-->''Our objective is to give you, the man behind the curtain, the tools to pursue your objectives with myriads of different strategies and immerse you in a new reality. Your challenge is to take the best decisions and decades, if not centuries later, look back and be proud of the decisons that shaped your nation's destiny.''
-->-- Ubik, creator of ''Magna Mundi''

''Magna Mundi'' is a mod for ''[[VideoGame/EuropaUniversalis Europa Univeralis III]]''. It was meant to become a game of its own in 2012, but that was cancelled. It has been known to be a challenging mod, as it prevents [[EasilyConqueredWorld easy expansion]] where it would not be historical.

It improved and expanded on ''[=EU3=]'', with more advanced religious conversions and religious minorities, a revamped naval system, internal factions, an in-depth UsefulNotes/HolyRomanEmpire, Barbary Pirates, an advanced building system, a gorgeous new map, and much, much more.

The mod itself is no longer being produced after the newest ''Europa Univeralis III'' expansion, "Divine Wind", in favor of the commercial game. The commercial game was cancelled by publisher Creator/ParadoxInteractive in June 2012.

!!This {{game mod}} (and future stand-alone game) provides examples of the following tropes:
* AscendedFanfic: Well, Ascended GameMod.
* BalkanizeMe: The UsefulNotes/HolyRomanEmpire and [[JidaiGeki Japan]]. Also what can happen to France if the player really sets his mind to it.
* EasilyConqueredWorld - Subverted in a couple of ways:
** 1. Without an advanced government or administrative national ideas, your administrative efficiency will be to low to handle a large empire, and you will begin to suffer penalties.
** 2. Rapidly expanding your empire increases your reputation, and the more reputation you have the slower your war exhaustion lowers. If you cross a certain threshold (usually around 18-25), you will become hated throughout the world, and other countries will begin declaring war on you in a large pile up. Of course, even getting close to that threshold is dangerous, as the Framed! event can strike at any time, and will you will have a few choices to make, and if you are unlucky your reputation will increase by 10 points - usually enough to put you over the threshold.
*** Not to mention that a bad reputation can indirectly cause your country to collapse outright, because reputation raises war exhaustion.
* NintendoHard - Even simply keeping the country together and not conquering anything is hard work.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Main developer Ubik was revealed as such quickly after the cancellation. After making statements that the game was in fact not cancelled he threatened Paradox with legal action and claimed that he owned all rights to the game engine. And then he tried to release Magna Mundi as a completely new game (World Stage), despite it being clear that it was exactly the same unfinished game.
* SuccessionCrisis: If your heir is not old enough you get a Regency Council. Also, your nobles may take offense to the new ruler, and you may suffer a noble opposition. Imagine yourself, if you want to, facing a two front war against the Holy Roman Emperor (Austria), and a large Russia. Your awesome 9-8-8 monarch dies and is replaced by a 3-3-3 regency council, with massive noble opposition. Then ThePlague starts. Have fun surviving!
* ThePlague: You better hope you get this event early in the game while your country is small, or never at all - Or else you will be suffering for years, if not decades!
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Forced Religous Conversion, burning heretics, chopping off the heads off the nobles that oppose you...
** Of course, it is also turned back on you with the Framed! events, and sometimes it's YOU who are getting your head chopped off...
* WeHaveReserves: The main strategy of any Russia or Chinese game.