->''"Entering orbit around the planet Tambi, Captain Comic, galactic hero, prepares for his impossible mission: to recover treasures stolen from the planet Omsoc.''
->''Armed with only his courage, he enters the teleport chamber..."''
-->-- '''Splash screen'''

The ''Captain Comic'' series comprises two early {{metroidvania}}s for the PC, made by Michael Denio. It has a cult following.

The first game, ''The Adventures of Captain Comic'', was released in 1988. The game is a treasure hunt, as the titular character retrieves stolen regalia on the planet Tambi. You do not start with a weapon. Instead, you must collect cans of Blastola Cola to [[MoreDakka power your gun]] (although the first can is right at your starting spot). Additionally, [[DenialOfDiagonalAttack you cannot duck to shoot enemies on the ground]], instead needing a corkscrew attack to kill them. Enemies have very simple patterns and [[ActionBomb explode when they touch you]].

It was [[PortingDisaster ported]] to the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem the following year, and released by Color Dreams on unlicensed cartridges. While the scrolling was made smoother and music was added, the controls were slippery and the enemies moved way too fast. The original game was (one of) the first scrolling platformers on the PC (as it predates Creator/ApogeeSoftware and Creator/IdSoftware) and is considered very good for its age; whereas the NES had plenty of platform games, and the port is considered one of the worst.

A sequel, ''Captain Comic 2: Fractured Reality'', was released in 1990. It introduced larger levels, more variety in enemies, a {{grid inventory}}, and new items like a {{jetpack}} and a {{magic wand}} that transforms other items. It also introduced a [[MeaninglessLives very useful]] save function. Its plot involves Captain Comic responding to a distress call and beaming down to the surface of an unknown planet. There he meets the arrogant [[MeaningfulName Skrejgib]] aliens, who want him to [[FetchQuest retrieve]] [[CosmicKeystone six crystals]] stolen by the planet's natives. Captain Comic finds the natives' underground hiding place, and learns the crystals have caused reality to fracture into {{alternate universe}}s. He must go to each different world and collect each crystal to set things right.

It ends on a blatant {{sequel hook}}, but due to poor sales, no third entry in the series was ever made.

!!These works contain examples of:

%%ZCE * BagOfSpilling
* BigBoosHaunt: The crystal mines.
%%ZCE * CaveBehindTheFalls
* CheckPointStarvation: This game has no {{Save Point}}s. Subverted with {{Check Point}}s, which are every time Comic goes off the left- or right-hand edge of the screen onto another section of the level, or through a door.
* CopyAndPasteEnvironments: The first game is a big offender.
* CopyProtection: If you're playing a copied version of the second game, one third of the way in a native will remind you you're missing something. [[NonstandardGameOver And that something is not very expensive, so you should get it]].
%%ZCE * DownTheDrain
%%ZCE * DreamLand: Dream reality.
%%ZCE * EveryTenThousandPoints
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: The first game has such esoteric enemies as space pollen and killer beach balls.
* FakeDifficulty: It's easy to waste jetpack fuel when switching to your wand. Likewise, when you die and get sent back, you're not reimbursed any spent fuel.
* HealThyself: Shields. Grab one at full health and you get either an [[OneUp extra life]] in the first game, or a {{healing potion}} in the second. These are {{too awesome to use}}.
* InASingleBound: The high jump boots.
%%ZCE * LethalLavaLand
%%ZCE * TheMaze
%%ZCE * MedievalEuropeanFantasy: Magic reality.
%%ZCE * MinecartMadness
%%ZCE * MineralMacguffin
%%ZCE * NintendoHard
* NowWhereWasIGoingAgain: Fractured Reality, the storyline.
* PublicDomainSoundtrack: The soundtrack of the NES version consists of badly mixed classical music.
* RocksFallEveryoneDies: The Senots earthquake.
* ScreenShake: During the earthquake in Senots.
* SdrawkcabName: Planet Omsoc, the Skrejgib, the city of Senots.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld: Arctic reality.
* SpaceZone: In the first game, you go on a trip to the moon.
* ATasteOfPower: The infinite jetpack fuel cell, found very late in the game. The last level forbids jetpack use.
* TeleportSpam: The teleport wand in the first game.
%%ZCE * TimeMachine
* {{Tomorrowland}}: Techno reality. Beware the {{epileptic flashing lights}}.
* UnwinnableByMistake: Ration your jetpack fuel wisely. When it's gone, it's gone, and you can't finish the game. However, you only need the jetpack in two spots, and there's plenty spare fuel around.
* WithThisHerring: You don't start out with Blastola Cola. In the first game, you get one right away, but in the second you have to search for it.