Duo glows blue. His opposite number and those who draw upon Evil Energy (most notably, Bass) glow purple/fuchsia.
* PressXToNotDie: The "Jump, Jump, Slide Slide!" segments of Frost Man's stage, and later Wily Tower 1.
* RiseToTheChallenge: In a section of Astro Man's level, Mega Man has to ascended a collapsing tower steadily sinking into the sand.
* RollingAttack: Clown Man's Thunder Carnival.
* ShoutOut:
** The rotting remains of the Dragon Boss from ''VideoGame/MegaMan2'' can be spotted in the intro stage.
** The intro movie is one huge ShoutOut [[ContinuityNod to all of the previous games in the series]], with numerous Robot Masters and fortress bosses from ''1''-''7'' [[ContinuityCavalcade making an appearance]].
** One of Grenade Man's opening lines is [[Film/{{Scarface 1983}} "Say hello to my cute little bombs!"]]
* ShowsDamage: {{Downplayed|Trope}}; like in ''7'', all Robot Masters barring [[CombatSadomasochist Grenade Man]] will react negatively to their [[ElementalRockPaperScissors weaknesses]], momentarily leaving them incapacitated. [[note]] Tengu Man's legs are frozen in place by Ice Wave, forcing him to struggle free for a second or two; Astro Man and his orbs drop to the ground from Homing Sniper; Sword Man is stunned by Water Balloon, causing his body to emit steam; Clown Man's long arms are wrapped up by Tornado Hold; Search Man goes ablaze thanks to Flame Sword; Frost Man is knocked back and covers his eyes, having been temporarily blinded by Flash Bomb; and Aqua Man's water tank on his head is shattered by Astro Crush, which causes him to take a few seconds repairing it. [[/note]] A lot of this falls under LogicalWeakness, but not every case is readily apparent at first.
* SmugSuper: Tengu Man. In his two of his four pre-fight quotes, he writes off Mega Man with either "It's {{just a kid}}. Don't make me laugh" or "Kid, you're almost not worth the effort". One of his taunts during battle is "Feel my power!" and his death cry is a mere "It's regrettable." In fact, he's so boastful of his power that he comes back [[VideoGame/MegaManAndBass in the next game]] (alongside Astro Man, oddly enough) to settle the score. {{Tengu}} are known for their incredible martial arts skills and their excessive pride.
* SpeedEchoes: One of Grenade Man's attacks is a dashing tackle that gives off this effect.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: With GratuitousJapanese above, be it Tengu Man's move "Kamaitachi" or "Yama Arashi" is left to the viewer. "Yama Arashi" is loosely translated as "Wind/Tornado descending from the Mountain." It is even used as a name of Judo Technique by legendary Judo-ka Sanshiro Sugata.
* SpinToDeflectStuff: Tornado Hold can be used as a makeshift barrier against certain attacks.
* TempleOfDoom: Sword Man's stage, combined with LethalLavaLand.
* TornadoMove: Tengu Man has Tornado Hold, which throws a spinning blade that generates a tornado. If this gets Mega Man, it traps him and allows Tengu Man to follow up with a MeteorMove.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange: The snowboard segments in Frost Man's level (both parts) and Wily Fortress 1. If ''Mega Man 8'' is notorious for anything, it is [[TwoWordsObviousTrope these four words]]: '''JUMP JUMP! SLIDE SLIDE!!'''
* UnexpectedSHMUPLevel: The Rush Jet sections in Tengu Man's level as well as the second Fortress level.
* UpdatedRerelease: The SegaSaturn version, released shortly after the PlayStation version, added [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 Cut Man]] as a BonusBoss in the intermission stage and [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Wood Man]] as a MiniBoss in Search Man's stage, and also added several bonus galleries.
* UtilityWeapon: The Tornado Hold can be used to lift Mega Man up to a higher platform. The Thunder Claw can be used to grab onto bars. The Astro Crush can be used to destroy a section of Aqua Man's stage, causing water to fill the area.
* VillainousHarlequin: Clown Man.
* WalkDontSwim: The only (official [[note]]''Mega Man 3'' for DOS did it first[[/note]]) game that averts this [[SuperNotDrowningSkills by having Mega Man actually swim]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The Evil Robot that Duo fights at the beginning of the game never appears in the plot again. It appears to have burned up in the atmosphere (unlike Duo, who was heavily damaged), [[BiggerBad but its presence can be felt in that of the Evil Energy.]]