A Capcom action/adventure game with platforming and hack 'n slash elements, inspired by the infamous ''VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins'' series.

The original game (subtitled ''Ghosts to Glory'' Stateside) begins with Maximo, a handsome and valiant knight returning home from war. He soon discovers that his beloved kingdom is in utter shambles, as his advisor, Achille, took over the kingdom while Maximo was away and forced Maximo's betrothed (Sophia) to marry him. Achille also got his hands on some very dangerous black magic and is now having a Giant Drill bore its way into the earth, causing some ill effects on the underworld--the souls of the dead are rising from the grave as either skeleton warriors or being absorbed by Collector Statues to be transferred to Achille.

Maximo, rightfully angry at Achille, tries to attack him, only to be killed by a devastating magickal bolt, sending him falling through Limbo. However, the local Grim Reaper appears before him with a deal--Grim will not claim Maximo's soul if he agrees to goes back to the living world and stop Achille's wicked goals. And so, with his trusty sword, armor and shield, Maximo will fight through a horde of undead to take back his kingdom...and Sophia.

The sequel, ''Maximo [[VersusTitle Vs. the Army of Zin]]'', focuses on Maximo coming into conflict with said army, [[{{Magitek}} a robot horde]] [[SealedEvilInACan long thought sealed away.]]
!This game provides examples of:
* OneUp: Hearts.
* {{Animesque}}: Programmed by western developers, character design drawn by veteran Japanese airbrush artist Susumu Matsushita.
* BalefulPolymorph: In ''Ghosts to Glory'' sometimes a wizard enemy will pop out of a chest and shoot magic bolts as Maximo. If Maximo is hit he'll either be transformed into a baby or an old man, unable to do anything until it wears off.
* BigBad: Evil King Achille.
* ChestMonster: Wizards and Mimics. Wizards invoke a BalefulPolymorph on you, Mimics just try to eat you.
* ClothingDamage: Well, armor damage as Maximo loses health, to the point where he's running around in his undies.
* ContinuingIsPainful
* DemBones: Most of the undead enemies you fight.
* DevelopmentHell: The first game spent ''forever'' in design, to the point that when ''VideoGame/MediEvil'' came out, they were forced to scrap several levels. ''Medievil'' was a Playstation ''One'' game.
* DieChairDie / RewardingVandalism
* DontFearTheReaper: Grim may enjoy the reaping part a bit too much, but it becomes rather clear that he does care about the souls he's been put in charge of.
* FlamingSword: The Flametongue enchantment.
* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: [[spoiler:'Sophia']].
* FurBikini: One of the sorceresses wears a tiger striped bikini.
* GameOverMan: If you run out of continues, you still see the GrimReaper. Unfortunately, instead of bringing you back to life like he does when you've got a Coin, he slashes you with his scythe while cackling maniacally... Cue FadeToWhite.
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: By default, Maximo has heart-printed boxers (which you will see when his armor is destroyed), but he can buy other kinds of boxers, like cow-print or monogram.
** In the second game, different boxers give him different powers.
* TheGrimReaper: Grim, who sends Maximo on his quest because, well, Grim is out of job if there's no more dead for him to handle. [[PromotedToPlayable He helps you]] [[SuperMode more directly]] in the sequel.
* GuideDangIt: Pick a boss...
* AnIceSuit: Aurora Lee, the ice sorceress, wears a blue coat trimmed with [[PrettyInMink white fur]].
* IdleAnimation: Maximo has several wait animations--and some are world-specific (he'll shiver in ice levels and wipe his brow in lava levels).
* IncredibleShrinkingMan: The boss fight against Bokor Labas, a witch doctor who carries a voodoo doll of Maximo, and casts a spell to shrink Maximo and then the boss tries to stomp on him.
* InterchangeableAntimatterKeys
* InexplicableTreasureChests
* LethalLavaLand: The Realm of Spirits.
* TheLostWoods: The Great Dank, which is also sort of a swamp.
* MagicKnight: Maximo when his sword is enchanted with an element (Fire/Ice/Holy/Arcane) and he can pick up abilities to allow him to shoot Magick Bolts or area attacks (like a meteor storm).
* MilesToGoBeforeISleep: Saving available at save points, 100 Koins a pop.
* NintendoHard: Considering its predecessor games, it only makes sense.
* OneWingedAngel: Subversion. [[spoiler:The Demon Queen is her ''true'' form, she masqueraded as Sophia.]]
* PowerUpMagnet
* SaveThePrincess: Queen Sophia is the lady to be rescued.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: The team that made this game worked on ''FinalFight Streetwise'' afterwards ([[ExecutiveMeddling and then Capcom Japan had them Rastafy it by 10%]]), and the dev team was scuttled after that game failed spectacularly, killing all hopes of a third game.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: The Frozen Wastes.
* SpinAttack
* SpiritualSuccessor: To the ''GhostsNGoblins'' series, [[NintendoHard and it shows]]. Plus, the main theme of the series is partially included in many of the first game's musics, and Maximo even hums the tune that plays when a level is about to start during his IdleAnimation.
* TheUndead: Most of your enemies are zombies and skeletons animated by Achille.