[[caption-width-right:285:Trekking on like Dixie Kong]]

''Franchise/DonkeyKong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble'' is a {{platform game}} made by {{Rare}} for the SuperNintendo, released in 1996 (though it has since been ported, with some changes and additional content, to the GameBoyAdvance). It's Rare's last ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' game and, of course, the third in the series.

After the events of ''Donkey Kong Country 2'', the Kong clan goes on vacation to the Northern Kremisphere to celebrate their victory over [[BigBad K. Rool]] and the Kremlings. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong decide to go exploring together, leaving Dixie to nap alone on the beach. But the pair has not returned by the next morning, and Dixie suspects there's evil afoot. Along with her enormous baby cousin Kiddy, she ventures into the wilds of the Kremisphere and discovers that the Kremlings are up to no good once again, this time under the rule of an unseen, mysterious leader named KAOS.

The game featured better graphics than its predecessors (it is a ''[[SceneryPorn gorgeous]]'' game), but also made several changes. It had a broad, cartoon-like art style that disappointed many fans of the previous games' realism, and instead of a piratical / nautical theme, it featured motifs from the {{industrial revolution}}. It even took some musical and aesthetic cues from Film/JamesBond (Rare was also working on ''VideoGame/GoldenEye1997'' at the time).

A handheld follow-up, ''Donkey Kong Land III'', was released outside of Japan in 1997, and was later given a Japan-only UpdatedRerelease for the GameBoyColor in 2000. To date, it is the final game in the ''Land'' series.

