[[caption-width-right:350:Firmwood, Jimmy's home town]]

''Jimmy Jam: Mischievous Days, Menacing Nights'' is an independent freeware [[AdventureGame Adventure]] [[PointAndClickGame point-and-click]] game in four parts, which was to be created by [[http://ibex.adventuredevelopers.com/ IbeX studios]]. There were no news of the project since 2003, so it seems to be abandoned.

The game is about a 9 year old boy with the titular name, who terrorizes his home town with "elaborate pranks, mischievous demeanors and inhumane violations".

The game was going to include lots of features like fully animated AVI cutscenes and studio recorded voiceover.

More info can be found [[http://www.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=10587.0 here]] and [[http://americangirlscouts.org/agswiki/Jimmy_Jam there]].
!! This game provides examples of:
* ArtStyleDissonance: despite the cartoony exterior, the game is rated 18+ for "High-Intense levels of violence, apocalyptic profanity, 3rd rate drug use and pixelicious nudity"
* ClusterFBomb: see ArtStyleDissonance
* MultipleEndings: could be the case, since the game offered nonlinear puzzle structure
* ThePrankster: judging from the description, Jimmy himself is this
* ToiletHumour: the title of the first part was "Weapons of mass defecation"