''Ephemeral Fantasia'' is an RPG by {{Creator/Konami}}, one of the first fully-3D {{RPG}}s for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation2, released in Japan in 2000 and in the U.S. and Europe in 2001. It's also known as ''Reiselied'', which is German for "Travel Song".

The game stars a wandering minstrel and his sentient lute Pattimo. They have been invited to the island of Pandule to perform at the coronation of its new king, Xelpherpolis. During the five-day ceremony they meet the bride to be - a melancholy girl named Roleiyu - and witness all manner of strange and tragic incidents. But nothing as strange as what happens on the last day, when Xelpherpolis freezes time itself and proclaims that he will never let you leave the island...

You wake up on the sixth day to discover that you're just arriving at the island: you've become trapped in a [[GroundhogDayLoop five-day time loop]] which only you, Pattimo, Roleiyu and Xelpherpolis are aware of. The only way to stop it is to defeat Xelpherpolis, but to do that you need to gain strength and gather allies. To do this, you need to break characters out of the time loop by averting the fates they have lived through over and over, thus "proving" that time is looping: for example, in a moment of weakness one character tries to poison another out of romantic jealousy; by preventing her from carrying out the plot, you can break the time loop's hold on her.

The game uses a [[InUniverseGameClock compressed real-time system]] to depict the flow of time over the five day loop, and to recruit most characters, you must be in certain places at certain times. Unfortunately, figuring out the correct sequence of events can be an exercise in frustration.

Compare ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask]]'', which had the same basic concept.

!!''Ephemeral Phantastia'' provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Rummy.
* AerithAndBob: The main character's "gang": [[spoiler:Beak, Fang]], and Mouse.
* AGodAmI:
** Xelpherpolis' ultimate goal.
** [[spoiler:Several of the games characters are already gods or KANNON as they're called in game.]]
%%* AffablyEvil: Xelpherpolis.
* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler:At the end of the game, you learn that Xelpherpolis could only live for six days- hence the time loop- and truly did love Roleiyu]].
* ArbitraryHeadCountLimit: Justified in that Mouse actually is only taking two party members and maybe a Death Chicken with him.
* BlindIdiotTranslation: "tarinba"? I think you mean "tambourine".
* {{Brainwashed}}: The time loop magic has also convinced everyone that Xelpherpolis marrying Roleiyu is a great idea.
* ButNowIMustGo: Mouse will leave the island regardless of expressed affection for Rummy or Roleiyu.
* CastFromHitPoints: Any move that Mouse [[strike: learns]] interprets from another character.
* ClockRoaches: The Time Monsters.
* ClosedCircle: Nobody can leave the island until the ferry arrives on the morning of day 6. Unfortunately, [[GroundhogDayLoop when the clock strikes midnight on day 5, time resets back to the morning of day 1]].
%%* DamselInDistress: Roleiyu.
%%* DarkWorld
%%* DevilInPlainSight: Xelpherpolis.
%%* EmpathicWeapon: Pattimo
* EyesAlwaysShut: Bagoth.
* FakeDifficulty: If you want to recruit Grantus, you have to let him capture Rinna a second time. And that's only the beginning.
* FrothyMugsOfWater: Averted, alcoholic drinks are mentioned by name, and Shark Killer must have an APV that's off the charts.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** Recruiting [[DirtyOldMan Plosi]] in general, but specifically if the girl you take to him is Rinna, who's physically around 12 never mind what the time loop's been doing to her.
** Rinna's implication about two people and the park. Thankfully Mouse dismisses it as something akin to a schoolgirl crush.
* GottaCatchEmAll: Subverted in there is a variation depending on if you did not get Fang by killing a certain boss too quickly, Rummy will go with you.
** There are 100 "Death Hyoko" (Chicken) eggs, each one can become a temporary party member, and if you get them all, you get a strange scene where you get to meet King Death Hiyoko and receive D.H. Manju (The Famous Dessert The Death Hiyoko Dumpling). [[BraggingRightsReward This does nothing.]]
* GuideDangIt: Especially when you have to search outside the town.
* GratuitousGerman: It's original Japanese release name was ''Reiselied'' which means "Traveller's Song". It makes sense since the main character is a travelling musician but all they really wanted it for was [[http://www.rpgamer.com/news/Q4-2000/101800a.html to sound exotic]]. German isn't so exotic in the West so the name was too sensible hence the current squadaliy.
%%* GroundhogDayLoop
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Claire.
* HelloInsertNameHere: The default name for the minstrel is "Mouse".
* HopelessBossFight: Nearly all the early fights with Xelpherpolis.
* HyperspaceArsenal: Claire's Time Vault, which can store your money and items between loops.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Almost everyone. Mouse's broadsword is normal enough, but whoever heard of fighting Broadsword & Lute? Kyte and his fish, Rind Rinna's tarinba (normal Rinna's mop is more like an ImprovisedWeapon), Plosi's brush, Ano's book . . .
* InUniverseGameClock: Uses a compressed real-time system.
* InstrumentOfMurder: The Hero has a sword hidden in a guitar.
* ItsAlwaysSpring: Summer, instead of Spring. Initially mentioned by the boatman NPC, then true until you break the loop.
* JustifiedExtraLives: Well, technically the characters still only have one, but in most cases-while the time loop is still in place-you'll be able to start again from the beginning of the next loop.
* MagicalGirl: Rinna is an AffectionateParody.
* MiniGame:
** Playing your lute comes in the form of a ''VideoGame/{{Beatmania}}''-style rhythm MiniGame.
** The drinking game with Claire.
* MsFanservice: Rummy (think [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Tifa]] with [[HeroesWantRedheads red hair]]).
* MultipleEndings: Depending on party members. For example, there's a boss that if you take too long (and you'd done Kyte's ending and sent a message), one of Mouse's old thief partners will appear to help if you finished . Beat it quickly, and he never will. Normally Mouse will leave with his two thief friends at the end of the game, but if the second doesn't appear, Rummy will take their place.
* NintendoHard: [[spoiler:if you've awakened Kyte and don't have him in your party on the 3rd day, at the start of the next loop he'll be gone, and Mouse has to fight through the dungeon Kyte got himself lost in alone.]]
* NonIndicativeName: There is a drunk in your party, but it's not Rummy.
* PermanentlyMissableContent: If you recruit [[spoiler:Gallhint]] without going to [[spoiler:Kyte's Dungeon first]] you cannot recruit [[spoiler:Beak and Fang]].
* RippleEffectProofMemory: The main character and his lute have one, and the first goal of the game is to pass on this power to other people.
** One of your allies already does, [[spoiler:but won't stop drinking her knowledge away until you talk to her]].
* StableTimeLoop: So stable, in fact, that your changes are incorporated into the next cycle (if you don't go to an event one loop, you won't be expected there the next). Obviously, much of the game involves finding out how to completely destroy it.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Again, recruiting Plosi. Especially what it says about you, the player, if you choose Rinna to be his model.