Developed for Windows 3.1 running with 16 colours, and written in Visual Basic 1.0, Dare To Dream was one of Creator/EpicMegagames' first games released for Windows.

The three episodes of this AdventureGame take the player inside the mind of the 10-year-old main character, Tyler Norris, whose inability to cope with the recent death of his father has brought something evil to life in the depths of his troubled psyche.

Of course, this results in a rather surreal style for the game as a whole (well, as surreal as you can get with a fixed 16-colour palette) and many of the puzzles are counter-intuitive. On the up side, there's no way to die or make the game {{Unwinnable}}. Forget an item? Just go back and get it.

If you're running 64-bit versions of Windows [[note]]this is most likely true if you bought your PC preinstalled with Windows 8 or later, although certain [=PCs=] from the Windows 7 era also came preinstalled with 64-bit Windows 7. 64-bit Vista and XP, however, are extremely rare and usually only appears on built-to-order systems where the owner specifically requested for said OS[[/note]], you won't be able to run it due to Microsoft removing support for 16-bit software. The good news is that for those running the more recent versions of Windows (or Linux, Mac OS, etc.) is that the game works just great under Windows 3.1 running under ''UsefulNotes/{{DOSBox}}''. Other alternatives include virtualizing a Windows 95 PC inside a compatible emulator like [=VirtualBox=], [=VMWare=] or [=VirtualPC =]if your PC is beefy enough.
!!This game contains examples of:

* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind
* BlandNameProduct: "Spud Lite"
* CatapultNightmare: [[spoiler:At the end of Part 1.]]
* CerebusSyndrome: The game takes on a distinctly darker tone in Part 3. In fact, the final instalment takes place in spooky forests and cemeteries full of bones and blood. The earlier goofiness is quite forgotten.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Clicking on the traffic pylons found in the street gives this description: "These cones are -nothing- compared to the ones in the window..."
* GuideDangIt / SolveTheSoupCans: Using a fish to open a locked door is certainly not obvious.
** [[LampshadeHanging How absurd!]]
* ImaginaryFriend: [[spoiler: Tyler's best friend Terry is actually the benign counterpart of Christian, the games' BigBad]]
* LetsPlay: [[ This one]] (by Resulka, [=LateBlt=], and hercrabbiness)
* ProductPlacement: Assorted adverts for ''Jill Of The Jungle,'' ''Zone 66,'' and other games from "number uno shareware game company" Epic Megagames.
* {{Unwinnable}}: Completely averted. You can't even die, either.