''Fury³'' is a space combat shooter, released in 1995 for the PC, developed by Terminal Reality, published by Microsoft. It uses a very similar game engine to Terminal Reality's previous game, ''VideoGame/TerminalVelocity'' (but built for the MicrosoftWindows platform rather than MS-DOS). A sequel was entitled ''Hellbender''.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

"During the IP Wars, the Terrans designed a race of bionic warriors known for their cunning and their brutal strength. Physically superior and ruthlessly aggressive, a single troop of Bions could eliminate the inhabitants of a planet within days.

The Bion war effort saved the Coalition, but nearly destroyed Terran. After the war, Bion aggression could not be contained. Peaceful coexistence between Bions and Terrans proved impossible. The ensuing Bion Wars are known for their brevity - and violence.

In 2832, the Coalition ordered complete Bion dismantlement, and instituted Terran's renowned Council of Peace - a military defense force inferior to none.... Unknown to the Coalition, a few Bions survived and have assembled on a distant planet called Fury.

Their plan is to seize seven more Coalition planets whose resources will help them attain their ultimate goal - total domination of space from the Bion Fury outpost.

As a member of Terran's Council of Peace, it's your mission to stop them. Welcome home, ."

!This game provides examples of:
* AcePilot: The Councilor and, in Hellbender, [[EvilCounterpart Nyx]].
* ActionPolitician: The Councilor.
* AlienSky: Played straight with L24-D and New Kroy. L24-D is a Venus-esque planet with orange-ish fog and a dark red sky while New Kroy's sky is gray. Subverted with Terran, Sebek and Fury who all use a earthly light blue sky and averted with the other planets due to lack of any atmosphere.
* BackFromTheBrink: The game starts like this. The whole Coalition millitary is destroyed and the Bions are on a rampage on Terran [[OneManArmy and it's up to you to stop them]].
* BigBad: [=FX4=], the leader of the Bions. [[spoiler:More disturbingly, your ''dead'' father, Felix Wannamaker III, had his body exhumed and his genes spliced to create him; see MeaningfulName below.]]
* BigBulkyBomb: The FFF smart bomb stands for [[StuffBlowingup fission-fusion-fission]]
** The Bion fury missile also qualify because being made of carbonium which is described as being even '''more''' powerful than a fusion bomb.
* {{BFG}}: The '''B'''ion '''F'''ury '''M'''issile.
* ChekhovsGun: Very easy to miss, but the opening cutscene of Hellbender mentions that there are ''two'' surviving prototypes of the Hellbender attack craft. [[spoiler:If Nyx defeats you at the end of the Tricerius Asteroid Belt, you eject from the crippled Hellbender, wake up in hospital and then use the second one to finish the game, albeit without all of the weapons you collected beforehand.]]
* CityPlanet: New Kroy.
* CollisionDamage: With everything that is not air or power-ups.
* {{Cutscene}}: Everytime you enter and leave a planet. [[EarthShatteringKaboom Sometimes narrowly escaping]]. Completing the Ares mission also triggers a scene of your ship flying through a wormhole.
* CrapsackWorld: Nearly every planet to be occupied by the Bions tends to fit the bill, but Terran in particular is a sad case; the world has been wracked by centuries of nearly nonstop warfare, is enduring yet another invasion at the opening of the game, and is in the midst of a crippling depression after Fury's destruction. With their cities aflame amidst rioting and protests against the military and the population restless after what was a costly victory, Terran's been at a near-complete loss to find lasting peace.
* DifficultyLevels: From easy to furious. In Hellbender, it goes from easy to hellbent.
* EarthShatteringKaboom: L24-D, Vestra and Fury explodes after you are done with them.
* EnemyDetectingRadar: The radar shows you the terrain type that you're flying over, enemy ships and stationary targets (orange and green dots respectively) and the height of your enemies (o shaped dot if below or above you. + symbol if they are on the same level). It also doubles as a objective marker.
* EncyclopediaExposita: The in-game help menu includes background information on all eight planets, the Bions, and various technologies used in the game, complete with references to fictional books.
* EvilCounterpart: Nyx is this to the Hellbender pilot, and actually has his own base of operations and a number of spare ships in the Tricerius Asteroid Belt, although he doesn't so much as fly skilfully but rather possesses very strong shields, a battery of [[MissileLockOn Viper Missiles]], a rearward-firing laser and, in his final duel against you, a [[OhCrap cloaking device]]. [[spoiler:[[WeaksauceWeakness He's especially vulnerable to Doomsday Mines and the VorTEX superweapon if you manage to find all eight parts.]]]]
