''Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse'' is a 2012 ThirdPersonShooter video game based on the animated sitcom, ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''. It is a sequel of sorts to the ''[[Recap/FamilyGuyS8E1RoadToTheMultiverse Road to The Multiverse]]'' episode of the TV show.

A Bertram from an alternate dimension arrives in the main Family Guy timeline, out on a mission to destroy any timeline where he doesn't exist. He builds a multiverse-traveling remote control and goes into another universe as part of his plan to lure Stewie into his trap. When Stewie and Brian decide to go find Bertram and kill him, Bertram hires henchmen to kill Stewie and Brian. A couple of these henchmen are characters from the TV show, such as Ernie the Giant Chicken, Long John Peter, and Santa's work-overwhelmed elves.

Stewie and Brian follow Bertram through 10 different universes, including an Evil Counterpart universe, the origin realm of [[Recap/FamilyGuyS9E12TheHandThatRocksTheWheelchair Evil Stewie]], a universe where progress has been frozen in UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfPiracy, and a universe ruled by the Giant Chickens.

!!This game provides examples of the following tropes:
* ActionBomb: The North Pole level has elves with bags full of explosives, and explosive dolls.
* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: [[spoiler: Peter and Ernie's grudge match gets another spotlight just before the fight with Bertram.]]
* AndYourRewardIsClothes: Many of the secondary objectives unlock alternate costumes for purchase in the game's store.
* AnnoyingArrows: If hit with an arrow, it will stick out of Stewie or Brian's head for a little bit
* AvengingTheVillain: A Bertram from an alternate universe wants revenge on Stewie for killing their universe's Bertram.
* BadSanta: One of the universes visited is one in which everyone buys their Christmas presents online, so Santa has become an arms dealer.
* BatmanGambit: Bertram's stated plan of traveling across different universes to build an army [[spoiler: is just a ruse to distract Stewie while Bertram's assistant builds his ''real'' army, made up of clones of himself]].
* BeastOfBattle: Bertram rides a T-Rex during the final boss fight. [[spoiler: Said T-Rex ends up eating him after he's been defeated.]]
* {{BFG}}: Long John Peter's main weapon is a cannon off his ship. That he lugs around as a personal firearm.
* BorrowedCatchphrase: If you fail to stop the bomb in time, Bertram will say "Victory is mine!"
* BossOnlyLevel: The final two levels.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: One of Stewie's quotes is something along the lines of "well, there's some loser moving his thumbs and pushing buttons, so that helps too."
** Also, after you beat the game, [[spoiler: [[LampshadeHanging Brian asks if another alternate universe Bertram could try to avenge the previous two.]] Stewie says that it's possible, but tells Brian to wait and see how much money the game makes.]]
* CelShading
* ContinuityPorn: The game is ''loaded'' with references and gags of the series.
* CoversAlwaysLie: The character artwork on the back of the game cover suggests that the other Griffins are going to help Brian and Stewie in their battle with Bertram. They never do.
* DamageSpongeBoss: Evil Stewie.
* DefeatEqualsFriendship: In a sense. The head of Crippletron, the third boss of the game, is Joe Swanson. Joe is also an assist item in the game, which can be bought before this fight, but is not found within any actual levels until after you defeat Crippletron.
* DialogueDuringGameplay: Most of which is made up of recycled sound clips from the show.
* DramaticGunCock: At the start of Santa's workshop.
-->'''Brian:''' Well, come on! ''(cocks gun)'' I'm dreaming of a ''(cocks gun again)'' red Christmas!
-->'''Stewie:''' Okay, you only get ''one'' gun-cock per line, okay? And the lines should really be better than that.
* EarthIsABattlefield: The evil universe is one of these.
* EarthShatteringKaboom: In the BadEnding
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Brian is pretty willing to gun down just about everyone that comes in their path and has a disgusting sense of humor (such as ignoring a wounded Joe Swanson crying for help after the Crippletron fight). But he calls Stewie a sick person after the latter kills Santa Claus by dropping a TV on him. Stewie naturally just insults him.
* EverythingIsTryingToKillYou
* EvilCripple: The "Handicapable" level is full of these.
* EvilTwin: An entire universe full of them, though sadly the only evil versions of the regular characters you get to see are Evil Stewie and Evil Mayor West.
* ExplodingBarrels: Many in the "Something's Amish" level
* ExpositionFairy: Bruce functions as one.
* FlunkyBoss: A lot of them.
