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The ''Excite'' series is a line of racing titles from Creator/{{Nintendo}}, which usually focus on mud-and dirt-based trick racing.

The first game in the series was ''Excitebike'', with was a motocross racing game where the player raced around an obstacle-ridden dirt stadium against other players or NPC opponents. Acceleration caused the temperature to overheat, and tricks could be performed via ramps. It also offered a robust mode that let players design their own courses.

The second game in the series was ''Excitebike 2: BX Mario Excitebike''. It was a MissionPackSequel of the first game, and only available via Japanese-only download service. It replaced the generic riders with Mario characters and added coins and unlimited boosts.

The third game in the series is ''Excitebike 64'', which was a more "extreme sports", 3D take on the game.

''Excite Truck'' was the fourth game, being released on the Wii as a launch title. It switched the format from bikes to trucks, and made tricks more important - both placing first and performing tricks would earn points, and the one who had the most points won the race.

''Excitebots: Trick Racing'' is the fifth game in the series. It is a sequel to Excite Truck. As the name implies, the trucks have been replaced with cute, animal-shaped robots on wheels such as frogs, beetles, and bats that each have special abilities. It also incorporates the leg and arm motions of each robot into the use of the Wii remote.

''Excitebike World Rally'' is the latest game in the series, available for UsefulNotes/WiiWare. It marks a return to the original NES play style and design, with a track editor and online play.

!!This series provides examples of:

* ActionCommands: ''Excitebots'' features these to earn extra points, like "Press to throw pie in clown's face."
* AlienSky: The Nebula tracks from ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots''.
* AnimalMecha: For lack of a better trope, the Excitebots are all based on animals. Most of them are arthropods, with some mammals and herpetofauna mixed in. The only exception is [[spoiler:Boulder]].
* AndYourRewardIsClothes: Or rather, paint.
* AnnouncerChatter: The more realistic variety was in ''Excitebike 64''; the other games go without it entirely.
* AnthropomorphicShift: [[spoiler: Boulder]] becomes what is essentially an [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} autobot]] in ''Excitebots''.
* AstralFinale: The last cup in ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots'', Crystal, is set in a space realm called Nebula.
* BreathWeapon: Background features attack you with this in ''Excitebots'' Guatemala.
* BottomlessPitRescueService: ''Excitebots'' offers this in the form of a big magnet.
* ButtonMashing: You're shaking the Wii remote, but it is the same principle to right yourself after crashing in ''Excitebike World Rally''.
* DolledUpInstallment: Rumor is that ''Excitebots'' started off as a Wii version of ''VideoGame/DiddyKongRacing'', with the animal vehicles based on the animal-riding segments of ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry''. When Nintendo couldn't secure the rights from Microsoft, the game was retooled into ''Excitebots'' instead.
* DoubleUnlock: Used often in ''Excitebots'' - usually of the "now available to buy" variety.
* DownloadableContent: ''Excitebike 2'' is downloadable content.
* EmbeddedPrecursor: ''Excitebike 64'' lets you play the first NES game.
* EndlessGame: The first ''Excitebike'' has no ending. You just keep playing until you reach the impossible challenge: Complete the race in 1:06-1:10 on Track 5.
* FishingMinigame: A rare occurrence in ''Excitebots'', which lets you go fishing ''while'' you race.
* GameMusic: ''Excite Truck'' was the first Wii game to let you play music you had downloaded to an SD card.
* GenreThrowback: ''Excitebike 64'' has an unlockable mode called "Excite 3D", which consists basically in remaking the old NES tracks in 3D and racing them in the game's own engine. Watch it [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEmHoSCcC9g here]].
* GiantHandsOfDoom: These are one of the enemies in ''Excitebots''.
* InvincibilityPowerUp: ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots'' have a bonus that makes you invincible and lets you plow through obstacles faster.
* IsometricProjection: ''Excitebike World Rally'' uses this perspective style, but unlike most, does it with polygons instead of sprites, so the depth is not just perceived...
* LevelEditor: ''Excitebike'' had one of the more thorough ones in the 8-bit era. ''Excitebike 64'' and ''Excitebike World Rally'' also have custom tracks.
* MadeOfIron: In ''World Rally,'' you can pass other racers directly from behind by doing a wheelie and riding over them. This doesn't cause any bodily harm.
* MiniGame:
** A tradition in the 3D titles started by ''Excitebike 64''.
** In ''Excitebots,'' you play the mini-games ''while'' you race.
* MirrorWorld: There's one in ''Excite Truck''. All the tracks are reversed.
* NinjaPirateRobotZombie: ''Excitebots'' offers giant butterfly-catching, tambourine-playing, pie-throwing, spinning robot animals in rainbow-colored costumes.
* NitroBoost: Called turbo boost, and every game has it or a similar mechanic. Most of the games limit this by potentially {{overheating}} your vehicle from overusing turbo, but each vehicle type also has ways of cooling off without slowing down too much.
* NoAntagonist: No protagonist may be the better choice of words.
%%* [[OneManArmy One Rider Army]]
* PassThroughTheRings: A way to gain extra points in ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots'' is to jump off a ramp and fly through a set of rings.
* ProductPlacement: ''Excitebike 64'' had a plethora of extreme sports-related brands advertised in the game.
* PullingThemselvesTogether: In ''Excitebots,'' if you mess up in a bar spin, your bot with be ripped to pieces. If the pieces stay airborne long enough the bot will slowly piece itself back together, at which point they will hit the ground like nothing happened if you can land them properly.
* RampJump: A staple of motocross, so it makes sense for the bike games and the bots can be excused as well. Most of the vehicles from the truck game are not made to do this, but [[RuleOfFun they pull it off anyway.]]
* RefugeInAudacity:
** The ''Exite Bike 64'' mini game. Soccer on motor cycles!
** Brought to the racing itself by ''Excite Truck'' to differentiate it from the earlier games, and carried over to ''Excitebots'' -- placing first is not enough to advance, as you must also perform enough stunts and antics to earn the requisite number of points. In ''Excite Truck,'' it's typical to do a Super Truck Jump over the ''Great Wall of China,'' land in a grove of trees and dodge them by inches at 200 mph, then do a power slide and slam into a competitor.
** In fact, any jump distance that earns you the "Super Big Air" bonus will be invoking this trope.
* {{Scatting}}: On the China course of ''Excite Truck'', and in the track intro song in ''Excitebike 64''.
* SentientVehicle: While not explicitly said, the Excitebots seem to be this, given how they pose joyously after certain stunts.
* SpiritualSuccessor:
** The ''Excitebots'' designs are very reminiscent of ''StuntRaceFX'', a 3D Nintendo racing title for the SNES that featured living cars with cartoony eyes.
** ''[[VideoGame/MarioKart Mario Kart Wii]]'' could be seen as this to ''Excitebike 2'', where Mario character are once again on motor bikes.
* ThirdIs3D: ''Exitebike 64'' is the third in the series and the first in full [=3D=].
* TheFaceless: ''Excitebike 2'' is only games where the riders aren't faceless. In ''Excitebike 64'', you could see the faces of the riders once you finished a cup; there would be a cutscene of the three first-placed bikers going up to the podium and removing their helmets.
* TimeTrial: From the very first game it was an alternative option to racing the CPU.
* TransformingMecha: In ''Excitebots'', the bots run to the track before turning into vehicle mode. A power up lets you race in legs mode and kick other racers you get close to, knock over trees, ignore most hazards and grind on rails. Jumping off a ramp in legs mode transforms the bot into a glider which can either fly for collectibles or dive for more speed.
* UnexpectedCharacter: [[spoiler:Boulder from ''Excite Truck'']] is unlockable in ''Excitebots''.
* UpToEleven: The ''Excitebots'' official site says the turtle did this to its turbo boosters to make up for its weight.
* VideoGame3DLeap:
** ''Excitebike 64'' was a total overhaul. The cool down spots and stacking ramps gave way to fairly more realistic track designs, the lanes vanished, and perspective shifted to behind. ''Excitebike'' has since moved closer to its traditional game play.
** ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots'' resemble ''Excitebike 64,'' but have different vehicle controls and add support items, stage hazards, collectibles and ScoringPoints.
* WackyRacing: Mainly ''Excite Truck'' and ''Excitebots''; the Bike games are tamer in comparison.