A SpinOff game to DanielRemar's ''VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage''. You play as Princess Pitch, a side character from GGC, who is very fond of explosions and bears a big grudge against [[HumongousMecha Mecha Santa]]. Supported by your trusty ally, Catstrike, and your mother, the Goddess of Explosions, you blast into Santa's factory and ShootEverythingThatMoves (mainly robotic ChristmasElves, turrets and combat-suitable toys) with explosive bricks, rainbow beams and ice rays, intending to confront Mecha Santa himself in the end.

In terms of gameplay and design, it's a cute, tongue-in-cheek remake of the obscure, rather dark {{DOS}} arena shooter ''OperationCarnage''. You have a limited amount of [[VideoGameLives lives]], explore Santa's base room by room and defeat hordes of enemies {{Zerg Rush}}ing you. The game is rather short (only containing four normal stages) and you cannot save, but it has a high replay value due to multiple DifficultyLevels, many paths to take and tons of secrets. It's fast-paced, has smooth controls, and focuses on dodging and destroying enemies about equally.

The free Windows version of ''Hyper Princess Pitch'' was released on December 1st, 2011. Which you can download [[http://www.remar.se/daniel/pitch.php here]] and you can check out the excellent game trailer [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRJYFbJDkqs here.]]

!!'''This game provides examples of the following tropes:'''
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* AbnormalAmmo: Bricks are your basic ammunition.
%%* AdvancingBossOfDoom: Stage 3's boss.
%%* AirborneMook: Sleighs.
%%* AnAssKickingChristmas
* ApocalypseHow: The GoldenEnding results in [[spoiler:a Galactic/Physical Annihilation]]. The name "[[spoiler:Galactic Princess Buster]]" isn't an exaggeration.
* AscendedExtra: Pitch was a supporting character in ''VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage''.
%%* AshFace: Pitch and Catstrike in the ending.
* AttackReflector: Counter can reflect certain attacks in addition to just blocking them.
* AwesomeButImpractical: The code for bigger explosions. Looks a lot more fun, but makes threats harder to see.
* BadassFamily: Pitch's parents are the Goddess of Explosions and the Bear Miner.
%%* BadassPrincess: Pitch.
%%* BadassSanta
* BadSanta: In the ending, [[spoiler:Mecha Santa is seemingly forgiving towards Pitch... but then it turns out the present he gave her was explosive.]] Also, his boss room, in which he's on a podium talking to a bunch of elves in the stands, looks a lot like [[PuttingOnTheReich the Nuremberg Rally]].
* BottomlessMagazines: Bricks are infinite.
%%* BulletHell: In harder difficulties.
* CallingYourAttacks:
** Mecha Santa shouts the names of his attacks AND displays them on a screen above him at the same time.
* {{Cap}}: You can carry 99 units of rainbow and ice ammo each at a time.
* CarFu: You can grab a train (or theoretically, the clown car miniboss) to smash them into your other enemies.
* CatchPhrase: Pitch's specific way of saying "Awesome.".
%%* ChainReactionDestruction
%%* ChristmasElves: Your enemies.
* ClassicCheatCode: [[spoiler:The Goddess is summoned with the Konami Code.]]
* CollisionDamage: You deal it as well to even out the short duration of MercyInvincibility.
%%* CoolShades: Worn by elves on elite sleighs.
* CrosshairAware: Small X-es mark the area of effect of some enemy attacks.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Inverted in the ending. [[spoiler:And then subverted. When Mecha Santa' gift turns out to be Explosive, Pitch turns back to slam Santa into the ground.]]
* DenialOfDiagonalAttack: Downplayed. You can shoot in 8 directions at least.
* DestructibleProjectiles: Ice shots have the purpose of deflecting weaker bullets.
* EarthShatteringKaboom: In the GoldenEnding, [[spoiler:the princess uses a technique learned from her mother to blow up the entire galaxy by crashing the moon into Mecha Santa.]]
%%* EasterEgg: Loads of them, this being a DanielRemar game.
* EasyModeMockery: Mostly averted. Your headgear changes depending on the difficulty level, but the effect is neutral or positive rather than humiliating.
* EliteMook: Obviously robotic robot elves, and sleighs with shades-wearing pilots.
* EverythingFades: Don't let your powerups lie around for too long.
%%* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows: One of the three main weapons.
* FinishingMove: When a stage boss is about to explode, Pitch can get close to them and destroy them with [[CallingYourAttacks PRINCESS! BUSTAAAAH!]] [[spoiler:Later on, the goddess of explosions can teach you an upgraded version of it to finish off Mecha Santa.]]
* FreudianExcuse:
-->He sure never gave ME any presents when I was a kid!
* HarderThanHard: The "Goddess of Explosions" difficulty mode. And [[spoiler: the "[[MemeticBadass Reallyjoel's Mom]]" difficulty.]]
* HardModePerks: Mostly averted. Players can earn more points on higher difficulties, but there are no special gameplay bonuses.
%%* HavingABlast: Princess Pitch and her mother, [[OddJobGods the Goddess of Explosions]].
%%* HumongousMecha: Mecha Santa, among others.
* IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels:
** Trainee
** Combat Lady
** Battle Princess
** War Queen
** Goddess of Explosions
** [[spoiler:[[MemeticBadass Reallyjoel's mom]]]] [[invoked]]
* MadeOfExplodium: Bricks, crates and Christmas trees. HandWaved by making things explosive being a power of the Goddess of Explosions.
%%* MadEye: Mecha Santa.
* MercyInvincibility: Very shortly, but to even it out every mook that touches you is destroyed as well.
