Jade Dynasty (also known as Zhu Xian) is a FreeToPlay MMORPG game created by Perfect World Entertainment. The game is currently in its third expansion,Path of Glory (Or Legacy for American servers). It is based on a popular Chinese internet novel called Zhu Xian.

Jade Dynasty's plotline revolves around the conflict between six human factions called [[SquishyWizard Jadeon]], [[CombatMedic Skysong]], [[MightyGlacier Vim]], [[FragileSpeedster Lupin]], Modo and the [[PlayingWithFire Incense Mages]], and their eventual goal of attaining immortality - which they have through a process dubbed "ascension", thus the name of the 2nd expansion, Ascension - and six factions from the Athan race, known to be demigods, [[FragileSpeedster Rayan]], [[SummonMagic Arden]], [[MusicalAssassin Celan]], [[MightyGlacier Balo]], [[PowerFist Forta]] and Voida (the last one has not released yet but upcoming)that are trying to prevent the Humans from becoming too powerful. Human characters choose which faction to join at level 15 (there are 150 levels total.) while Athan characters choose the faction they wish to play at character creation. Each faction in Jade Dynasty has different skills, strengths, weaknesses and styles of play.
Characters can get items called Espers (Not to be confused with the [[FinalFantasy other]] kind of espers, these are powerful items that provide a bonus skills and extra attributes to the owner. These attributes and skills can be increased both with special items or leveling up the esper. Every time the player uses an Esper skill, the Esper's proficiency increases by 1. When the Esper has enough proficiency, its level is increased, which empowers the bonuses that it grants. The Esper also changes its appearance every 10 levels and allows the player to use a function known as "invigorate" (which is commonly known as a "bot" a program, illegal in most MMORPG's used to make the character automatically attack enemies.)After level 90 a character requires esper energy to bot, items such as Lunarshade stones provide this energy. Espers have different sections that allow the player to place Health and Mana potions in them and select how often the potions are used. There is also a section to add skills other than the Esper skill, allowing these to also be automatically used and another section to decide what items your esper picks for you.

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!!This game provides examples of:
* LuckBasedMission: The Tier 4 quest can be done in a few minutes or a week if you are unlucky and need lots of items to finish.
* NonIndicativeName: The only class that is exempt of this is the Incense Mage.
* PowerGlows: Refined gears become more powerful and glow.
* ShockAndAwe: Most Jadeon skills involve lightning.