* GoForTheEye: This is how you beat the second boss.
* UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfPiracy: One universe is frozen in this era, as a result of piracy becoming far, FAR more widespread than in the main timeline.
* GrievousBottleyHarm: Brian's default melee weapon is a smashed Pawtucket Pat beer bottle.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: Bertram rides a T-Rex during his boss fight, which ends up eating him after he's been defeated.]]
* HumongousMecha: One serves as the second boss. Also, there's [[spoiler:Crippletron]] returning from the show in the handicapped universe.
* LateArrivalSpoiler: Those who haven't watched the episode "The Big Bang Theory" may be confused by how the Betram ingame is an alternate version.
* LightningBruiser: Brian's guns shoot rather quickly as well as hits hard, his Alcohol makes his attacks stronger. Stewie's weapons are powerful and his Energy Drink increases his firing rate and reload rate.
* LoneWolfBoss: [[spoiler: Ernie the Giant Chicken.]]
%%* [[MultiformBalance Multiplayer Balance]]: The playable characters.
%%** JackOfAllStats: Brian, Cleveland
%%** MasterOfNone: Quagmire, Chris
%%** LightningBruiser: Stewie
%%** GlassCannon: Lois, Death
%%** FragileSpeedster: Mayor West
%%** MightyGlacier: Peter
%%** StoneWall: Meg
%%** The SummonMagic characters as well.
%%*** LightningBruiser: Ernie the Giant Chicken
%%*** GlassCannon: Joe Swanson
%%*** LethalJokeCharacter: Exploding Teddy Bear.
%%*** MightyGlacier: Rupert-In-The-Box
%%*** StoneWall: Inflatable-Flailing-Long-Arms-Man
* RecycledSoundtrack: The pause menu plays every variation of the show's end credits theme that has ever appeared in the show.
* [[SadistShow Sadist Game:]] The trademark humour of the TV show is present and correct in the game, the best example for this trope being the Handicapped Universe, a level where all the enemies use crutches or wheelchairs, ending in a boss fight against Crippletron. That's the joke, they're handicapped, killing them is funny.
* SendInTheClones: Clones of Bertram assist the real one during the final boss fight.
* ShoutOut: One of the enemies in the space chicken level is a literal [[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken robot chicken]]. Becomes a Double ShoutOut in that it responds with Seth Green's voice when Stewie comments "I hate Robot Chicken".
** "Brian, [Peter] can't hear you scream, remember? We're in space."
* SmoochOfVictory: Lampshaded as after [[spoiler:saving Peter in the space chicken level]], he'll ask if his thanks "require kisses" and notes that he wasn't wanting to but would do it anyway.
* StockAudioClip: Much of the DialogueDuringGameplay is made up of recycled sound clips from the show.
* SuperDrowningSkills
* TagTeam: Brian and Stewie are one in the story mode.
* TalkLikeAPirate: Naturally in the Long John Peter level, including a rehash of Peter's shin gag with "Argh" in place of the usual wince.
* TemptingFate: Ironically, it's Death that does it. In the level where you assassinate Mayor [=McCheese=], Death can be found lounging on a rooftop saying things like "boy am I glad no one's going to die today!"
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Stewie and Brian regularly brace themselves for a rough time whenever enemy-spawning vehicles or buildings arrive.
* [[TwoPersonPoolParty Three-Person Pool Party]]: In the first level, Cleveland can be found in a hot tub with two women.
* UniqueEnemy: Early in the North Pole level, there is an "Employee of the Month" style picture of an elf who is wearing a red outfit, instead of the standard green outfit that every other elf wears. Later on, you actually see this elf, and killing him prompts Stewie to make a comment about him.
* VerbalTic: Stewie and Brian continuously pepper their dialogue with the insult "dick" in this manner.
* VisualPun: One of the pirate ships to be destroyed during the Long John Peter level has a mast featuring a parody of the FBI anti-piracy logo.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Yeah, Stewie constantly insults Brian throughout this game.
* WackyFratboyHijinx: An entire universe entirerly ruled by fratboys serve as the first level. Its surprisingly well maintained, except everyone wears letter sweaters.
* WakeUpCallBoss: The final boss is actually one of these, mostly because it's the only one whose health regenerates when you die.
* WeaponizedAnimal: Bertram's T-Rex.
* WeakButSkilled[=/=]UnskilledButStrong: Brian's weapons do less than damage than Stewie's but they have better accuracy to compensate. Conversely, Stewie's weapons have less accuracy than Brian's but make up for being more powerful.
* WeCanRuleTogether: [[spoiler: Bertram unsuccessfully tries to do this to Stewie right before he is eaten by his T-Rex.]]