''Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller'' is a {{Point and Click|Game}} AdventureGame released in 1994 by ''[=GameTek=]'' and developed by Creator/TakeTwoInteractive. It was available for [[UsefulNotes/IBMPersonalComputer DOS,]] [[UsefulNotes/AppleMacintosh Mac,]] and [[UsefulNotes/ThreeDOInteractiveMultiplayer 3DO.]] The game was notable for being one of the first CD-ROM-only games to use speech with hi-res graphics, and has been described as very similar to ''VideoGame/{{Bloodnet}}.'' Creator/DennisHopper, ''Grace Jones,'' and ''Stephanie Seymour'' are among the voice actors who lend their voices to characters in the game. Seymour herself also appears on screen at one point, while Hopper and Jones appear via computer animated representations.

The story is told through a variety of partial screen [[FullMotionVideo FMV's.]] The game is set in a {{dystopia}}n 2095, and UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates of America is under the control of a [[TheTheocracy brutal fascist theocratic dictatorship]] called the "Hand of God." Unlike the religious dictatorships of the past, this government not only has the ability to send sinners to hell -- they can prove they have done it.

In this third-person perspective environment, players pick between Gideon Eshanti and Rachel Braque, two loyal police officers (and lovers), agents of a new law enforcement agency created by the theocracy: Artificial Reality Containment, or ARC, a UsefulNotes/CulturalRevolution like organization that enforces a ban on cybernetic technology in general and [[{{Cyberspace}} Virtual Reality]] in particular.

The story begins one night when they find they have been declared enemies of the state and go on the run from the very government they worked for. Thus begins a quest to uncover the secrets behind the theocracy's reign of terror, one that will lead them from the corridors of power in 2095 UsefulNotes/WashingtonDC to the very depths of Hell. Along the way they recruit allies from the criminal underworld and run errands for the demons that now populate it.

!! This VideoGame contains examples of:

* AmbiguousGender: ''Grace Jones'' as the cyborg dictator, Solene Solux.
--> '''Gideon:''' Hell, you know, we kill Solux, they might finally find out what sex that character is.
--> '''Rachel:''' Oh, there's a good reason to do it!
* {{Anticlimax}}: [[spoiler: At the end of the game, Gideon or Rachel (one of them will have died before this point) confronts Solene Solux and takes care of them with a few barehanded melee strikes before going into the Hell control center and activating the Hell crash bug.]]
* CatchPhrase: The game isn't shy about swearing, but Gideon is fond of "Music/JudasPriest!" as an UnusualEuphemism.
* EmotionEater: A gang that you can have dealings with as part of a sidequest has a racket where they "strip-mine" fear from the minds of mental patients and sell it on the black market like a drug.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: It's a CyberPunk {{Thriller}}, about {{Hell}}.
* GoingThroughTheMotions: The game's repertoire of character gestures is exhausted early... And often.
* HellOnEarth
* IAmWho: [[spoiler: Gideon and Rachel are actually former Citizens' Freedom Front members, who were caught by the Hand of God and given complete mindwipes and extensive cosmetic surgery to transform them into completely different people; some were even turned into sleeper agents... Including Rachel. This is the cause of the game's invisible [[TimedMission time limit]] -- after the limit is up, the suggestions planted in Rachel's mind cause her to kill CFF leader Erin Burr.]]
* MysteriousInformant: "Deepthroat."
* {{Novelization}}: ''Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller'' by ''Chet Williamson.''
* ObviousBeta: Some sections have serious errors that can [[GuideDangIt leave players stuck.]] For instance, going by info in the subtitles instead of the spoken dialogue makes one puzzle unsolvable.
* {{Psychopomp}}: A device by that name fulfils its namesake's role of guiding people to the afterlife.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: Hell is completely fake, created by the Hand of God using advanced virtual reality technology -- virtual reality technology being one of the first things the Hand banned when it came to power.]]
* SevenDeadlySins: Each member of the Deadly 7 represents one. Their counterparts, the Clean Machine, represent the SevenHeavenlyVirtues.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: An android brags about his "400 megahertz of processing power."
* UterineReplicator: The Fecund 5088 birthing unit -- a bald female cybernetic head and torso -- offers her prenatal charges "soothing sounds and music," "comforting visual displays," and "direct projection of parents' voices into fetal chamber." She's also "programmed to respond to doubts you may have about the moral dilemmas some find inherent in [her] existence."
* WorkingWithTheEx: A hologram of Gideon's deceased ex, Cynna, joins the party. Rachel responds with a HurricaneOfEuphemisms:
--> '''Rachel:''' Wait a minute. Gideon, you never mentioned that you two were...
--> '''Cynna:''' Involved? Friendly? Acquainted? Pals? Buddies? Amigos? Familiar with the beast with two backs? Just good friends? Scream in the night, rock around the clock, what do you know here comes the daylight kind of friends?
--> '''Rachel:''' ...Right. He never mentioned that.
* YourMindMakesItReal: Said of Hell.
--> "The burning is in the mind, but that makes it no less real."