[[caption-width-right:265:The Knytt can climb, and jump. And walk. ([[SuperDrowningSkills But not swim.]])]]

An incredibly relaxing {{Freeware}} platform game by Creator/{{Nifflas}}, the creator of ''VideoGame/WithinADeepForest'' and ''VideoGame/KnyttStories''. The game combines basic gameplay elements of the ''VideoGame/{{ICO}}'' series with the drowsy atmosphere of ''VideoGame/{{Creatures}}'', only cuter, and shorter, and happier. And with really sweet retro graphics. And made of breathtaking SceneryPorn.

The story is quite simple: The Knytt, a weird little creature, gets abducted from his native planet by an alien. However, before reaching its supposed destination, the alien's ship crashes against an astroid, and the alien makes an emergency landing on a nearby planet. If he ever wants to get home again, the Knytt must help the alien recover the parts of the spaceship which has been scattered all over the strange planet.

The strange little world is a gorgeous, diverse maze full of little houses and curious little critters. Some want to attack the Knytt, whose only power is jumping -- it can't fight or defend itself. Most just live their own little lives while the Knytt walks by.

The game can be finished in less than an hour, but its non-linearity gives it a high ReplayValue. There are also a few hidden shortcuts and massive bonus area too, if you know where to look. You'll probably want to play it a few times over. With a nice cup of tea.

