''Keio Flying Squadron'' (known as ''Keio Yugekitai'' in Japanese) is a series of video games developed by Victor Entertainment, which includes three games. The first game, for the Sega CD, is a standard HorizontalScrollingShooter. The second game, for the Sega Saturn, is a 2D PlatformGame, and the third game is a party game for the PlayStation.

The series follows the adventures of a 14-year-old girl named Rami Nana-Hikari, who dresses in a PlayboyBunny outfit and lives with her grandparents and has a pet dragon named Spot ([[DubNameChange Pochi in the Japanese versions]]). Her enemies include [[BigBad Dr. Pon Eho]], a {{tanuki}} MadScientist with an IQ of 1400 that stole Rami's sphere from her, and [[TheRival Himiko Yamatai]], who first appeared in the second game, a princess who claims the spheres belong to her family. She also pilots a robot named Psy-vee.


!!This series uses the following tropes:
* AncientAstronauts: Rami is actually a descendant of aliens who visited the earth long ago.
* AttackDrone: Rami can get baby dragon options in the first game.
* BigBad: Dr. Pon.
* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: Rami's transformation phrase is "Hyper Cutie Bunny Change!"
* MacGuffin: The key to the mystery treasure in the first game, and the spheres in the second.
* MadScientist: Dr. Pon.
* MsFanservice: Rami.
* PlayboyBunny: Rami's primary outfit.
* TheRival: Himiko.
* [[ThankingTheViewer Thanking the Player]]: Rami at the end of the first game.