Gobtron is a WebGame where you play as Gobtron the large, hungry monster. Your goal is to eat or destroy all the enemies in the level without getting killed... by using the power of ToiletHumour.

You begin with a SnotBubble that can be flung at enemies to catch and kill them. Later on, you can get a delayed, targeted shot gun, a spit bubble shield, a screen-clearing burp [[spoiler: and a Fart that does the same, except it lingers]].

The game can be played [[http://armorgames.com/play/4293/gobtron here]].
'''This game contains the following tropes:'''

* AirborneMook: Appears in the WWII level and the Future levels. These are quite a nuisance and can be very dangerous if not taken down with the Booger Cannon. A helpful, power-up carrying bird also flies by every now and then.
--> "CALL TO EVERY UNITS! Dispatch all AIR DEFENSES as quick as possible! We may have a chance to eradicate GOBTRON if we strike from the sky!"
* CrosshairAware: The Booger Cannon. You plant a crosshair, and 1.5 seconds later Gobtron will shoot a blob of damaging snot at it.
* DeflectorShields: The Bubble Shield, which is basically a huge saliva bubble that blocks against all enemy fire.
* EldritchAbomination: Gobtron.
* GiantMook: The large mooks, which take three hits to knock down before getting stuck unless you have the Shot Shot's final Upgrade.
-->"IN THE NAME OF RA! This creature's SNOT is too sticky! Let's bring the HEAVY [=ONEs=]! They won't stick unless they're SMASHED into pieces!"
** Enemy Structures also count- they have even more health, and can deal loads of damage if not destroyed quickly.
* [[spoiler: {{Fartillery}}]]: [[spoiler: The Secret Morph, which can only be used once per level.]]
* FlunkyBoss: The FinalBoss. They're just {{Flying Saucer}}s that drop crates. If you fail to destroy the crates before they touch the ground, a wave of enemies appear. The first wave has you fight just one, but the next two have you face two and three at a time.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Every few levels, you see [[AlienAbduction aliens abduct]] one the citizens of the level. [[spoiler: They return in the final level, and spawn mooks from throughout the ages]].
* FutureCopter: The AirborneMook for the Future level.
* KungFuProofMook: Enemy structures take less damage from the Snot Shot and will cause the snot to retract if it hits them. Use the Booger Cannon instead.
-->"SOUND THE HORN! We must build structures to bring down this beast! His SNOT should not be as effective on our TREBUCHET as it is on us!"
* MechaMooks: All the regular mooks in the Future are robots.
* MookMaker: The Medic center enemies will cause additional mooks to enter the area unless they are destroyed.
-->"MAYDAY! This son of a gun is weakening our troops! Building MEDIC CENTERS should help INCREASE the number of soldiers! Hurry up!"
* MultiMookMelee
* NoseNuggets: Weaponized snot, in fact! Gobtron has a snot slingshot and a booger cannon to eat or destroy enemies with!
* NumberOfTheBeast: The WolfpackBoss {{Flying Saucer}}s give the player 666 DNA upon death.
* RealMenWearPink: Gobtron has pink fur.
* ShootTheMedicFirst: While not exactly a medic, the enemy hospital will keep bringing in extra enemies unless destroyed.
* SnotBubble: Weaponized in this game.
* SmartBomb: The Sonic Burp kills a large percentage of the Mooks on screen. Upgrading it gives it a higher chance of killing Mooks. [[spoiler: The [[{{Fartillery}} Secret Morph]] does the same, except that it lingers for a long period and kills most foes on the screen during that period.]]
* SufferTheSlings: Made of ''snot'', no less. ([[IncrediblyLamePun Slingsnot]]?)
* TimeAbyss: Gobtron. The game doesn't tell us when it came about, but it's survived from the prehistoric until the future...
* VillainProtagonist: Arguably.
* VideoGameSettings: You go through time as you pass though the levels, from the [[{{Prehistoria}} Prehistoric]], [[BuildLikeAnEgyptian Ancient Egypt]], DarkAgeEurope, UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, and [[{{Zeerust}} the Future]].
* [[RidingIntoTheSunset Walking Into the Sunset]]: The bare-bones ending of the game.
* WolfpackBoss: The final boss, on the second and third waves.
* ZergRush: The robots in the Future use this strategy to take down Gobtron.
-->"BZZZ-BIP! You will be terminated soon, GOBTRON! If we don't overcome you with our POWER, we will overcome you with our NUMBER! BIP!"