''Doremi Fantasy: Milon's [=DokiDoki=] Adventure'' (''Milon no [=DokiDoki=] Daibouken'') is a game released only on the SuperFamicom in Japan, made by HudsonSoft in 1996. The game is a sequel to ''[[VideoGame/MilonsSecretCastle Milon's Secret Castle]]''. It was later released on the {{Wii}} via Virtual Console in Japan, Europe and North America (under the "import" category) in 2008. There is also a fan translation of the game, titled ''Doremi Fantasy: Milon's Quest''.

Basically, the story is that Milon was playing in the forest, when suddenly an evil demon named Amon kidnapped Milon's fairy friend, Alis, and took the music in the land with him. It's up to Milon to go after Amon, defeat his minions, and get the music and Alis back.

!!'''This game provides examples of:'''

* AnAxeToGrind: The boss from World 4 uses two axes as her main weapons.
* BubbleGun: A much more useful one than in its predecessor.
* TheCameo: White Bomberman and Black Bomberman appear in the intro to Candy World.
* GoombaStomp: Milon's jump attack just momentarily stuns enemies and he can use them as platforms.
* LawOfOneHundred: Collecting 100 musical notes gives Milon an extra life. When continuously collecting them, they multiply (i.e. 1x to 2x and so on).
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to ''[[VideoGame/MilonsSecretCastle Milon's Secret Castle]]''.
* SceneryPorn: This game has a simplistic, yet quite appealing art style that gives a different charm for each colorful world in the game (World 2 in particular).
* ShoutOut: The sixth boss is a [[{{Kirby}} a moon and a sun, which seems like an expy of a certain boss duo.]]
* TurnsRed: The boss from World 4 starts to look more frog-like as she continues taking damage.
* VideoGameSettings
** TheLostWoods: World 1, Journey Forest.
** LevelAte: World 2, Candy World.
** BandLand: World 3, Concert Hall.
** UnderTheSea: World 4, Fairy Village, with a mix of GreenHillZone.
** SlippySlideyIceWorld: World 5, Ice World.
** HailfirePeaks: World 6, Fire Peak, is a combination of LethalLavaLand and DeathMountain.
** ToyTime: World 7, Toy Town.
** OminousFloatingCastle: World 8, Amon's Castle.