[[caption-width-right:350: [[{{Tagline}} Laugh, and the world laughs with you!]]]]

GenkiGirl Miley Verisse has decided to re-found the famed comedy club at Cherry Tree High. However, she's informed by her ArchEnemy, StudentCouncilPresident Octavia Richmond, that she has to have at least five members to form a new club... when, counting her roommate Harriet Sinclair, she only has two. With just over a month left until the deadline, can Miley gather enough new members to form the club?

The game was originally developed by doujin circle 773 using [[GameEngine RPG Maker XP]], and localized outside of Japan by Nyu-Media.

The Japanese website for the game can be found [[http://atelier773.dojin.com/manken/ here]], while the English-language site is [[http://www.cherrytreehigh.com/ here]]. The game can be bought at the game's webpage, [=GamersGate=], Desura, the Creator/{{Capcom}} Store, [=GameStop=] and UsefulNotes/{{Steam}}.
!!The game provides examples of:
* TheAce: You can make Miley this with enough replays, from master gamer to Iron Chef-level cooking.
* AllJustADream: [[spoiler:The [[DownerEnding Bad Ending]]. It ''appears'' to be a NewGamePlus-style fake-out à la ''VideoGame/{{Recettear}}'', but [[GameOver the game does actually end there]], forcing you to load your last save and try again.]]
* AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil: Downplayed, she's not ordering the PTA or administration around, but [[StudentCouncilPresident Octavia]] is the person who decides whether or not your club get official funding from the school.
* AlternateCharacterReading: The original game's title, "''manken''", is a contraction of "''manzai kenkyuubu''" (comedy research club), but can easily be read as short for "''manga kenkyuubu''" (manga research club) instead. One character makes that mistake when Miley first talks about her new club. It's changed into a pun on ''"comedy"'' and ''"comic"'' (as in, comic books) in localization.
* AmbidextrousSprite: Some of the characters wear shirts have written words on them. When they face right, this trope becomes plainly obvious.
* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: But of course.
* BeyondTheImpossible: Not in-game, but the game engine itsself. Especially considering RPGElements below, you look at screenshots, and think it's a modified version of Ren'py. Nope. The entire game engine is using the RGSS to do one of the most impressive and comprehensive total conversions ever, with NONE of the original engine elements accessible.
* ClubStub: Unlike in most series, you're playing as the one eagerly recruiting, rather than the one being eagerly recruited.
* CulturalTranslation: The setting and the characters have been renamed into more Western names during localization. This does, however, raise the question of why a school in the United States begins its academic year in April rather than in August or September.
** Now being undone, as the game is re-released with the Japanese names and references restored.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: [[spoiler: Implied to be the reason why Miley is assembling her comedy club.]]
* FiveManBand: You need at least this many club members by the end of the game, or else Miley won't get to reestablish the club.
* LikeAnOldMarriedCouple: How Vivian views Miley and Octavia's arguments.
* MultipleEndings: Depends on how many and which candidates you recruit.
** DownerEnding / ItsAWonderfulFailure: If you fail to recruit at least three additional members, [[spoiler:your potential members get disgusted at you for wasting their time and leave. Subverted in that it's AllJustADream. Double subverted in that [[UnstableEquilibrium the game does not let you start an NG+ file]].]]
** GoldenEnding: If you recruit all possible candidates.
* NewGamePlus: Lets you carry over your Repertoire and knowledge of the candidates' likes and dislikes, but not anything else. [[spoiler:Unless you get the worst ending, which does not allow you this privilege.]]
* NintendoHard: Unless you've spoiled the game for yourself or use a guide, it is very very possible you will get the bad ending on your first run.
* NobleWomansLaugh: Octavia does this to Miley at the beginning of the game when telling her about the new club rules such as having at least five members and only having till the beginning of April to form her club.
* PhenotypeStereotype: Vivian and Marion, who are blonde and blue-eyed, but only in the Japanese version does this trope apply, as all the other characters are Japanese
* PunnyName: Miley Verisse... Verisse Miley... Very Smiley. It's so punny it stings. Her Japanese name, Hibisu Mairu (As in, Hibi Smile, a smile every day), is just as punny.
* RaceLift: The English-language version.
* RelationshipValues: Each of the club member candidates can be talked into joining if you chat with them about their favorite topics. How well this works depends on Miley's own knowledge of the subject, and each topic can only be used once per candidate per game.
* RichBitch: Octavia
* RPGElements: Rather than adventurer levels and experience points, Miley's skills are judged across 12 different conversation topics - Video Games, Politics, Romance, Fashion, etc. - and doing certain activities around town (reading magazines, watching TV, etc.) will increase those levels, allowing her to more easily befriend the six possible club recruit candidates.
* ShoutOut: Full of them; no surprise, given that Tezuka Productions (known for localizing the ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' games) helped with the translation.
* SavePoint: Miley can only save the game by talking to Harriet in the dorm after hours.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Miley and Cindy.
* WalkingTheEarth: Miley goes on adventures every year, and has just come back from one at the start of the game.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Everyone.