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''Lunar Lander'' is a series of {{Simulation Game}}s about landing an Apollo 11-style lunar module on a rocky lunar surface. You have a limited amount of fuel with which to maneuver the lander on to level platforms.

The first versions were written in the late [[TheSixties 1960s]] and early [[TheSeventies 1970s]] by Jim Storer, Eric Peters, and William Labaree II for DEC [[UsefulNotes/MainframesAndMinicomputers minicomputers]], and published as BASIC type-in programs. The earliest version was created in 1969. The first version with graphics was released in 1973 as a TechDemoGame for a DEC's new [=GT40=] vector graphics terminal. Creator/{{Atari}} released an UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame version in 1979. This version featured one of the first examples of BribingYourWayToVictory, or at least more gameplay, because it's an EndlessGame: You could insert coins during gameplay to buy more fuel.

It later became a MiniGame in other games, and was [[PortOverdosed ported to every platform imaginable]], even pocket calculators. There are now several free versions online.

!!''Lunar Lander'' provides examples of:

* AlliterativeTitle
%%* AttractMode: The Atari version.
* BribingYourWayToVictory: Assuming your definition of victory is the highest score, the Atari version lets you buy more fuel.
* EndlessGame: You play until you run out of fuel.
* FanRemake: Numerous versions, especially since the 1990s.
* GameMod: The original version. Since it's a type-in BASIC program, you can modify it any way you like.
%%* GameOver
* HaveANiceDeath: Notably the Atari version. "You just destroyed a 100 megabuck lander", etc.
%%* NoPlotNoProblem
%%* RagdollPhysics
%%* ScoringPoints
%%* SideView
%%* SimulationGame
* StatusLine: Starting with the 1973 version. Could be the UrExample.
%%* TechDemoGame: The 1973 version.
%%* VectorGame