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The Duke Nukem franchise started early in TheNineties as a series of regular side-scrolling [[PlatformGame platformer games]]. It started under Creator/ApogeeSoftware[=/=]3DRealms development, but in 2010, the rights to the series went to Gearbox Software.

The series is composed of several games which follows a loose continuity:

* ''VideoGame/{{Duke Nukem|I}}'' (1991)
* ''VideoGame/DukeNukemII'' (1993)
* ''VideoGame/{{Duke Nukem 3D}}'' (1996)
* ''VideoGame/DukeNukemManhattanProject'' (2002)
* ''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever'' (2011)

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There were also several spinoffs for consoles and handhelds.
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* ''Duke Nukem: Time to Kill'' (1998)
* ''Duke Nukem: Zero Hour'' (1999)
* ''Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes'' (2000)
* ''Duke Nukem: Critical Mass'' (2011)

There are also hints of a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Nukem_(character)#Proposed_feature_film live-action film]] being made.

[[NamesTheSame Not to be confused with a member of]] WesternAnimation/{{Captain Planet|AndThePlaneteers}}'s RoguesGallery.
!!Tropes found across the series include:
* AchievementMockery: Tip a virtual stripper who takes her top off and you'll get the 10G achievement "Shake it Baby".
* AwesomeMcCoolname
* BadassBaritone: From 3D and onwards, Duke speaks in a deep, manly voice and delivers BondOneLiners regulary.
* BagOfSpilling: In the first three games, Duke loses all weapons he picks up across episodes. Averted in ''Forever'' [[spoiler:until the final battle]].
* BrassBalls: One of VideoGame/DukeNukem's catchphrases.
--> ''"I've got balls of steel!"''
** The company that made ''VideoGame/DukeNukem'', 3D Realms, later released a {{pinball}} game named ''VideoGame/BallsOfSteel'', which featured a Duke Nukem-themed table.
* BondOneLiner: Duke is rather fond of these.
* CanonDiscontinuity: The [[GaidenGame third person shooters]] ''Time to Kill'' and ''Land of the Babes'', for the original Playstation, while decent in their own right, aren't regarded as canon. The fact that they were made by different developers probably has something to do with that.
* ChivalrousPervert: Duke is a royal jackass who has no problem shitting down an alien behemoth's neck after killing it, but he will never insult a woman directly.
* CoolShades: From ''3D'' onwards, now became an iconic feature of his character.
* DamselInDistress: All of Earth's women.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The third game presented a massive shift in both genre and tone.
* GirlinessUpgrade: [[GenderInvertedTrope Gender inverted]]. It is hard to believe that, [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness once upon a time,]] [[RealMenWearPink Duke wore a pink shirt, watched Oprah, maintained a curly hairstyle]], and kept his language within the territories defined by GoshDangItToHeck. Then, [[DarkerAndEdgier something]] happened in between the two alien invasions...
* HeroicComedicSociopath: Duke's idea of a fun time is blowing an alien's brains out with a large shotgun. All of Duke's dialogue is bragging about how amazing he is. Duke casually throws money at the feet of strippers when any sane person would be evacuating them out of an active warzone. Duke once wrote a book titled "Why I'm So Great", and once threatened a large alien monster with "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck", and then after killing it ''[[NotHyperbole followed through with the threat]]''. Duke is an absolute ''douche'', and he's ''hilarious''.
* InconvenientlyPlacedConveyorBelt: All four installments to date have at least one.
* LockAndKeyPuzzle: The games are full of them. Lampshaded in ''Forever'', where the trope takes on a more creative twist.
* ManInAKilt: Believe it or not, Duke himself wears a kilt in the Medieval levels of ''Time to Kill'', and a tunic in the Ancient Roman levels.
** CensorShadow: Most of the time, except . . .
** {{Mooning}}: . . . in an EasterEgg, where he imitates ''Film/{{Braveheart}}''.
* MascotMook: The L.A.R.D pig cops have become this.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Duke Nukem. Kinda obvious to see what happens when you piss him off.
* NegativeContinuity: {{Zigzagged|Trope}}. The guns at the Duke Museum in ''Forever'' state that they were used by Duke in 1996 ... which refers to the year when ''3D'' came out. ''II'' was supposed to happen in 1998, since ''Duke Nukem'' is set in 1997, and the introduction of ''II'' mentions "defeating Doctor Proton last year", with ''3D'' happening immediately after ''II'''s conclusion. However, the ''Balls Of Steel Limited Edition Guide'' says: "This pegs the original invasion around 1999, which works out, since ''Duke Nukem'' and ''Duke Nukem II'' are set in the then-near future of 1997 and 1998."
* OctopoidAliens: Octobrains (octopus-like alien brains with tentacles) are regular enemies in the games.
* OneManArmy: Duke Nukem, alone, takes on a mad scientist and his robot army, followed by two alien armies, the latter of which had already at least partially conquered Earth the first time. Acknowledged in a 2001 trailer of Duke Nukem Forever when a SWAT Officer asks "Hey pal, what are you gonna do, save the world all by yourself?"
* PinballSpinoff: ''VideoGame/BallsOfSteel''.
* PopCulturedBadass: Duke, of course.
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: Duke has many of these.
* RatedMForManly: And how!
* RefugeInAudacity: Duke's bread and butter.
-->''The Secret to Duke's Humor is that he and his universe actually are serious. In his world, it makes perfect sense for families to be visiting the Fellatio hotel (i.e., the Bellagio) in Las Vegas. Everything in his world is real for them, authentic. It's only when we look at it through the lens of our world that we get the joke.''
-->--'''[[WordOfGod Randy Pitchford]]''', April 2011 US Xbox 360 Magazine on why the game's humor is so effective.
* SeeYouInHell: Duke sometimes says this whenever he blasts enemies into oblivion.
* ShoutOut: Check [[ShoutOut/DukeNukem the page]].
* StoppedNumberingSequels
* TestosteronePoisoning
* TitleDrop: Literally the first thing Duke says when the game starts in "Time To Kill" is "Looks like it's 'Time To Kill'."
* TheUsualAdversaries: Every alien race after the Rigelatins has employed Pig Cops in some way, what with them appearing in just about every game since 1996.