[[caption-width-right:240:Top to bottom - Shishin (Murderer and Father), Kosame (Archer and Priestess), Gensuke (Doctor and Assassin)]]

''Guwange'' is a BulletHell ShootEmUp by Creator/{{Cave}} with artwork by "Joker" Creator/JunyaInoue. It is the Muromachi Period in Japan, a time of great strife, chaos, and violence. Plagues are befalling the land, people are getting possessed by shikigami and dying after a year, and a malevolent power named Guwange-sama rules from Mount Gokumon. Three protagonists decide to attack Guwange, each having their own motives for doing so:
* Shishin: An infamous murderer who wears an oni mask and is aided by the shikigami Rikiou, so that ordinary people think he really is a oni. His daughter, Mikoto, had incredible powers and was sought after by all sorts of powerful beings, finally ending up with Guwange-sama. Shishin seeks to get her back.
* Hiiragi Kosame: She is a priestess and a guardian of nature who is bonded to Yasuhisha, a descendant of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Yasuhisha is aware that she will die within a year due to their bond, so together they set off to defeat Guwange-sama.
* Kamono Gensuke: He was studying medicine when Kirinmaru came and possessed him. Now, he assassinates others for money and to appease Kirinmaru, but has heard that anyone who defeats Guwange-sama will be freed from possession by shikigami. Thus, Kamono Gensuke ventures forth.

Unlike most shmups, the player characters are humans walking on foot, and the stages scroll in many different directions as opposed to just straight-up or straight-right.

It is available in English on the X-Box Store (On X360 and BC on X1). This version has an XBOX Arrange Mode which allows independent movement of the character and shikigami, and some gameplay changes to make high-scoring more interesting.

!!''[=Guwange=]'' contains examples of:

* BeautyEqualsGoodness: Hiiragi, the beautiful priestess, is bonded with a beautiful fox spirit. They are the nicest of the playable characters, and have the most positive relationship.
* BittersweetEnding -- [[spoiler: Shishin's ending suggests that he will have to fight for the rest of his life in order to protect his daughter. Also Kosame's ending, since Yasuhisha has sacrificed himself to save her life from the shikigami curse.]]
* CoolMask -- Shishin wears an oni mask.
* CreepyChild -- Mikoto, especially her eerie smile in Shishin's ending. She is also fully aware of her powers.
* {{Curse}} -- Kirinmaru considers itself to be this for Gensuke's family.
* DeadlyDoctor -- Kamono Gensuke, now an assassin.
* DealWithTheDevil -- Shishin is able to live for longer than a year, despite being bonded with a shikigami, due to a special deal.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome -- The cutscenes are black-and-white, except for red blood and the blue eyes of some characters.
* DemonicPossession -- All three playable characters. Only Hiiragi Kosame has any sort of friendly connection with her shikigami. [[spoiler: Shishin's daughter, Mikoto, is possessed by the final boss Guwange-sama]]
* DemonSlayer -- Kosame comes from a lineage of demon hunters.
* EnfantTerrible -- The second-to-last boss is a gigantic demon baby.
* EvilCounterpart -- Most of the player characters and their shikigami are not very good to begin with, but [[spoiler: Mikoto and Amagizu are even more powerful, and Amagizu is even more evil.]]
* EvilLaugh -- Heard in the background of stage 3, probably the ghosts themselves laughing. [[spoiler: Mikoto also giggles evilly in the final boss battle.]]
* FourIsDeath -- '''Shi'''shin's name.
* GenderBender -- The first boss is a male demon wearing the guise of a female dancer with six attendant ladies.
* GottaCatchEmAll -- Several elemental artifacts must be collected before Guwange-sama himself can be reached.
* {{Magitek}} -- Shoulder-fired cannons, flying wooden gunships, mobile demonic temples, etc.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast -- Shishin's shikigami, Rikiou, is also known as "The One Who Comes And Takes."
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot -- The boss of Stage 3, Nekogumi (literally "[[MegaNeko Cat]] [[GiantSpider Spider]]").
* OneHitPointWonder -- Averted, surprisingly. You can take multiple hits on one life.
* PapaWolf -- Shishin puts himself through a Creator/{{Cave}} game in order to rescue his daughter.
* RazorWind -- Enemy ''mooks'' do this.
* StringyHairedGhostGirl -- Lots of them, stuck in pots or coming out of tombstones, in stages 3 and 6.
* UpToEleven -- The XBOX Arrange Mode causes all enemy bullets on the screen to be considered painted (bullets are slower and turn into coins when ''any'' enemy dies) for as long as your shikigami is bombing something, and gives a constant stream of coins from whatever that your shikigami is bombing. The result is... let us say... considerably more coins than the arcade versions.
* {{Youkai}} -- Part of the setting.