->''"the absolutely indelible FRUIT MYSTERY a game by BRETT T GRAHAM. can you solve the FRUIT MYSTERY??''
->''the message part at the end DOESN'T WORK because brett and his computer is LOST IN THE ANDES"''
-->-- '''Fruit Mystery's Title Screen'''

Fruit Mystery is a strange, purposely poorly-made game where you feed different foods to pictures of animals that are floating around. The protagonist is either very stupid or crazy, and he goes to the zoo to give different foods to the zoo animals, which often ends up in the animals getting sick. This is PlayedForLaughs, and most of the gameplay is just feeding food to zoo animals and seeing what happens.

After you feed a food item to an animal, a text box pops up to give you super educational information about what happened. For example, the text box says, "a SNOWSTORM of green sprouts, (the helthy fruit), go into the tiger's face RAOAR ROAR he goes and tries to jump out of his cage to thank me. NO PROBLEM ACTUALLY TIGER" after feeding brussel sprouts to a tiger.

You basically do this over and over again until the timer runs out, and then the game royally mind screws you. The screen starts flashing, all of the animals tell you that they hate you, and Zookeeper Steve gets very angry at you for harming the animals and ends up losing his job. [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Or something like that]].

Link to the game: http://ohhai.zxq.net/

!!'''''VideoGame/FruitMystery'' provides examples of:'''
* AnimalsHateHim: All of the animals tell you they hate you at the end.
* BlackComedy
* DerangedAnimation: The fruits are drawn very poorly in MS Paint, pictures of animals float across the screen, it's just weird.
* HilarityInZoos: Pretty much the whole plot of the game.
* LargeHam: The narrator. He likes to RANDOMLY GO into ALL CAPS MODE.
* MindScrew: The ending.
* NoPunctuationIsFunnier: The game uses poor grammar and punctuation for humor.
* NoPunctuationPeriod
* ObliviouslyEvil: The main character (or maybe it's the narrator?) seems to be this, innocently feeding foods to zoo animals that may be fatal to them.
* ShootTheDog: The dog dies at the end from the food that you gave it. PlayedForLaughs, of course.
* SoBadItsGood: Despite how horrible it is, it sure is hilarious.
* SurrealHumor
* TheFoodPoisoningIncident
* Main/{{Troll}}: Brett T Graham is one, apparently.
* UnreliableNarrator: The person who tells you what to do or what is happening is completely insane.
* VillainProtagonist: Probably one of the most strange and funny examples of this trope out there. The protagonist is of the ObliviouslyEvil variety.