''Commando'' is a top-down run-and-gun game released by Creator/{{Capcom}} in 1985. Originally an arcade game, it was later ported to a wide range of game consoles, including the {{Atari 2600}}, NintendoEntertainmentSystem, {{Amiga}}, {{Commodore 64}}, {{Intellivision}}, and ZXSpectrum. In this game, you control a soldier (nameless in the original version, but called "Super Joe" in some international versions) who is dropped off in a jungle and has to shoot and bomb his way through enemy territory.

It had two sequels: ''Mercs'', released in 1989, and ''Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3'', released in 2008. Both sequels featured cooperative play for up to three players.

!!Tropes used in ''Commando'':
* MooksButNoBosses: Each section ends with a red uniformed general ordering his soldiers to attack, but he goes down in one shot just like all of the others.
* OneHitPointWonder: Both you and your enemies.
* OneManArmy
* TankGoodness: Tanks are encountered throughout the series. You can even drive one in ''Mercs''.