Fondly remembered by fans of the series, the game was sadly overshadowed by the {{Nintendo 64}} and ''SuperMario64'' at the time of its release.
!!Tropes Featured:
* ArtEvolution: This game features a much broader, cartoonier art style than its predecessors. It's a point of contention for many fans of the series. RetroStudios more or less perpetuated this style in ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountryReturns''.
* BambooTechnology: all of Funky's inventions.
* BearyFunny: The Brothers Bear.
* BlackoutBasement: The stage Floodlit Fish. It's a dark coral reef stage, and all illumination comes from bio-luminescent fish.
* CheckPointStarvation: If you input the "TUFST" cheat you can ''[[SelfImposedChallenge eliminate checkpoints completely]]''.
* CreditsMedley: In the GBA remake.
* CrosshairAware: The Krack-Shot Kroc, an unseen enemy that shoots fireballs at you. Luckily, the crosshairs stay still for a second right before each shot is fired.
* DoorClosesEnding: The GameOver sequence has this.
* DownTheDrain: The pipe levels.
* TheDragon: [[spoiler:KAOS.]]
* EekAMouse: Stereotypical "scared elephant" version, which makes Murky Mill interesting. Some of you may have wondered why Ellie doesn't freak out when a Sneek's under a nearby light but she's not; her apparently poor eyesight explains the short range of vision, too. This anti-rat panic also sets up the [[spoiler: frustrating challenge of Stampede Sprint!]]
* EliteMook: Krumple, this iteration's "strong" Kremling. Dixie is completely powerless against him; Kiddy can trounce him with a {{Goomba stomp}}.
* EverythingsBetterWithPenguins: Not this time. Lemguins are enemies, and [[GoddamnedBats irritating ones]] at that.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: In the GBA version when visiting Cranky's Dojo, SelfDemonstrating/CrankyKong remarks that he's training for his next big adventure. His big adventure finally comes in ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountryTropicalFreeze'' as the [[PromotedtoPlayable fourth playable Kong]]!
* GadgeteerGenius: Funky Kong is portrayed like this. He'll use discarded items the Kongs pick up to create vehicles for them to travel around in, from a simple motorboat to a helicopter.
* GainaxEnding: The 103% Completion ending. [[spoiler:So K. Rool, who in that game had been presented as a mad scientist, had actually cast a magic spell to trap the Mother Banana Bird, who lives in the clouds. The only way to visit her is to get all of the DK coins, which somehow allows Funky to build a Helicopter that you use to find the last of the Banana Birds trapped in the "Simon Caves", at which point the Banana Birds magically free her and she drops a giant egg on K. Rool as he tries to escape on your Hovercraft. This ending goes to show that it's possible to have a GainaxEnding in a game that's already pretty weird, so long as you include the necessary Gainax elements of introducing a bunch of weird new elements that hadn't been mentioned that really don't fit in with the game's already established weirdness.]]
* {{Gasshole}}: Belcha, the boss of Lake Orangatanga, and a gigantic living barrel. His name speaks for itself.
* GetOnTheBoat / AbilityRequiredToProceed: You have to change vehicles four or five times over the course of the game.
** The overworld setting is a somewhat-vast lake. Your first vehicle is a boat. Then you switch to a hovercraft that can surpass rocks protruding from the water. After that is the Turbo Ski, that in addition to the hovercraft's ability, it can jump up waterfalls, somehow. After you collect all of the DK coins, you get a fancy helicopter that allows you to travel over any and every obstacle, including the land itself, and is required for [[OneHundredPercentCompletion 100% Completion]].
* GuideDangIt: Unlike the previous game, where all you needed to do was beat access the secret world and beat K. Rool there in order to get the best ending, in this game you need to get to the secret world, beat K. Rool ''and'' get a 100% completion rating. The game never actually tells you this however, and if you beat K. Rool without getting absolutely everything in the game you'll just get kicked back to the map screen when you beat him in the secret world, without any hint of what you did wrong.
* HarderThanHard: Available via a secret cheat code. It removes all checkpoint barrels and DK barrels from the game, but allows you to attain up to 105% completion, the title of Immortal Monkey, and a Cranky Kong trophy on your stats screen.
* HijackedByGanon: [[spoiler:Baron K. Roolenstein.]]
* HolidayMode: The "MERRY" cheat, sadly not available in the GBA port. Inputting this cheat makes all of the bonuses have Christmas themes, with green bananas replaced by little presents, stars replaced by ornaments, and the regular bonus music replaced by "Jingle Bells."
* HumanCannonball
* InterfaceScrew: Remember the purple liquid Kaptain K. Rool shot out of his musket in the previous game? The one that reversed your controls? In this game, there's a stage called Poisonous Pipeline ''completely filled with it.'' It's the final stage before you get to Kastle KAOS. [[NintendoHard Have fun with that.]]
* KingMook: Barbos, the boss of Razor Ridge. A giant version of the samller Lurchin (urchin) enemies.