* MetalSlime: Elite sleighs are hard to destroy but give a good amount of points.
* MeteorMove: Pitch can do this to normal enemies (which, for extra fun, include toy [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI trains]]), and she can also finish off all bosses (except Mecha Santa) this way. And the Goddess of Explosions does this [[spoiler:to the Planet Saturn in her attack]].
%%* MookMaker: The toy clown car miniboss, as it was to be expected.
* [[MoreDakka More Explosions]]: The modus operandi of Princess Pitch.
--> '''Goddess of Explosions''': Anyway, what is your wish?
--> '''Princess Pitch''': More explosions.
--> '''Goddess of Explosions''': Your wish is granted!!!
%%* {{Mooks}}: Standard robot elves.
* MythologyGag:
** The key combo for Counter/Piledriver is identical to that of Expel in ''HeroCore''.
** There's a secret level filled with incarnations of [[spoiler:Spacenörd, the protagonist of an old game by DanielRemar]].
** Pitch's father, the Bear Miner, is the protagonist of a NoMoreSweden game by Daniel Remar, which was also a SpiritualSequel to GardenGnomeCarnage.
** When catching a jumping enemy from the air to smash them into the ground, Pitch says "Not a chance." in a way very similar to Ansaksie from ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'', and is, in fact, the same voice clip according to WordOfGod.
** The first picture in the ending is identical to the first picture of the ending in ''Iji'', only with Pitch instead of Iji and Mecha Santa instead of Tor.
** When respawning at least twice in the same room, Pitch would [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastically go "Whoopee..."]] in reference to ''Videogame/GardenGnomeCarnage'', the game she originally appeared in.
** One Stage 3 MiniBoss uses the fire pattern of [[CowardlyBoss The Eliminator]] from ''HeroCore''.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Robotic Christmas elves and a legless airstrike cat.
%%* NoFairCheating
* NoIndoorVoice
-->'''Goddess of Explosions''': ''THIS '''IS''' MY INDOOR VOICE!''
%%* OddJobGods: The Goddess of Explosions.
%%* OhCrap: The Good Mecha Santa's reaction if you [[spoiler:summon the Goddess of Explosions]].
* NotHyperbole: [[spoiler: The name of the secret technique "Galactic Princess Buster" isn't for show - if she were to obtain the technique, she'll use it on Mecha Santa, ''resulting in the destruction of the entire galaxy''.]]
%%* PinballProjectile: The [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows rainbow]] weapon. [[spoiler:The Hyper Y: Deluge [[PowerUp powerup]] also fits this.]]
* PowerUp: Several pickups that enhance your power temporarily in some way.
* PunnyName: The title is a play on ''VideoGame/SuperPrincessPeach''.
* RespawnOnTheSpot: After dying, you drop back into the level at the exact spot which you died. This creates an explosion that kills nearby enemies and gives you a few seconds of MercyInvincibility. Of course, the game has limited lives.
%%* ShoutingShooter: Pitch.
* ShoutOut:
** Princess Pitch has a chance of saying [[WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck Darkwing Duck's]] catchphrase of "Let's get dangerous!" whenever she respawns or enters the stage.
** Several names of the Robo Santa's attacks are shoutouts to various other works:
*** Cowabunga: One of Michelangelo's catchphrases in ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles''.
*** Giga Bomb Breaker: A reference to Simon's Giga Drill Break technique in ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''.
*** Legendary Charge: An attack by Barta from ''[[VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia Skies of Arcadia: Legends]]'' often followed by Legendary Punch.
*** Wax On Wax Off: Reference to Daniel's training in ''Film/TheKarateKid''.
** You can enter cheat codes during play. They all start with RG (Remar Games). Which is probably a reference to how all VideoGame/{{Doom}} cheat codes start with ID (ID Software).
** One of the minibosses, "Frilly Hat Elf" is a VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' reference, as [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/References_to_Touhou#Hyper_Princess_Pitch confirmed]] by WordOfGod.
** The game title is reminiscent of ''Super Princess Peach'', and the title character is similar in basic appearance.
%%* SinisterScythe: A stand-alone one appears as a resilient, annoying type of enemy.
%%* SmartBomb: Calling the Goddess of Explosions.
%%* SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb: [[spoiler: The gift Pitch received in the ending? It was explosive.]]
%%* SpreadShot: The Triple powerup bestows this temporarily.
%%* StuffBlowingUp
* TechnicalPacifist: Mecha Santa. He wants to bring peace to the world, but he has an army and factory defenses solely to ward off Princess Pitch.
* UnwinnableJokeGame: The highest difficulty level, "Reallyjoel's Mom." It's safe to say that no human will be beating it any time soon, though [[ToolAssistedSpeedRun TAS]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaUJa8nk_kg has shown that it is technically beatable]], unlike the equivalent difficulty in {{Videogame/Iji}}.
%%* VideoGameLives: The initial amount depends on the DifficultyLevel. You also gain one per level.
%%* VillainProtagonist
%%* WaifFu
%%* WaveMotionGun: The rainbow laser used by the boss of Stage 3.
* WorldOfHam: Mecha Santa and the goddess of explosions kind of out-ham Pitch, but she has her moments, so yes, this applies.
* ZergRush: As this is a VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage Spin off, this way to be expected. It becomes ''ridiculous'' in the bonus level.