Available for download [[http://nifflas.ni2.se/index.php?page=Knytt here]]. Or, if you like, you can watch a LetsPlay by LetsPlay/DeceasedCrab [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIg1V-p4YE0 here]].
!!This game has examples of:
* AlienAbduction: This kicks off the plot. Knytt is abducted by a (friendly) alien, but the UFO is struck by an asteroid and crash lands on a planet.
* AllTheWorldsAreAStage: Apart from a JungleJapes styled section that is completely original, most of the bonus area takes elements from the other areas in the game.
* AntiFrustrationFeatures:
** The game gives you a light that points you in the direction of the closest part to the spaceship as an ability so that you have some idea of where to go in the game.
** The game also gives you an item screen that shows you which parts you've already collected. This is very helpful, since the game has no map.
* AsteroidThicket: The spaceship travels through one in the intro sequence, and it gets struck by one, causing the ship to crash.
* {{Backtracking}}: You'll end up doing it a lot, since there's a lot of one-way paths and dead end areas. But that's alright. It's nice, really.
* BeautifulVoid: Played with; there are people and other creatures, but you can't interact with them.
* BlackoutBasement: The further underground you go, the darker it gets. If you're not playing in fullscreen, then you may not even be able to see anything.
* BonusDungeon: Well-hidden, but massive.
** BonusBoss: Not really a boss since you can't fight, but one exists, [[spoiler:and its name is the [[OverlyLongName Das Magdenburska Martian Deathray Pantzer Crawler.]]]]
* BubblyClouds: At the very top of the map.
* CheatCode: Two secret locations may be used to obtain a code.
* CriticalExistenceFailure: If the Knytt touches any environmental hazard or enemy, he disintegrates.
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: You just get sent back to the last save point if you die, and they're thankfully quite common.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: "Knytt" is Swedish for "little creature", which is exactly what Knytt is.
* ExcusePlot: The protagonist is abducted, is accidentally stranded on an alien world and has to collect parts of a UFO--the rest of the game is spent doing just that.
* FallingDamage: Averted. The Knytt can fall from any height unharmed, provided the environment he falls on isn't hazardous.
* FlatCharacter: None of the characters are given any real personality or characterization.
* FlipScreenScrolling
* GiantSpider: There's a few, all lethal.
* GhibliHills
* GottaCatchEmAll: The goal of the game is to collect 11 parts to rebuild the UFO.
* HappyEnding: [[spoiler:Knytt recovers all of the UFO parts, and the alien returns him home in gratitude. Knytt decides to go in his house and take a nap.]] The end.
* HeroicMime: Knytt.
* JumpPhysics: Knytt has a low jumping height, but can jump a decent distance and has a little control in mid-air. His wall-crawling and wall-jumping skills compensate for his mediocre jump, though.
* LethalLavaLand: Lava appears in several areas. There's also a segment where there are heated blocks which kill you.
* LighterAndSofter: Than it's predecessor, ''Within a Deep Forest''. In that game, you were out on a quest to save the world from being blown up by a mad scientist. In this game, you're just a kid who is stranded on a far off world who has to repair a spaceship and get home, and there's no villain--heck, there's almost no enemies at all in the game. Most of the threats are just environmental hazards like water and lava.
* MetroidVania: The game is a ''very'' [[{{Minimalism}} minimalist]] take on the genre; you explore a wide open world to gather tools in order to beat the game. Knytt can't attack and can only jump, climb and use a light to point the way to an item, and there are very few enemies to encounter, with the environments and platforming providing the lions share of obstacles. There are no power-ups, either.
* MinecartMadness: There's a mine cart in one of the areas you must get behind and push in order to find one of the ship parts.
* {{Minimalism}}: As mentioned above, the game is a Metroid-style adventure stripped down to its bare essence.
* NoAntagonist: The game has no villain. The only enemies are some vicious wildlife, which only appear sporadically and aren't out to actively thwart you.
* NoobCave: The games file select screen has an optional tutorial level to give players a crash course on the games mechanics.
* NoFinalBossForYou: There's no final boss, or any boss fights in the game for that matter.
* NoPronunciationGuide: It's a Swedish game. "K'neet" comes pretty close.
** If you can read IPA, found [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IPA_for_English here]] it's "[kni:t]" (not to be confused with the English verb).
* OneHitPointWonder: Knytt again. Fortunately, combat isn't part of the gameplay, and you'll be spending more time searching than dealing with hazards of the environment or the odd critter.
* {{Railroading}}: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed.]] There are some sections of the world that overlap with each other, but there are obstacles that keep you from taking the most straightforward path to them (i.e. water between a chasm that's too wide to jump across) forcing you to find an alternate route. Other than that, the game gives you total freedom to travel anywhere you want in the game.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Knytt, but there are a lot of other cute creatures to be seen along the way.
* RuinsForRuinsSake: There's the remains of what appear to be a castle in the middle of the map.
* SavePoint: These are frequently found throughout the game, and double as checkpoints.
* ShiftingSandLand: Some of the rightmost areas have deserts, including sandy areas and cacti.
* ShoutOut:
** The word "Knytt" is from a character in ''Vem ska trösta Knyttet'' (''Who Will Comfort Toffle?'') by [[Literature/TheMoomins Tove Jansson]].
** One area resembles the castle from ''VideoGame/{{ICO}}'', which ''Knytt'' is heavily based on.
** Knytt's home is very similar to, if not outright being, the same area as the tutorial level in another of Nifflas's games, ''VideoGame/WithinADeepForest''.
* SilenceIsGolden: Outside of the instructions in the tutorial level, there is no dialogue in the game, spoken or written.
* SpikesOfDoom: The more eastern areas have golden spikes that, like liquid, will kill you on contact. Greener spikes appear at the very bottom of the map as well, leading to tricky platforming in the optional bonus area.
* SpinOff: The game's opening sequence appeared in the tutorial level of ''VideoGame/WithinADeepForest'' originally.
* SuperDrowningSkills: If the Knytt touches ''any'' liquid, it dies.
* UndergroundLevel: Almost the entire game other than the surface and BubblyClouds areas.
* WackyWaysideTribe: Usually don't appear for more than one screen. They all look pretty happy.
* WaveMotionGun: [[spoiler:Das Magdenburska Martian Deathray Pantzer Crawler.]]
* WallCrawl / WallJump: The Knytt's main powers.
* WarpZone: In one of the underground areas not far from where you start, there's a well hidden warp area (as in, you have to actively seek out the tunnel leading to it--it's covered by a foreground) that will take you straight to the aquatic ruins in the east of the world.