* LighterAndSofter: Especially compared to the second game, though some individual levels such as Poisonous Pipeline and Ripsaw Rage go against this, and a lot of the music is relatively subdued.
* LiveItem: The Banana Birds.
* LivingBattery: [[spoiler: K. Rool uses Donkey Kong and Diddy as such, forcing them to fuel the robotic KAOS.]]
* MisguidedMissile: One of the steps to beating Barbos' Barrier is redirecting seashell-shaped missiles to hit the Lurchins blocking her.
* NintendoHard: It wouldn't be ''Donkey Kong Country'' if it didn't make you want to pull your hair out. Notoriously [[BlatantLies fun]] stages include Lightning Look-Out, Poisonous Pipeline, Rocket Rush and Kong-Fused Cliffs.
* PivotalBoss: Squirt is a rare 2D example, as he sits in the middle of the screen and spins vertically as he shoots water to try to knock you (as Ellie) off the screen.
* PowerUpMount: The animal buddies, as usual, including newcomer Ellie the Elephant.
* RealityEnsues: At Lightning Look-Out, as in RealLife, it is a bad idea to be swimming during a thunderstorm as you'll be shocked regardless if the actual lightning bolt hits you while underwater.
* RingOutBoss: Belcha.
** Squirt is an inversion; he tries to ring you out.
* ShoutOut: The K3 boss is a large snowman, decked out in the usual carrot nose and top hat but also sporting a long scarf and shirt cuffs. Yes, the battle is only [[GimmickLevel a snowball]] [[LighterAndSofter fight]], but the wintry boss himself is quite an angry-looking fellow. Rare kept to the JustForPun level-naming by calling this one "[[Literature/BleakHouse Bleak's House]]".
* SoundtrackDissonance: Ripsaw Rage contains a giant saw slowly creeping up a treehouse level as calm music plays. The new happy-go-lucky music in the GBA version is even more dissonant.
* TheSpiny: Bristles, a hedgehog mook that can also curl up into a ball and roll into you.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: None of the original Kremlings or animal mooks from the first two games make a reappearance here. In their place is an entirely new army of baddies, a handful of whom share more than a few of their predecessors' characteristics. Some examples:
** Kremlings
*** [[TheGoomba Kobble]] (Kritter / Klomp)
*** Re-Koil (Kaboing)
*** Bazuka (Kannon)
*** [[EliteMook Krumple]] (Krusha / Kruncha)
*** [[SmashMook Knocka and Koindozer]] (Klobber)
*** Klasp (Kaboom)
*** Krimp (Klaptrap / Klampon)
** Animal baddies
*** Buzz (Zinger)
*** [[TheSpiny Bristles]] (Spiny)
*** [[TheGoomba Sneek]] (Neek)
*** [[InvincibleMinorMinion Nibbla]] (Snapjaw)
** The only exception is Kopter--he's Kutlass from ''Donkey Kong Country 2,'' wearing a helmet instead of a pirate hat and carrying helicopter blades instead of cutlasses (keeping the IndustrialRevolution motif). This is hard to catch on to because his walking and attacking animations, which showed him using his blades like the swords from the previous game, [[DummiedOut went unused.]] In the finished game, he's only ever seen flying. It's much easier to see in the official art of the game, including his picture in the manual.
* ThrowABarrelAtIt
* TrickShotPuzzle: Some [[ExactlyWhatIAimedAt clever planning]] and [[AwesomenessByAnalysis carefully timed]] [[BoomerangComeback steel-keg throws]] will be needed to separate Koin from a DK Coin. [[note]]The Kremling's shield will always prevent the usual direct assault. He can almost immediately turn around or raise the shield overhead, in order to defend from any direction; i.e., he will always face a nearby Kong. He does not move from his spot in each level[[/note]]; [[TookALevelInBadass Koindozer]], by contrast, is [[FoeTossingCharge not so shy]]. Sometimes it's necessary to throw the keg and then sucker Koin into facing away from the advancing weapon. Barrel Cannons and [[PinballProjectile walls]] will occasionally play parts in the solutions to these puzzles. (Bananas will mark a few of the correct positions.)
* UnexpectedGameplayChange: Rocket Rush, the final stage of the game, contains next to zero platforming. Instead, you control a faulty old rocket as it rises to the top of the volcano Krematoa. You have extremely limited fuel, so a single mistake usually means death.
** Swanky Kong's mini-games involve moving back and forth to hit targets in some carnival game. It can be considered practice for the [[SlippySlideyIceWorld K3]] boss, Bleak, whom you engage with in a snowball fight. In the GBA port, the shooting gallery mini-game is replaced by a "half pipe" game reminiscent of the bonus levels from ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2.''
** In Krack Shot Kroc, one of the bonus levels has you control Krosshair, where you need to shoot down Kremlings.
** The "Simon Caves," thirteen secret areas (found by exploring unmarked areas on the map) where you have to play a memory game to free a Banana Bird from its crystal prison. The more Banana Birds you rescue, the longer the sequence of button presses you need to memorize to rescue the next one.
* UniqueEnemy: Loads of them. Some {{mooks}} have entire stages dedicated to them, only to disappear entirely once you beat said stages.
* VideoGameSettings:
** Lake Orangatanga: PatchworkMap
** Kremwood Forest: TheLostWoods
** Cotton Top Cove: UnderTheSea and PalmtreePanic
** Mekanos: EternalEngine
** K3: SlippySlideyIceWorld
** Razor Ridge: DeathMountain
** KAOS Kore: JungleJapes
* VolcanoLair: Krematoa, the secret hideout of KAOS and [[spoiler: K. Rool.]]