[[caption-width-right:220:[[BigBad Giant]] [[CyberCyclops cyclopean]] [[AIIsACrapshoot computers]] [[ThisIsGonnaSuck are never a good sign.]]]]
-> ''The Orbital Mechanized Temple \\
The Twin-tined Instrument of Mankind's Destruction, '''[[TitleDrop KAMUI]]'''''

A ShootEmUp made by SITER SKAIN in 1999 and part of ''VideoGame/TheTaleOfAlltynex'' trilogy, ''Kamui'' has been often described as "a more intense ''[[VideoGame/RaySeries RayStorm]]'' clone". The gameplay is slightly different from the "standard" shoot 'em up: the ship -- the eponymous Kamui fighter -- is not a OneHitPointWonder, and it has two special weapons beyond its main SpreadShot: a powerful WaveMotionGun that can cancel bullets and a "lightning storm" weapon that targets enemies below the fighter where its main weapons cannot reach. Both run off the same energy gauge, which must recharge after each use. It is short, but very fast-paced and relentless in difficulty.

Although one of the earliest games released by SITER SKAIN, its story actually takes place after several of their other titles; both ''VideoGame/AlltynexSecond'' and ''VideoGame/RefleX'' are prequels to it. During the TimeSkip in ''[=RefleX=]'', a scientist named Xaffiquel de Alice drafts a theory regarding "Brain Fusion" technology, which would allow a psychic human's mind to be permanently uploaded into a computer. The military sees the potential to create super-weapons using this theory. In desperation due to the ZODIAC's battling it out over Earth, eight "Kamui" fighters and a massive automatic defense army, commanded from the "Mechanized Temple", are created using this technology. Among the humans uploaded into those fighters was Xaffiquel's own daughter, Panafill de Alice. Enraged at the loss of his daughter, Xaffiquel decides that humanity has grown too corrupt and must be punished. Uploading his mind into the orbital fortress as "the Adjudicator", he waits for civilization to rebuild itself before unleashing the destructive might of the Mechanized Temple and Neural Network based on the ancient genocidal supercomputer, ALLTYNEX.

Now Panafill, who managed to escape the rebuilt ALLTYNEX's control due to having been conscious during her upload, must destroy both ALLTYNEX and the Adjudicator to prevent mankind's destruction.

An English translation patch is available [[http://doujinstyle.com/archive/index.php?/topic/70933-kamui-english-version/ here]] (requires v1.10), making it the first game in the series to be fully translated. This doesn't really matter anymore, as Nyu Media [[http://nyu-media.com/kamui/ localized and published]] ''Kamui'' along with the rest of the ''ALLTYNEX'' trilogy in June 2013, and is available for purchase through various digital distribution sites.