* ExpansionPack: The obscure and weirdly named mission pack: F!zone offers 3 new levels: Belazure, Futro colonial center, and a big-honking destroyer that you must destroy.
* FeaturelessProtagonist: The Councilor. [[spoiler: Revealed to be the son of Felix Wannamaker III in the final cutscene of Hellbender.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** In Hellbender, there's a reason why Nyx is a TGT and not a GRD (boss) objective when you finally DuelToTheDeath against him[[spoiler:, and when you do defeat him, he jettisons the cockpit in the cutscene just before the missile destroys the craft. He reappears as the last line of defense between you and Shiva, this time as a GRD]].
** On the same subject, you find one of Nyx's spare ships alongside the secret weapon component for the Tricerius Asteroid Belt - maybe your mission objectives didn't account for all of them...
* FrickinLaserBeams: The Servo-Kinetic and Rapid-Fire Lasers.
* FunWithAcronyms: The weapons are identified that way on your HUD (SKL stands for Servo-Kinetic Laser. RFL-20 stands for Rapid-Fire Laser 20 and so on).
* GameBreakingBug: after you destroy the City-generator in New Kroy, the game sometimes freeze when you exit the tunnel and randomly start playing the boss battle music of the last planet you visited forcing a reload.
** Also after the cinematics that show you leaving Terra, the game freezes.
* HomingProjectile: The Viper heat seeker missile and the Bion fury missile. The latter is slightly faster.
* LevelEditor: [[ExpansionPack F!zone]] has one. A very frustrating one.
* MadeOfExplodium: L24-D is full of carbonium ore, a substance that is ''48 times more destructive than a fusion bomb''. [[EarthShatteringKaboom You can guess what happens to the planet]] after the 3rd mission.
* InformedEquipment: You can have 7 different weapons. None of them actually appear on the ship.
* MadeOfIron: The Councilor's ship is able to fly straight through ships, crash on mountains, ground, water and still fly. The Bions ships? Not so much...
* MeaningfulName: Bordering on FridgeBrilliance, [=FX4=]: [[spoiler:His genes are spliced from the dead Felix Wannamaker III, so his name is short for Felix IV]].
* MissileLockOn: Viper Missiles and Legion Missiles lock on to enemy fighters. Just be careful because SAM sites and bosses can return the favour.
* NitroBoost: Turbo.
* NonIndicativeName: It's not the third installment of a series. In fact the name is a weird mixture of Fury, the home planet of the enemy, and the ultimate weapon in the game called the "FFF" or "F3" (or, as used in the title, "F cubed").
* NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup: Averted: there are ''two'' surviving prototypes of the Hellbender, and [[EvilCounterpart Nyx]] has a number of spare Nemesis ships in his base of operations.
* OneManArmy: The Councilor annihilates the entire Bion army with no assistance whatsoever.
* PowerUp: Usually in bunkers that you have to blow up and sometimes dropped by a fighter. Lasers are a special case, because when you pick up 1 laser upgrade of an already owned laser, it will enable you to fire 99 shots of twin lasers, picking up another one while you still have ammo will enable you to shoot 4 lasers simultaneously.
* RecurringBoss: In Hellbender, Nyx appears several times to give you a hard time: first on Iowah, then on Chimera, and a few times in his base of operations, the Tricerius Asteroid Belt, where you finally DuelToTheDeath with him. [[spoiler:And then he reappears once more protecting the Shiva Battleship in a spare craft.]]
* RecycledInSpace: The planet Sebek is AncientEgypt IIIIN SPAAAAACE.
* SingleBiomePlanet: Tiamat is a water world. Sebek is a desert world and Fury is a Metal planet protected by a force-field.
** And then Hellbender brings us [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Snow City]] and Chimera, the latter being entirely volcanic and the former needing no further explanation.
* SmartBomb: The FFF (fission-fusion-fission) weapon destroys everything around you and also recharges your shields.
* SpiritualSuccessor: to VideoGame/TerminalVelocity.
* SpreadShot: The DC-14 works this way. basically a giant shuriken shooting shotgun.
* TheMole: In Hellbender, a mole named Coyote sabotages a jump zone that very nearly strands the Hellbender on Iowah after getting distracted by Nyx. [[spoiler:It's also strongly implied that she sabotaged the Amatsu's shields, your mothership, allowing it to be destroyed by Shiva.]]
** Rishi acts as a mole for the Council of Peace, providing intelligence for the Hellbender and going as far as spying on a meeting between [=FX4=], Nyx and Coyote. On Iowah, you have to rescue and escort his ship to safety while avoiding Nyx.
* TunnelNetwork: An important part of the game. Tunnels are mission critical objectives that must be explored in order to complete your mission be it a simple enter/exit tunnel or killing the planet's boss lurking inside a room.
* VideoGameGeography: Type 1 donut-shaped example.