[[caption-width-right:340:If [[SuperMarioBros Mario]] had a JetPack.]]

''Jett Rocket'' is a series of {{platformer}}s made by Shin'en Multimedia, with the first released released in 2010 and the second in 2013. They are notable for, among other things, their ''incredibly shiny'' graphics, which have a level of polish and detail some believed impossible for downloadable titles (especially the first, UsefulNotes/WiiWare game).

The game itself is named for the main character, Jett Rocket, a "Planetary Inspector." A gang of interstellar pirates known as the Power Plant Posse have descended upon the lovely planet of Yoroppa in order to steal its energy. Jett Rocket is called in to put a stop to their plans! He must dismantle their machines and return Yoroppa to its peaceful state. Like all good platformer heroes, he must do this by traveling across Yoroppa's [[PalmTreePanic Atoll]], [[SlippySlideyIceWorld Northpole,]] and [[JungleJapes Jungle]], through 12 levels, retrieving the solar cells that fell from his craft along the way. In addition to jumping, he can fly with a jetpack, as well as a variety of different moves by making use of different items--like riding a jet ski, floating on a parachute, hitching a ride on a magnetic zipline...

Technologically, the fact that the first game it looks like it does--and is in the genre it is--with [[SugarWiki/GeniusProgramming just 40 megabytes of data to its name]] is quite the feat. Even more so considering its relatively short development period.
'''This game provides examples of:'''
* TwoAndAHalfD: The second game is an interesting variation: Half the stages are 2D platforming (with 3D graphics, for true 2-and-a-half-D); the other half are 3D stages with full movement. Oh, and some of those 2D stages also contain secret, full 3D bonus hidden areas!
* AWinnerIsYou: After beating the final boss of the first game, you basically just get a "Hey, thanks for saving the world!" message; roll credits. Still, there ''is'' that SequelHook...
* BackgroundBoss: Herzog Aisu, the second boss. It's actually an interesting bit of player psych-out: One of its attacks is a pair of lasers that can cross; since you're on a narrow platform, it tends to make the player think only of moving left and right to avoid them. However, using that extra bit of third-dimension is crucial to avoiding the lasers.
* {{Backtracking}}: Unless you're careful enough to pick up nearly every solar cell, you'll eventually have to do this to unlock the final third of the game.
* BilingualBonus: The boss' names are all made from the combination of a German noble title + a Japanese noun. Roughly, in order, they are: Emperor of [[PalmTreePanic the Ocean]], Duke of [[SlippySlideyIceWorld Ice]], and King of [[BubblegloopSwamp the Swamp.]]
* BubblegloopSwamp: The "Jungle" level has aspects of this, crossed with JungleJapes.
* CameraCentering
* ChasingYourTail: The final boss.
* DistressBall: All of the former ExpositionFairy Chefos get kidnapped at the start of the second game, and each one serves as an end-of-level goal.
* DungeonBypass: One award tasks you with completing an Atoll level... in ''20 seconds.'' The only way to do this without bizarre glitching and/or hacking? [[spoiler: Go to the Jett Ride level, veer left, and cost lazily to the finish line whilst going ''around'' the jet ski course. You won't get any solar cells, though--sadly Rudolpho will not [[WhatTheHellPlayer chew you out]] for your flagrant cheating.]]
* EternalEngine: Taikai's Atoll in the second game. Despite its watery environment, it's mostly a mechanical-themed area.
* ExpositionFairy: The helpful Chefo droids scattered around the levels, which tell you where to go.
* [[FollowTheMoney Follow The Solar Cells]]
* FreeRotatingCamera
* SugarWiki/GeniusProgramming: The amount of stuff the developers managed to pack into 44 MB of data is remarkable; Shin'en has actually built a reputation for themselves when it comes to neat little hardware tricks. (Previously, they gained renown for their GBA/DS sound skills, designed to get as much ''oomph'' as possible out of the handhelds.)
* GimmickLevel: Jett Ride, which is a jet ski minigame.
* GratuitousGerman: OK, it's not ''wholly'' gratuitous, since the devs are, in fact, Germans. But the bosses are all named after German nobility.
* GratuitousJapanese: ...And the second halves of their names draw from Japanese.
* GreenAesop: Rather mild, but the PPP basically do just exist to pollute and use resources.
* GrimyWater: The Jungle is full of it.
* GroundPound: One of Jett's main forms of attack.
* HardLevelsEasyBosses: The game as a whole is not ''especially'' difficult, but some of the levels can be surprisingly tough, especially if you're meticulous about getting the solar cells. The bosses, however, are fairly predictable and all go down in just three hits. Oh well.
* HubLevel: Jett's ship is a tiny one.
* HundredPercentCompletion: Measured in terms both of how many collectables you've gotten and how many awards you've unlocked.
* JetPack
* JungleJapes
* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler: Kaiser Taikai. The fact that his name means ''Emperor'' should clue you in on the fact that he's more than just the first boss...]]
* NoOSHACompliance: The Power Plant Posse are this trope ''personified.'' They build lots of large, dangerous structures basically just to suck up energy.
* PalmTreePanic: The Atoll, with a bit of GreenHillZone thrown in for soothing measure.
* ProtagonistTitle
* RecurringBoss: [[spoiler: Kaiser Taikai. He's the first boss AND the last boss.]]
* SapientCetaceans: Rudolpho, an old friend of Jett's, is a be-helmeted space dolphin. But he's ''cool.''
* SceneryPorn: Oh, ''so'' much of it.
** The official [[http://jettrocket.wordpress.com/ production blog]] actually goes into quite a bit of detail about how the game's graphics engine works, and what rendering tricks they used for maximum [[BuffySpeak scenery pornitude.]]
** Which means these people got more out of the Wii than most third party retail releases.
* SequelHook: Blatant as it gets, with the first game telling you outright in the credits to look forward to ''Jett Rocket 2.'' It finally came out for the Nintendo 3DS in November 2013, which does this again for a third game.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: The Northpole (one word) level; especially the Glacier sublevel, which has lots of actually slippy slidey ice.
* SuspiciousVideoGameGenerosity: The game plays very sparse with extra hearts... unless it's right before a boss, in which case, it likes to give you a full top-up.
* ThemeNaming: Helpful/neutral robots and items tend to have names ending in "-o" that relate to their function: Porto the portal, Movo the moving platform, Propello the propeller-bot...
* VideoGameAchievements: Called Awards here. Some of them are easy to get (such as "Find a secret heart," or "get rid of all the enemies in a level"), some are not (Finish an Atoll level... in 20 seconds), and some are deceptively difficult (such as "Don't collect any solar cells in a level.")
* VideoGameFlight: Jett's jetpack lets him hover for quite a ways, but it burns up fuel like nobody's business.
** Which makes the game's GreenAesop a bit of a BrokenAesop. Jett could only beat the polluting and wasteful PPP by using a machine that seems to be just as polluting and wasteful (just look at all the fuel it uses and smoke it pumps out!).