'''''Cargo! The Quest for Gravity''''' is a PC game taking place in a colorful, low-gravity world where lots of important Earth landmarks have floated off into the stratosphere. The only way to get them back is to imbue them with Fun, a resource harvested from cute little creatures called the Buddies. As trainee mechanic Flawkes, the player must build increasingly complex vehicles to take the Buddies for rides in order to get Fun with which to keep things like Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, and the Large Hadron Collider from floating off into space.

Oh, and it's made by Creator/IcePickLodge, a developer known ([[CultClassic by the few people who have heard of them]]) for incredibly bleak and serious games like ''VideoGame/{{Pathologic}}'' and ''VideoGame/TheVoid''. ... Huh.
!!This game provides examples of:

* AdamAndEvePlot: Realizing that he and Flawkes are the last humans on Earth, the Captain asks Flawkes if she'd like to start a family [[spoiler:... of Buddies. So that's a subversion]].
* AfterTheEnd
* AIIsACrapshoot: A trio (or trinity, perhaps?) of robots have declared themselves gods and have taken it upon themselves to punish humanity by flooding the world and screwing with gravity.
* CosyCatastrophe: For a post-apocalyptic world, it's certainly bright and cheerful, and no one seems especially bothered by it.
* DarkIsNotEvil: The robotic devil that seems to operate independently of the Demiurges is rather creepy, but is genuinely trying to help Flawkes through his advice.
* GainaxEnding: Sure, the whole game is weird, but it's a silly kind of weird. The ending is just... ''confusing''.
* GoneHorriblyRight: The Buddies are the result of Manipu trying to create a better replacement for humans. They did this as bluntly as possible, simply amplifying all mental traits they considered positive and removing negative ones. Thus, for example Buddies being full of courage and selflessness and lacking fear leads to them having next to no self-preservation instinct.
* KingOfAllCosmos: Manipu are definitely silly (but what isn't in this game?), rather dim-witted and in their own words at the same time omnipotent and limited by their programming.
* MultipleEndings: Depending on how many buddies die. If not many die, [[spoiler:Flawkes and the Captain simply fly away while the Buddies throw a rave party]]. If you let quite a few die, [[spoiler:Robo-Satan causes everything to dissolve into FUN, including the main characters. Then he [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall congratulates the player character for]] [[ThisLoserIsYou turning several hours of her worthless life into FUN]]]].
* NeverMyFault: Manipu are very quick to blame anyone but themselves about their own blatant mistakes.
* OnlySaneMan: Flawkes, who occasionally wonders aloud why she's surrounded by morons.
* PunnyName: The Egg-Plant.
* SkyPirates: The Captain at least dresses and [[TalkLikeAPirate talks]] like a pirate, though he seems to be more of a Sky Deliveryman in terms of what he actually does.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: Across Winter and Spring, due to Flawkes [[NiceJobBreakingItHero dumping a glacier into the ocean]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Prior to the game's release, some sources romanized the protagonist's name as "Phlox".
* {{Steampunk}}: Not strictly speaking, but it borrows some of the "goggles and gears" aesthetic.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential / VideoGameCaringPotential: The Buddies. You can go around kicking them and letting them die in the various scrapes their curiosity gets them into, or you can take them for joyrides and throw dance parties.
* VideoGameCrueltyPunishment: Too hard on the Buddies? [[spoiler:Hope you enjoy spending the rest of your life as particles of FUN.]]
* WrenchWench: Flawkes, naturally.