->''hey there everyone, it's cat planet! hell yeah we're a lil angel girl there's a caaat! oh well hello there mr. cat! thank you for welcoming me!''
-->-- '''LetsPlay/{{raocow}}''' on this game!

''cat planet'' is a [[FreewareGames freeware game]] available for download on the internet!

[[WordOfGod word of ceiling cat]] says that you are a human girl with wings, and the last of your kind, and you must collect all the cats on the cat planet cat planet cat planet! the controls are somewhat bizarre in that any key on the keyboard will allow you to take flight! holding 'up' will increase your altitude, and holding 'down' will decrease it!

while you can die, there are [[DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist no game overs!]] however, you can't save, so the game must be beaten in one go!

the game can be downloaded [[http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-16/?action=preview&uid=1081 here]]!

there is also a {{lets play}} done by {{LetsPlay/raocow}}! click [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdtehRUfzWc here]] for part one! and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGtR_iAC1y0 here]] for part two!

[[IThoughtItMeant not to be confused with]] [[LightNovel/CatPlanetCuties cat planet cuties!]]

[[LeftFielder troping is fun!]]
!!this planet contains cats of:
* {{all lowercase letters}}!
* {{a winner is you}}: good job!
* {{bladder of steel}}!
* {{cute kitten}}s!
* {{darker and edgier}}: [[LiteralMetaphor literally]] becomes this [[spoiler: after you open the gate by pressing both the switches!]]
** {{lampshaded}} by LetsPlay/{{raocow}} in his let's play!
* {{deliberately monochrome}}: cat village and underground jungle is like this!
* {{department of redundancy department}}:
** factory! factory!! factory!!! factory!!!! factory!!!!!
** [[LetsPlay/{{Raocow}} cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet]]!
* [[ExcitedShowTitle excited game title]]: not on the title but everywhere else!
* {{eternal engine}}!: factory level! quote a cat from the game! "what does this factory make? nobody knows!"
* [[FlipScreenScrolling flip screen scrolling!]]
* [[GottaCatchEmAll gotta catch 'em all!]]
* [[GraphicsInducedSuperDeformed graphics-induced super-deformed]]!
* {{jungle japes}}: the jungle!
* {{lethal lava land}}: you will die here! a lot!
* WebOriginal/{{lolcats}}: possibly! they have some of the same speech patterns and mannerisms of lolcats, but not all! i guess that's what you get when you spend lots of time on the cat planet cat planet cat planet!
* {{madness mantra}}: "cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet!" [[spoiler:cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet!!!]]
* {{mood whiplash}}/{{difficulty spike}}: things get much harder and scarier once you reach the dark grey spiky area! [[spoiler: that you can access only if you hit both switches!]]
* {{no name given}}!
* [[NoPlotNoProblem no plot? no problem]]: no one knows why, no one knows how, but you just have to find all the cats!
* {{one hit point wonder}}: you are one of these!
* {{overly long gag}}: cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet!
* {{our angels are different}}!
* {{respawn point}}: the beginning of the same room you died in!
* {{retraux}}: the graphics are in 8-bit!
* {{ridiculously cute critter}}: the angel and the cats!
* {{rule of three}}: cat planet cat planet cat planet!
* {{shout out}}: some solid blocks look like the ! blocks from VideoGame/{{super mario world}}! there are also firebar and podoboo-lookalikes!
* {{spike balls of doom}}: they're quite numerous! there are small static ones on the wall and larger moving ones!
* {{spikes of doom}}: these appear in the final area! less common than spike balls, but they're there!
* {{unreadably fast text}}: [[spoiler: the credits!]]
[[OverlyLongGag cat planet cat planet cat cat planet cat planet planet cat planet cat planet cat]] [[ItsPronouncedTroPAY pluh-net!]]