''Cossacks'' (Козаки in Ukrainian) is a series of historical RealTimeStrategy PC video games for Windows created by [[UsefulNotes/{{Ukraine}} Ukrainian]] developer Creator/GSCGameWorld (which later created ''VideoGame/{{STALKER}}''). The series covers the major UsefulNotes/{{Europe}}an conflicts from the early [[TheCavalierYears 17th century]] to the UsefulNotes/NapoleonicWars and, so far, consists of:

* ''VideoGame/CossacksEuropeanWars'' (2000) and its two {{expansion pack}}s:
** ''Cossacks: The Art of War'' (2001)
** ''Cossacks: Back to War'' (stand-alone, 2002)
* ''Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars'' (2005) and its expansion pack:
** ''Cossacks II: Battle for Europe'' (2006)
* ''Cossacks 3'' (2016)

GSC Game World also released ''American Conquest'' in 2003, which is basically ''[[SpiritualSuccessor Cossacks]] [[RecycledInSpace in the Americas]]''.
!! Tropes present across the franchise:

* BaselessMission: Some of the hardest missions in the campaigns give the player a limited number of units to manage without any base to bring reinforcements.
* CannonFodder: The player's units on the battlefield, naturally. Especially when they are not fully upgraded and going against upgraded enemies.
* MillionMookMarch: The ''huge'' number of units available to the players is the series' best-known trademark.
* VideoGameRemake: ''Cossacks 3'' is not a sequel or a remaster. ''Cossacks 3'' [[CompilationRerelease IS]] ''Cossacks: European Wars'', right down to the game mechanics, just with some graphical overhaul.