[[JustForFun/IThoughtThatWas Has nothing to do with]] [[Music/{{VOCALOID}} Kamui Gakupo]] or [[Anime/KillLakill Kamui uniforms]].
!!This game features examples of:
* TwoAndAHalfD: In ways similar to ''[[VideoGame/RaySeries RayForce]]''.
* AIIsACrapshoot: ALLTYNEX OS.
** Panafill as well, though in the other direction; she's fighting for humanity rather than against it.
* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler: Xaffiquel, at the end.]]
--> [[spoiler: Such had been the final deranged act of the man that became the Adjudicator...]]
* AliceAllusion: Panafill de '''Alice'''[='=]s 12-year-old self, who wears an outfit similar to that of Alice from ''Alice in Wonderland''. She's [[AllThereInTheManual only seen in The Tale of ALLTYNEX guidebook]] and official dakimakura.
* AndIMustScream: The probable fate of those who were uploaded into the other Kamui fighters, after ALLTYNEX took control of them.
* AttackReflector: Though not necessarily to the point of ''Reflection'' and ''VideoGame/{{RefleX}}''. Hitting an enemy laser with your Lightning Blade will turn it into a lightning blast that attacks enemies. The unlockable "Mass-Produced" version of the Kamui fighter has a spread of lightning beams that are designed around reflecting back lasers.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Panafill during the cutscenes.
* BookEnds: The game starts and ends at the Mechanized Temple.
* BrainUploading: Xaffiquel's big project. The Kamui fighters actually require it to work.
* BulletHell
* ClimaxBoss: Area 4's boss, or rather boss''[[WolfpackBoss es]]''. You fight a series of mass-produced Kamui units, culminating in Kamui Unit #0, which is [[spoiler:powered by the core of [[VideoGame/{{RefleX}} Ophiuchus]]]].
* CognizantLimbs: Bosses often have parts that you can shoot off for extra points.
* CrosshairAware: Do not stay in cross-hairs. It ends badly.
* DespairEventHorizon: What lead to Xaffiquel's FaceHeelTurn.
* DeathFromAbove: The Kamui's lightning storm weapon is pretty much certain doom for anything below it.
** One of the Adjudicator's attacks rains downs death beams after [[TurnsRed turning red]].
* DifficultyLevels: Easy, Normal, [[OddNameOut Menace]].
* DisproportionateRetribution: The whole of humanity needs to die to atone for uploading a single girl's mind into a military fighter?
** Possibly the whole thing starts because Doc didn't like the (fairly typical) misuse of his rather benevolent (if inhumane) research made by the government. And all of that just so they can have more power. Adding his daughter's mind being uploaded into a fighter just added more fuel.
* EtherealChoir: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSorp9x3nUE The Judge]].
* FloatingContinent: Area 2.
* HighAltitudeBattle: The final fight is in orbit.
* KaizoTrap: The second boss fires one last blast from its {{Wave Motion Tuning Fork}} during its death animation, after the music has already stopped. This blast can kill you.
* LifeMeter: You get four bars of shield per life, or two if you're playing as the mass-produced ship. Justified, in that the game lacks a SmartBomb-type attack.
* LightningCanDoAnything: In ways that would make the R-GRAY 2 and Wave Rider 02 proud.
* LightningGun: The Kamui fighter's signature armament.
* LivingWeapon: The first three bosses, Souryuu, Kokutaka, and Ougomo, are this.
* LotusEaterMachine: ALLTYNEX pulls a digital version of this on Alice making her fight against two bosses before breaking loose.
* MadeOfExplodium: Many of the bosses make disproportionately large explosions when defeated.
* MadScientist: Xaffiquel.
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Panafill de Alice.
* MasterComputer: ALLTYNEX's core (pictured above).
* MeaningfulName: The name of final boss theme, "The Judge", seems to represent Xaffiquel's delusions as a punisher of humanity's sins.
** In addition, his name is clearly derived from Tzaphqiel, an angel who was assigned to record all of history, and, in quite a bit of rabbinical lore, a ''dark'' angel. In fact, the idea of a angel over your right shoulder and a demon over your left shoulder, trying to sway you towards good and evil respectively, came from an idea of this being done with Raziel swaying towards good, and ''Tzaphqiel'' swaying towards evil.
* MirrorBoss: One boss is preceded by a fight with the remaining five Kamui fighters.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: [[spoiler: WARNING!!\\
The Orbital Mechanized Temple\\
The Ultimate Application of Brain Fusion Theory\\
The Instrument of Planetary Destruction\\
The actual content aside, the sheer length of this boss title is ought to scare you off a little.
* NecessarilyEvil: The Kamui fighters, not to mention the rebuilt ALLTYNEX, were seen as this due to the rampaging ZODIAC's that were laying waste to Earth at the time.
* NintendoHard
* OddballInTheSeries: ''Kamui'' is the only game in the series not to be a remake of a previous game.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Kamui Unit 00 sprouts these during its boss battle. It's a hint that [[spoiler:it's powered by the remains of ZODIAC Ophiuchus.]]
* {{Roboteching}}: Your lightning bolts and enemy lasers love doing this.
* SequentialBoss: ALLTYNEX summons bosses from earlier (in-universe chronology) games before fighting you itself.
* ShockAndAwe: The Kamui fighters.
* VideoGameRemake: Averted. Unlike the other two games, ''Kamui'' is an original game and not a remake of an existing one.
* WaveMotionGun: ''[[RuleOfCool Made of lightning!]]''
* XtremeKoolLetterz: The only explanation for the spelling of Xaffiquel's name.
->''[[spoiler:This is for the best, papa...\\
You must have been so lonely.\\
You must have been so sad.\\
Let's die together...]]''