''Cossacks'' (''Козаки'' in Ukrainian) is a series of historical RealTimeStrategy PC video games for Windows created by [[UsefulNotes/{{Ukraine}} Ukrainian]] developer Creator/GSCGameWorld (which later created ''VideoGame/{{STALKER}}''). The series covers the major UsefulNotes/{{Europe}}an conflicts from the early [[TheCavalierYears 17th century]] to the UsefulNotes/NapoleonicWars and, so far, consists of:

* ''VideoGame/CossacksEuropeanWars'' (2000) and its two {{expansion pack}}s:
** ''Cossacks: The Art of War'' (2001)
** ''Cossacks: Back to War'' (stand-alone, 2002)
* ''Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars'' (2005) and its expansion pack:
** ''Cossacks II: Battle for Europe'' (2006)
* ''Cossacks 3'' (2016)

GSC Game World also released ''American Conquest'' in 2003, which is basically ''[[SpiritualSuccessor Cossacks]] [[RecycledInSpace in the Americas]]''.
!! Tropes present across the franchise:
* ArrowsOnFire: Archers have this by fault. In ''3'', they switch to these when ordered to attack a building.
* BaselessMission: Some of the hardest missions in the campaigns give the player a limited number of units to manage without any base to bring reinforcements.
* CallThatAFormation: Troops begin without being in a formation, although they can form basic shapes. Sufficient numbers can forma regiment, that can assume a formation. Not all units can form regiments even if they have the numbers and a officer, and are usually easily killed by units that ''are'' in formation.
* CannonFodder: The player's units on the battlefield, naturally. Especially when they are not fully upgraded and going against upgraded enemies.
* CripplingOverspecialization: Ranged units can not fight in melee, at all. If enemy gets too close, ranged units try to escape.
* MillionMookMarch: The ''huge'' number of units available to the players is the series' best-known trademark. The latest installment, ''Cossacks 3'', has a global population cap of 16000.
* RapePillageAndBurn: Implied: when your units capture enemy buildings, they have a chance of automatically catching fire. It's not unusual for entire settlements to be destroyed this way.
* WeHaveReserves: The aforementioned high population cap (in fact, theoretically infinite in ''Back to War'') and the fact that some units can be trained in literally ''less than a second'' means that this is a perfectly viable tactic.
* VideoGameRemake: ''Cossacks 3'' is not a sequel or a remaster. ''Cossacks 3'' [[CompilationRerelease IS]] ''Cossacks: European Wars'', right down to the game mechanics, just with some graphical overhaul.
* YouRequireMoreVespeneGas: There are ''six'' resources for player to collect and keep track of.
** Food. Used to keep your people fed and do research. Food is constantly consumed, so players need strong economy or store food before creating their armies.
** Wood and Stone: Used to build buildings.
** Gold: Used to pay upgrades, or hire merceneries. Merceneries use gold like normal troops use food, and if you run out of gold they will rebel against you. Artillery also uses gold to fire.
** Iron and coal: Used by gunpowder units to fire and to produce units. If you do not have iron or coal, your gunpowder units can not fire.